That is Amazing (WoW)!

Things that interest me. Mostly video games.


This page is in serious need of updating. Some toons have been deleted, others have been created, Mains have been switched, and several are 80. I will get around to it eventually.

Click the Blue Names or the pictures to see detailed pages about each toon!


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MAGHU 5, Male, Undead, Priest (Main Banker, spends most of his time running between Ogrimar bank, Mailbox, and Auction House)

TOPSERGEANT 25, Male, Tauren, Warrior (Neutral Banker, parked in between Booty Bay Auction House and Mailbox) <armory page>

HEALZMANDI 19, Male, Undead, Holy, Priest (Twink..kind of, don’t have a lot of twink gear, but it is fun to run with him in WSG and heal peeps.) <armory page>

POLGARA 20, Female, Blood Elf, no spec yet, Paladin (seriously she has no points assigned, not sure what I want her to do.) <armory page>

MEDIVHA — 1, Female, Blood Elf, No Spec, Mage (just gathering rested XP)

SHAMSUNG —1, Male, Troll, No Spec, Shaman (again gathering rested XP)

I am going to wait to make pages for the last two. Not sure they are going to stick around.



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  2. Make a mage. They’re more fun than those silly shaman things. =D

    Comment by velinath | April 15, 2009

  3. But I already have a lock that I LOVE! I think you are a little biased.

    Comment by smart001 | April 15, 2009

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