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Reputation Time

I am sure everyone knows by now, but the spirit of sharing buff that you get for eating five servings of each of the Pilgrim’s Day foods at any table is good for a 10% bonus to reputation gains.

Why is this important? Because I am a reputation whore and am working on no less than 5 reputations, in an attempt to get them to exalted (6 if you count Lower City who I am only Honored with).

  • Five Sanguine Hibiscus gets you 825 rep (non-human) with Sporregar.
  • Coilfang Armaments are good for 82 and 83 rep with Cenarian Expedition (up from 75).
  • Kills in any dungeon in Outlands that give rep is up by 10% as well.
  • Ogri’la Dailies give an additional 10%.

Now is the perfect time to be farming reputations. I am trying to get 30 before Cataclysm, I am revered or better with:

  • Frenzyheart
  • Sporregar
  • Cenarian Expedition
  • Argent Dawn
  • Hmm, i think there are more, but can’t remember right now.

Hopefully I can knock these all out this week. While the 10% buff is doing its wonderful thing. Really, though the intent of this post is to galvanize those of you who are oh so close to finish your rep grinds. I have a feeling we are all going to be too busy to do so over the next few weeks.


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Sometimes work gets in the way

I always have things to do at work. However, I am not so busy usually, that I cannot take a few minutes to post a blog. These last two days have been extremely hectic though and I have barely even had the chance to play WoW, let alone post about it.

So, what have I been doing on the AH? Various things. I am making a killing buying and reposting greater cosmic essences as lesser cosmic essences. I have also taken to purchasing Books of Glyph Mastery and reselling them to the Alliance at sometimes 300% price increase.

Also, my epic gems are going like crazy. I no sooner get them posted then someone is buying them. I actually don’t mind not being able to make enough gems…

I am getting really paranoid about the whole Hallowed thing. I am exactly one sinister squashling away from getting “the Hallowed” achiev, I do the dailies every day and I trick or treat as much as is humanly possible. I have received more wands than any hunter should ever have in his inventory, but no friggin sinister squash…and I have only seen one drop off the horseman, which I lost the roll for.

My hunter gear is moving up nicely, It is great running around with a group that consists of me as a hunter and one other player that either DPSes with his hunter, heals with his druid, or Tanks with his Warrior. He is also slightly more geared than I am on his hunter so usually I get the gear when it drops. Razor’s Edge did drop off Lord J last night, but I lost the roll to a DK. 😦

Vanddora pretty much just does transmutes and flasks for me, so her warlocky ass is still in iLevel 200 stuff.

We will finally kill Yogg tonight. He is the last boss in all content that we need to down. Then we move to H10ToCr and hardmodes in Ulduar.

ok, gotta run, little one needs to have her ears checked out. I think it might be an ear infection.

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That damn Kodo (or Ram) will never drop. I would be happy with either one, however, I really have always loved the kodo.

I was going to write this entire post in iambic pentameter, but I quickly realized it would take too much of my time trying to figure out proper enunciation of syllables. Instead, I will write a haiku.

Favorite Brewfest

I always get so wasted

Corin is a putz

Anywho, I love Brewfest, I am running the 3 dailies on 4 toons of various levels, I get a chance to kill the putz 10 times a day. I have yet to see that awesome (best imho) mount kodo drop. It pisses me off.

On to other news.

BM hunters got a buff. I don’t have the actual wording but it went something like this.

BM gets a 10% damage increase.

It was that simple 10% more damage just for being BM. My first love is BM and it saddens me, that I have had to pop back and forth between SV and MM to get the best damage and DPS for raids.

I don’t have recount Screenshots but here is a simple comparison. Two days ago, as SV, I killed Corin 5 times and was doing about 35-3700 without trying hard (i.e. no cooldowns, not really worrying about keeping proper shot priority etc).

Yesterday after speccing BM and spending about 10 minutes on a dummy…2100 with minimal effort. That sucks. Then I remembered to pull some of the abilities down (Kill Command, Bestial Wrath etc) 2400 (if I remember correctly). Now I was getting pissed, took a second, reconfigured some stuff, pulled up my old BM macro…blew all cool downs, and still only hit 2900. I tapped out at 2900 dps on a simple boss as BM. And I had to work for that 2900. I was very disappointed. I still insist BM is the best grinding spec, but it still is not worth it (at first glance) for raiding. I do intend to do at least one raid as BM so I can make an accurate assessment (I really should Dual Spec).

Anyway, I think that is all. I will be Brewmaster in a couple more days on 2 toons, and be really close on 2 more, I think I will just need to kill Corin on the two sub 75 toons.


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1000 Pageviews…thanks

While not listed on Pink Pigtail’s Site as an achievement, this is a really big deal for me, so I am making this an achievement. /works some magic… done. Achievement awarded to me for being so cool.

Here is some quick math.

  • There have been 1000 pageviews.
  • There have been 124 Comments.
  • There have been 73 comments that were not me (sorry, I like to respond to you wonderful readers).
  • Approximately 7.3% of the people that visit leave comments (I don’t know if that is good or not).
  • I have written 37 Posts.
  • My first post (WoW related, when I actually started writing the blog, not when I made the blog) was on 15 April 09, that is about 48 days ago, an average of 20 visitors per day. I capped out at 50 on one day which was cool.

What does this all mean? Have I progressed to the end-game of blogging? Did I get my pretty purples and am getting ready to call it quits? Not by a long shot. I am having a lot of fun writing this and seeing what others have to say about what I write, so I will continue to do so.

So anyway, an extremely heartfelt thanks to everyone that has read and/or contributed.

Worked on the mage last night. Came to an interesting revelation. I will not be able to play this mage as much as I want to. I promised the old lady I would only play the mage when she could level the rogue at the same time. Since she is starting school, I am already in school, and my daughter gets a majority of my time when she is awake, the mage is still only at 24. I will get her up there though. Just much slower than I had led on at the beginning of this project. Honestly, I expected my wife to not want to play the rogue as much and just concentrate on her warrior. As it is, her warrior is at 62(?).

My warlock is still at level 50, but I plan on playing her some tonight. A druid buddy of mine is now diligently pushing his druid up there and has now passed me (I think the druid is 51). That means, I need to try to keep “balanced” (pun intended) with him so we can do some raids at around the same time.

Also for 3 days straight now on the hunter, I have done the Argent Tournament quests. I have 10 little argent thingies for orgrimmar, i need 15 more, that is 3 days more worth of dailies. Then I will do the Silvermoon city next so I can finally get exalted with them and buy the friggin chiggins and ride them all over the place. That will be fun. Plus, I kind of like jousting, it took a little bit to get used to it, but it is fun.

This post was all over the place.

Signing off…nah that is too cliche…hmmmm…Gnomer and Out!…taken…Man I need some sort of phrase…Fuck it!..reminds me of a prostitute’s T-Shirt…Oh well, something good will come.

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Spankmeplz, I am Noble

Spankmeplz’ eyes adjusted as she ported into Dalaran. She was new here, but she had a mission, and was not easily daunted.

Around, around, around she ran. Searching, searching, searching. Her little undead ass needed a Gnome and a Dwarf. But Spank knew her odds were small. Who wanted to be sprung by an undead female? As it was, she had no desire to spring anything on a dwarf. She was being whored out, and she knew it, but it was a small price to pay for the esteem she would garner from her first title.

Finally, an hour into it, as she parked her flaming horse next to the Horde Bank, she saw it. But was she sure? Quickly she began to scan again. There! Behind the Tauren, a small figure, Spank clicked, the face looked female, the tool tip said gnome. Here was her chance.

She pushed her tired steed to a canter and got within range of her spring flowers. She raised her hands, she knew how foolish she looked. She was a WARRIOR! Warriors don’t carry flowers! The price she paid! With forsaken resolve, she brought the flowers down. The Gnome immediately sprouted ears. Bunny ears. This just got more and more humiliating. But she had her Gnome! Only the elusive dwarf remained.

Hours later, while standing at the fishing fountain, watching SFCNez fish up gold coins, someone yells, “FEMALE DWARF AT THE BANK!” Spankmeplz took off running as fast as she could. Eyes scanning the horizon, looking for anything that resembled a dwarven chick. There, dancing on the bank steps, arms crossed across her chest, kicking first one leg, then the other in the hideous dance called a jig, was a female hunter. Spank targeted her, no sprung. Oh no, someone sprung her! What’s this? This dwarf is clicking off the buff? So other people can buff her? Spank never felt the need to buff a dwarf so strongly. She got her flowers out, waved them above her head, and…

“Honey! Honey!”

“Yes Dear?”

/dance “I just got the Noble title!”

“You did? or Spankmeplz did?”

“Well…Spank..but I helped.”

“Baby, you are a Nerd!”

“I am not the one with a Blog that talks all about WoW.”


For the record, I like explosions and boobs. I am not a nerd! much

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