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Bombs Away!

I have to get better about taking screenshots, then uploading them so I can post posts from work.


Doomedcow got to scratch something off his pre-cata to-do list…I am exalted with and own all the Skyguard Rep mounts.

I started this grind before I started the netherdrake grind. The netherdrake grind took me, maybe 10 days. That was months ago. With all the reps I have done, this one, for some reason was the most tedious for me. Really shouldn’t have been, there are all sorts of ways to get rep with the skyguard. It was just painful.

When thinking back on it, the grind itself wasn’t bad. Like I said, there are several ways to get rep. I think it was just a mental roadblock.

As an added bonus, I finally got “The Rokk’s” last daily, so I got that achievement, and I got the Bombs Away! Achievement for completing the Skettis daily in less than 2 minutes and some seconds. Not difficult on a 310, I guess I had forgotten it was an achievement.

The quest chain where I had to join a cult, was a blast. Especially when doing it as a skeleton in a sombrero with a Macabre Marionette following me around. I had a really good time. I have yet to see a portal spawn though, I am not sure about the times they pop up, or even 100% if they are popping up now, or will do so later. Am I the only one who wants the MM as a permanent pet?

Short post today…busy busy!


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Need I Say More?

Probably not, but I likely will anyway.

Doomedcow got a new Mount on Tuesday…

(hint, click for bigger, more beautiful…more MAGNIFICENT!)

Also, you might notice, when you are done drooling all over your computer screen, that I updated my to-do list in the sidebar, with things I wanna accomplish on my main (Doomed) before Cataclysm. That list was in pretty dire need of updating anyway.

We were short one going into ICC yesterday, so we decided to go play in Ulduar to get some more rusted protodrakes. I think I am tanking something wrong, I cannot hold threat off a wet noodle right now. Ok, it’s not that bad, but it shouldn’t be this hard I don’t think. I know there were threat changes, but this is ridiculous.

We still did the first seven bosses with little fuss. BTW guildies, sorry again that I forgot until it was too late to jump on Hodir’s Ice Mound…it had been a while.

I need to respec, Incite for prot is not what I think it should be, my crit is way too low to take advantage of it properly. Thinking some War Academy from the Arms tree will be helpful.

I will post more stuff on my changes, and how it affects my tanking/threat in general after this weekend.

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Turning in quests can be tricky

So, the main reason for this post is I have had a lot of trouble turning in quests on my warrior recently.

I will click the quest giver, select the option (if there is more than one), then click complete. My dailies (especially Outland Fishing, and Northrend JC), have not been allowing me to turn them in. I just click and click on the Complete quest button.

I put in a ticket and was told it is an interface issue and to delete my WTF, Cache, and Interface Files. Well, if I do that, all my addons and settings disappear. That is not an option.

I did a little research, and finally found a working solution at I haven’t really played with this site much, but it looks decent. Plus, it had the solution I was looking for.

If you are unfamiliar with creating your own Macro, the steps are easy.

1) in your chat box type /m or /macro. This makes your Macro interface pop up.

2) You can now choose (at the top) if this is going to be a General (all toons) macro, or a toon specific one. I used the General tab, in case I run into problems on my other characters.

3) Click Create New.

4) Type in a name and pick an image for this macro. The image will be on your bars once you put it there, so it should be different than any spell names your character uses. For example, I used Rune Strike for the image on my Warrior since, it is not a spell I will ever cast, this way, even my dumb ass does not click the macro if i am trying to use one of my abilities.

5) Click ok.

6) In the actual macro box, copy and paste this.

/run SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1);CompleteQuest();GetQuestReward()

Make sure there are no spaces before or after, and none in between words except the one after run.

7) Drag the new Macro button to your bar in a place you can click it at the appropriate time.

Now, to use this macro, you have to actually right click the NPC to interact with him/her. Incidentally, this macro is great for turning in repeatable quests such as rune cloth and Headresses for Timbermaw, as well.

If the quest you need to turn in is the second option in a set (after right-clicking on an NPC) then change the number 1 in the macro to a 2.

Thus ends my quest turn in macro tutorial. Let me know if you have issues with it.


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Achievements Galore!

So, I recently (or not so recently) decided Doomedcow the Warrior would be my main for cataclysm.

What does that mean?

It means, all the achievement hunting I did on my hunter is pretty much moot. As I want my main to have more points than my alt.

Hunter is at something like 5100 achievement points. Doomed, at the beginning of this weekend was at 4600ish. 500 points is a lot to make up. Especially in light of the fact I have a full raiding schedule and a family, and a full-time job.

I decided to start with the easy stuff and actually leveled my fishing beyond 50. Actually got him to 450 in only one day of fishing while playing with the kids and paying attention to the wife. All in all not a lot of work for a several achievements along the way. Picked up Northrend and Outland Angler while I was at it, as well as 1000 fish and all the achievements for the various levels of fishing. I also went into SSC and soloed the achievement for The Lurker Below. Notice I said achievement, not boss. That place would still be a bitch to clear solo, and actually, now that I am thinking about it, would be impossible to complete as Vasj needs at least 2 people. I am not even sure you could do it with 2.

Fishing up the boss actually was not as easy as I had anticipated. The fish in the water, still bite a fully T10 prot warrior for almost 800 each bite, and those fishies like to swarm. Sneaking past trash is also not super easy, being a huge friggin cow and all. After about 3 or 4 wipes i decided I was actually going to have to stategerize this. My plan was not to use any guides and figure out for myself exactly how I was going to make this work. I suppose I really should post a guide to this achievement, as any class would benefit from it. Except a priest, whose whole concern would be to cast levitate, fish, fade, and run. Silly priests.

I also maxed my cooking, which surprisingly only took a couple of hours from 71 to 450. Having maxed fishing really made this quite easy. The only issue I ran into was the fact that every goblin in Azeroth thinks i am a homicidal maniac, mostly because of my Bloodsail Admiral title. At 225 there is a quest you can pick up in Gadgetstan that will give recipes for getting your cooking to the magical 300ish mark. I traversed Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimidor on my druid (the more peace-loving toon) picking up recipes that allow me to fish and cook to level 320 or so, then off to Garadar for the last 4 recipes I needed. Once I hit 350, it was all cake. I still need to get the Northern Stew recipe though. By the way, anyone know why i didn’t get the Dalaran Cooking Award Achievement after I did my first cooking daily? It never popped, and I am irritated.

I threw in a few exploration achievements, and a couple old school dungeons while I was out exploring, topped it off with “the Hallowed” and I am now sitting at 5035. Not too bad for a casual weekend of playing.

In other news, I should get my 10 man drake from ICC tonight. Only have to kill heroic Rotface.

So excited.


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So Close

I read all these wonderful posts about people clearing their way through ICC in a step by step fashion. Guilds are in varying degrees of completion. I know guilds who are stymied on Princes, Blood queen, Sindragosa, Dream dragon pretty much every boss.

My guild is stuck on Putricide. We are down to 2%. Repeatedly. Tonight is our last shot before reset. Again.

I think we found the problem though, after carefully reviewing recount/skada over and over to see what was causing our wipes, it looks like the healers just cannot keep up with the AoE damage going out when both tanks are holding on to several stacks of the debuff.

Personally, I know that I can heal. I know the other healer who was with me and is usually with me can heal.

Tonight we go in with 3 healers. I believe that will be the end of our problems.

What does that mean?

We will have more of the oozes exploding (its ok, we got really good at stacking on the targeted player to minimize damage). We will hit phase 2 and 3 slower, right now we hit phase 2 before the first orange ooze spawns.

This breaks my heart as we two heal the entire first quarter (easy), festergut (not so bad), and rotface (cake). Then putriced comes along and rapes us at 2%.

That being said Putricide is a blast of a fight. I am glad we are running into some challenges, and it seems the place only gets harder.

The alt run I tank for ran into a unique challenge last week. Don’t laugh. DO NOT LAUGH.

we wiped 4 times on lootship

That’s right you heard me. 4 FRIGGIN TIMES.

I have no clue what was going on. Well that is a lie, I know why we were wiping, I don’t know why the labotomy affected so many people at the same time. Why do I have to tell the OT to turn on Rrighteous Fury? I am a warrior,  I should not have to worry about his righteous fury, BUT I guess since I am raid leader, I should have to look at everything. That’s like telling a warrior to get into defensive stance for tanking. OR telling a druid “make sure you turn into a bear”. Then there were other things..little things, lots of them. Machete squad moving slower than molasses. People dieing and nobody filling the guns even after I am saying GET IN THE GUN, the mage taking forever to kill because for some reason THE ENTIRE MACHETE SQUAD WAS NOT KILLNG THE MAGE. And I didn’t notice it until the OT was dead. This happened after a nearly perfect run op to that point. We got from initial buff to gunship in about 30ish minutes with no deaths.

I had to call a raid at the LOOTSHIP. it pissed me off. I logged out of vent and hid on the deathknight.

We did go back the next night and completed the first quarter and did pretty decent on Festergut though. So that is good. Probably would have had it except one of our dps died and vile gas got into melee, then we had 2 peeps who had to log so instead of filling the spot, we called it for the week.

I have a new pulling macro for my tank. You might not be able to handle such magnificent awesomeness, but if the following phrase makes you want to run into mobs head on and start smashing shit, then this is for you. Prepare to be awed


/cast charge

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Mimiron is a bitch

I posted once about going in to fight 10 Mimiron. I am pretty sure I told you a successful story about me getting my Tier 8 Helm. It was a good story.

Fast forward several weeks/months. I have stopped and started raiding again. I am loving it. I pug with the same group every week (does that qualify as a PUG?). We all do pretty decent DPS, top 3 (yours truly included :P) push really close to 4k through all the fights (not the best ever, but defintely not bad), and the rest of the DPS is in the low-mid 3k range very consistently.

We can clear FL, XT, Razordouche, and ignis the raging hemmorhoid in about 45 minutes, Kolo is a joke, and Thorim, Hodir, Freya, crazy cat lady are now old news for us. This week was our first attempt at Mim. I expected a couple wipes. But we have been raiding together for about a month now three or four times each week, so we know eachother and our capabilities, plus I kind of like the bastards. I expected a killed Mim. About 3 hours and who knows how much gold later we called it and decided to try again on Sunday.

It was GREAT raiding, don’t get me wrong, I loved watching us as a group progress from wiping on phase 1 to wiping on phase 2 to almost killing the guy in phase 4. We just could not get him down.

Let me clarify, I am in no way upset, just a little astounded that I was able to down him as a straight PUG, and was unable to in a group who does better DPS, is smarter and has raided together several times. No worries though, Sunday will find Mimiron dead and then we will at least be able to look at General fuck head and maybe the other douche and I really hope I get to make out with Sarah.

So…a quandry I am percolating through right now…

I have a level 80 Warlock (not mage), she is completely decked out it iLevel 200 gear from Naxx10 and I think some crafted stuff.  I do not have time to raid 2 raid IDs each week. I am seriously considering running through the first 4 or so bosses of Ulduar on her, then switch over to the ol’ hunter for the guys that will actually drop upgrades for me. I think this will work, I don’t mind being saved on two toons to the same raid ID. I am pretty sure the guys I raid with won’t mind. It just seems like it is too easy. Does anybody have experience doing it this way? Is there any way it won’t work?

My goal this weekend is to get in a group (level appropriate) and tank some stuff to start getting some experience with the sword and the board. I am looking forward to this. I think I will also run around on my mage a little bit. She was a lot of fun, but I think it will be difficult to go from wanting everything to beat on me (no euphemism there) to avoiding everything to include falling leaves and tripping over my shoelaces. My Warlock is obviously a clothy, but she had pets and more importantly, she could tank like a champ with the gaining health frim Corruption.

Ok, this has gone on long enough and I have to get to work.

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Another Alt

I started a Warrior. It was against my intuition, but..I just wanted another low level toon. I did have a warrior at one time who got to level 25, though I never played him. I deleted that toon.

Enter Doomedcow (should have picked hamburger, would have been funnier). He has shoulders, one trinket, and chest heirloom. He is also BS/JC so at level 21 he is now sporting about 900 health. He is cool. I love him. In the way only a man can love a man-cow. I started this toon Sunday afternoon, he has about 6 hours playtime. I love the +20% I am getting.

Hunter, on the other hand, has been busting his ass with dailies and such because he keeps getting upgrades to his gear. Now that I started raiding with him again, I am finding Survival spec to be pretty fun, and it is great to be topping the charts on dps again. Or at least in the top 3.

I kind of pug with a guild (I am referred to as the preferred pug), since my guild has not started a second 10 man raiding group yet. We cleared through the tree-bitch last week, to include Razorscale, Ignis, and 2 shots at Iron Council. We decided to extend the raid lockout to see if we can finish a full clear this week. As long as I dont get pulled into a guild lrun tonight (which is priority), I will be there to see this through to the end. I won’t mind a fresh run though, so it is not really a big deal either way. It would be cool to clear Ulduar though.

That is all for now, back to work.

oh, I got a cool 232 gun last night off 10 Ony. It is nice.

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Spank Me, Please

I keep meaning to stop posting to this blog everyday. You know, like post 3 times a week or something. Then, I miss one day, and have a BUNCH of stuff to talk about. Not that I don’t love writing here, I love writing in general, I just usually have a lot of other stuff to do. So, for the time being, I will keep posting mostly every day.

I will be going on an epic journey on my motorcycle from where I am at in IL to Southern AZ. Should be fun, but for 4 days, I will be incommunicado. I will let you know when that happens. Just want to let everyone know now so you don’t cry when you don’t hear from me.
**End Warning**

My wife (63, Undead, Warrior, Prot, and pretty cute, and no you can’t have her (unless you have some money to compensate me with)), is a noob. When she started this toon she knew she wanted to tank. Or at least she wanted to do what I told her tanking was.

62 levels later, I finally get her into a group with people I know that wouldn’t really care if she caused a wipe. That’s right, we did Hellfire Ramparts. In my opinion, she did really really well. Nobody died but her once, and that was because she pulled when the healer was telling a joke (it wasn’t even that funny). She felt bad, but the healer knew and I explained to her that a warrior tank with rage ticking off pulls when she wants. Unless the healer does not have mana. Once she realized it was not her fault and we all yelled at the noob healer (BTW, we are all guildies and this healer has at least three other level 80s that are in Ulduar on a rotating basis, is not really a noob, but we yelled it at him anyway), she was good to go.

The only other hiccup we had was the dragon, she ran into a little problem facing the dragon away from us. But she got it. she also kept yelling “I’m on Fire, I’m on Fire” to which I kept yelling “You have a dedicated healer, he will keep you up”.

The best part of the whole night. When spank looked at me and said “That was amazing.” It almost brought a tear to my eye.

My warlock has done 25 quests in Hellfire Peninsula. She has leveled from 58 to 63 in that time. I know this because sometime after I hit 63 I realized I had not done any quests in a while, so I looked at the achievement thingy and it told me 25/90 for “To Hellfire and Back”. That is a lot of Ramps, BF and UB.

Took a 60 Blood DK into UB. we finished but it was rough. I think we were a little over zealous about that one. Cost me 5 gold in repairs.

I cannot wait to hit 68 and start running kara a couple times. That is the raid that made me fall in love with raiding. I will have to look at loot tables later on to see what kind of goodies my lock wants.

It is hilarious to see my healer buddy standing next to me, since he is pretty much in the same boat I am in as far as questing goes. We have done almost all the instances together. He is a cow, i am a Belf and we are dressed almost identically.

We have also been running with a cool mage. We were tired of him not being in our guild so we recruited him, his friend, and both of their mains. It was sweet.

My hunter was pugged into 25 man Ulduar at Auriaya. That was fun. I was told at the beginning it was a progression run, but I was the only PUG and I knew most of the peeps and the guild to be a bunch of bad asses IMO, so I was not worried. 300 Gold and two nights later, here is the layout

Auriaya (downed), Hodir (not downed), Freya (Not downed), Hodir (one shot), Thorim, (Not downed), Defend WG (PWN), Emalon (one shot), archavon (one shot), Flame leviathan (one tower, two shot).

Phew, that was sweet. Got the orbital bombardment and emblem of conquest achievements to boot.

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Spankmeplz, I am Noble

Spankmeplz’ eyes adjusted as she ported into Dalaran. She was new here, but she had a mission, and was not easily daunted.

Around, around, around she ran. Searching, searching, searching. Her little undead ass needed a Gnome and a Dwarf. But Spank knew her odds were small. Who wanted to be sprung by an undead female? As it was, she had no desire to spring anything on a dwarf. She was being whored out, and she knew it, but it was a small price to pay for the esteem she would garner from her first title.

Finally, an hour into it, as she parked her flaming horse next to the Horde Bank, she saw it. But was she sure? Quickly she began to scan again. There! Behind the Tauren, a small figure, Spank clicked, the face looked female, the tool tip said gnome. Here was her chance.

She pushed her tired steed to a canter and got within range of her spring flowers. She raised her hands, she knew how foolish she looked. She was a WARRIOR! Warriors don’t carry flowers! The price she paid! With forsaken resolve, she brought the flowers down. The Gnome immediately sprouted ears. Bunny ears. This just got more and more humiliating. But she had her Gnome! Only the elusive dwarf remained.

Hours later, while standing at the fishing fountain, watching SFCNez fish up gold coins, someone yells, “FEMALE DWARF AT THE BANK!” Spankmeplz took off running as fast as she could. Eyes scanning the horizon, looking for anything that resembled a dwarven chick. There, dancing on the bank steps, arms crossed across her chest, kicking first one leg, then the other in the hideous dance called a jig, was a female hunter. Spank targeted her, no sprung. Oh no, someone sprung her! What’s this? This dwarf is clicking off the buff? So other people can buff her? Spank never felt the need to buff a dwarf so strongly. She got her flowers out, waved them above her head, and…

“Honey! Honey!”

“Yes Dear?”

/dance “I just got the Noble title!”

“You did? or Spankmeplz did?”

“Well…Spank..but I helped.”

“Baby, you are a Nerd!”

“I am not the one with a Blog that talks all about WoW.”


For the record, I like explosions and boobs. I am not a nerd! much

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