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Reputation Time

I am sure everyone knows by now, but the spirit of sharing buff that you get for eating five servings of each of the Pilgrim’s Day foods at any table is good for a 10% bonus to reputation gains.

Why is this important? Because I am a reputation whore and am working on no less than 5 reputations, in an attempt to get them to exalted (6 if you count Lower City who I am only Honored with).

  • Five Sanguine Hibiscus gets you 825 rep (non-human) with Sporregar.
  • Coilfang Armaments are good for 82 and 83 rep with Cenarian Expedition (up from 75).
  • Kills in any dungeon in Outlands that give rep is up by 10% as well.
  • Ogri’la Dailies give an additional 10%.

Now is the perfect time to be farming reputations. I am trying to get 30 before Cataclysm, I am revered or better with:

  • Frenzyheart
  • Sporregar
  • Cenarian Expedition
  • Argent Dawn
  • Hmm, i think there are more, but can’t remember right now.

Hopefully I can knock these all out this week. While the 10% buff is doing its wonderful thing. Really, though the intent of this post is to galvanize those of you who are oh so close to finish your rep grinds. I have a feeling we are all going to be too busy to do so over the next few weeks.


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Brewfest is over…basically

So I know, brewfest is not technically over until about midnight-ish tonight server time. I know a few people out there, frantically are killing Corin over and over, and galloping till the little racing ram’s feet are bleeding, attempting to eek out those last few coins…Good luck to all of you.

I got the Brewmaster title for my two 80’s and I have two of my other characters ready for it next year, and they are members of the Brew of the Month Club, which is awesome. By the way, if you drink enough of this months Autumn Nut Beer, squirrels will come and throw nuts at you, it is quite amusing.

This last week has been hectic. I was on leave (that means vacation to you non-military folk), and had my parents visiting, so I barely had time to do the Brewfest dailies, but no worries, I still had a blast.

I have updated this infrequently and there is nothing I can say that will change that. I do promise though to keep updating sporadically as there is a lot on my RL plate right now. I am trying to build a bar in my garage and other such cool things. Plus work keeps interfering.

I dropped about 1700 gold this afternoon on dual spec and glyphs and I finally broke down and purchased some epic gems in an attempt to make my DPS comparable to comparably geared hunters. Starting now, I am full swing back into raiding. No more slacking for me. That being said, the ridiculous pittance of coin received for doing low level quests is really disturbing. I have got to get better about the AH and making money that way, since it is my intent to get Loremaster now so I can say I did it when it was hard :P.

I started the grind for Bloodsail Admiral…Need to finish that bad boy up pretty soon.

I am really disappointed with the Beast Master buff we received this last patch.

Still have yet to kill Ony.

Did get to Hodir on a fresh run through Ulduar to include Ignis and the crazy cat lady.

Got enough badges to pick up a neck and belt (iLevel 226).

Still have not been able to figure out RAWR to help me with the gemming and enchanting (though there is a smart hunter in my guild who has talked me through a lot of it) (I know, smart hunter?)

My next post will be a very helpful guide. I will probably post it in about 15 minutes or less.

I love pizza.

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1000 Pageviews…thanks

While not listed on Pink Pigtail’s Site as an achievement, this is a really big deal for me, so I am making this an achievement. /works some magic… done. Achievement awarded to me for being so cool.

Here is some quick math.

  • There have been 1000 pageviews.
  • There have been 124 Comments.
  • There have been 73 comments that were not me (sorry, I like to respond to you wonderful readers).
  • Approximately 7.3% of the people that visit leave comments (I don’t know if that is good or not).
  • I have written 37 Posts.
  • My first post (WoW related, when I actually started writing the blog, not when I made the blog) was on 15 April 09, that is about 48 days ago, an average of 20 visitors per day. I capped out at 50 on one day which was cool.

What does this all mean? Have I progressed to the end-game of blogging? Did I get my pretty purples and am getting ready to call it quits? Not by a long shot. I am having a lot of fun writing this and seeing what others have to say about what I write, so I will continue to do so.

So anyway, an extremely heartfelt thanks to everyone that has read and/or contributed.

Worked on the mage last night. Came to an interesting revelation. I will not be able to play this mage as much as I want to. I promised the old lady I would only play the mage when she could level the rogue at the same time. Since she is starting school, I am already in school, and my daughter gets a majority of my time when she is awake, the mage is still only at 24. I will get her up there though. Just much slower than I had led on at the beginning of this project. Honestly, I expected my wife to not want to play the rogue as much and just concentrate on her warrior. As it is, her warrior is at 62(?).

My warlock is still at level 50, but I plan on playing her some tonight. A druid buddy of mine is now diligently pushing his druid up there and has now passed me (I think the druid is 51). That means, I need to try to keep “balanced” (pun intended) with him so we can do some raids at around the same time.

Also for 3 days straight now on the hunter, I have done the Argent Tournament quests. I have 10 little argent thingies for orgrimmar, i need 15 more, that is 3 days more worth of dailies. Then I will do the Silvermoon city next so I can finally get exalted with them and buy the friggin chiggins and ride them all over the place. That will be fun. Plus, I kind of like jousting, it took a little bit to get used to it, but it is fun.

This post was all over the place.

Signing off…nah that is too cliche…hmmmm…Gnomer and Out!…taken…Man I need some sort of phrase…Fuck it!..reminds me of a prostitute’s T-Shirt…Oh well, something good will come.

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Weekend Events

Unfortunately, this weekend, RL reared its ugly head.

I had to do a mid-term for my class. Scored pretty well, if I say so myself.

Consequently, I was unable to play at all, except for a little grinding for Thunderbluff Reputation. Which I am now exalted with. My bad ass little orc looks pretty cool on all his new mounts, and kodos are so cool.

The only one I have left is about 6 thousand more rep with Silvermoon City. Not really sure where to go to get that rep, but I will figure it out.

I also spent about 45 minutes last night finally becoming an Argent Aspirant. That pretty much means I am able to champion a city now. Of course, I was unable to choose the faction I need rep with, but I guess after 5 or so days, I will be a champion with Orgrimar and will be able to pick Silvermoon to get the last few thousand reputation.

I will save you from the random wall of text today. Hopefully, I will get more to you tomorrow.

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Busy in RL…Toons stagnated…except hunter

I was busy this weekend. Not much happened in the World of Warcraft for me. I missed the raids we traditionally do on Friday and Saturday night, as I had some RL obligations to attend, and Sunday there was a sparse showing of people in the Guild. No worries though, a couple cool things happened. Though the progression on all my toons besides my hunter has been stagnated.

Finally ground the last bit o’ rep for the Cenarion Circle. That place was a mess. Easily the toughest grind I have done to date. I actually ended up doing what I said I would not do, and bought about 100 twilight texts off the Auction House. I hate to do it, but I was tired of questing and grinding in Silithus. That being said, I am now finally Guardian of Cenarius.

Sunday morning brought Noblegarden. I have fiddled around a little bit and gotten a few eggs, my wife, however, read this post and has proceeded to get almost all the achievements. Now I am going to have to spend time tonight working on that so I can get my next title. “the Noble”.

I tried again once this weekend to get the Bronze Drake, to no avail. I have not even encountered the boss yet. We keep missing time by mere seconds. On Sunday, nobody wanted to go and trying to pug a tank is a bitch, so, well, I still have no drake. I will get it though.

Don’t worry, I have not forgotten about my cool idea I am going to write about. Just haven’t quite finished up the thinking, outlining process.

Happy Hunting.

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Ulduar and the Cenarion Circle

What do they have in common? Nothing. It is my blog though and I will title posts the way I want.

Ok, so, I promised some screen shots, and some recollection of the raiding I did this weekend. So far this morning I have not been overly busy at work so I will write some stuff.

First off though, the achievement I earned last night…

Wait, I Love you!

Wait, I Love you!

That’s right, “To all the Squirrels I’ve Loved Before”. This one has been a long time coming. My wife gives ma a hard time every time I /love a critter, but I don’t care. I had two stops to make, Un’Goro Crater for the parrot, and (the real tough one) Barrens for the gazelle. The parrot took abotu 10 seconds, the gazelle about 15 minutes, I think there is one herd that roams the barrens, and I had to find them.

Next is the follow on, “To all the Squirrels who shared my life.” I only have one of those ones done.

I also started the grind to Exalted with Cenarion Circle. I was already honored, so this shouldn’t take too long, I am doing all the quests I left behind when I was younger so I could hit the outlands. I figured I might as well work on Loremaster title while I was at it. I may be able to hit exalted tonight, but I am not sure, I am more than halfway through honored now.

Ok, as promised, my impressions of the limited Ulduar experience I got this weekend.

First, a couple observations.

  1. It is huge. In order to get around in this instance you pretty much need to have a mount. That fact alone makes this awesome.
  2. The bosses I have fought are not tank-n-spank. There is going to be a lot of strategery going on in order to first down the bosses, then get good at downing the bosses.
  3. The mounted event leading up to, and during, the first boss is incredible. It is not overly hard, but it is a lot of fun.
I drove the Demolisher!

I drove the Demolisher!

I drove the Demolisher. You can see the Siege engines (tanks) in front of me and there are two guildies on choppers running in various places. My demolisher held on DPS that you can shoot onto the boss later on. The little dudes that you can barely see in the screen shot had mostly been killed out of this area, they are all over the place and easy to kill…also kind of fun to kill.

The main technique we learned on the first boss is, shoot DPS from the demolisher onto the boss to kill the turrets, this stuns the boss for several seconds. At that point shoot all your special ammo (#2, I don’t remember what it is called off the top of my head), as fast as you can. Meanwhile the choppers are picking up the DPS and bringing him back to the demolisher that threw him. Also, when the DPS is loaded in the firing cannon, guns do not work. Also, and most importantly, when the boss targets you, turn around and run away.

After two shotting the first boss we went and tackled the XT-002 Deconstructor. Besides his/her annoying voice, this boss is a PITA.

One Sexy MOFO, with an annoying voice!

One Sexy MOFO, with an annoying voice!

We tried about four times to kill this boss. Basically, the trick is figuring out how to get rid of the adds while maintaining enough DPS on the heart during what I like to call “The Heart Drop Phase.” My guild still has not cracked that one yet, but we will.

Finally, we wanted to give Razorfish (scale, whatever) a shot to see what the fight was like. We tried once, failed, but got some good strategy to try this weekend (we had peeps needing to leave so we called the raid for the night). This Boss is very interactive, as the only way to engage the boss is to shoot harpoons at him/her after they have been repaired by the NPCs. Two harpoons bring the dragon down, but there are four there. Probably has something to do with timing when the adds are gone and maximizing DPS on boss. I am confident this baby will drop this weekend.

See how leet I am?

See how leet I am?

Look at all his Majesty!

Look at all his Majesty!

Additionally, this weekend I raided with no success to report in any of them (this was a bad raiding weekend for me):
Malygos – 10, couldn’t even get past the first phase (PUG).
Malygos – 25, made it to third phase, but took too long on phase two so enrage timer procced and we failed.
Naxx – 10, I pugged into a run that only had KT left and we could not kill him, by this time it was Sunday and too late to keep going.
Naxx – 25, Downed two quarters, arach and plague. This PUG was not great, the players were decently skilled, but we ran into Ninja’s a DPS Dk that put out 400 dps on Anub, and various other issues. We finally called it when we got tired of the drama.
OS+1 – 25, Not as easy as I thought it would be. Mostly, this was a guild run, but there were enough PUGs that we kept failing. after about three tries, we decided to kill the drake and take down Sarth. That was simplicity.

That is about it. I have been doing a lot of achievement grinding too keep myself busy, and enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.

Thanks for being patient with this post, I know I ramble sometimes.

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WoW Weekend

This weekend was pretty productive for me. I got a lot of World of Warcraft stuff completed that I had been meaning to do. I think this post is going to be a long one. Sorry.

First let’s update the to-do list. I will scratch some stuff off, and add a few more things to it.

  1. Get The Baron’s Death Charger. (20 April Update — Tried twice more and still failed to get it)
  2. Become exalted with Timbermaw, Maghar, and Sporregar to earn “The Diplomat”.
  3. Get Exalted with the Horde Cities (Need All of them).(Didn’t even try this weekend.)
  4. Kill Malygos.(attempted 10 man PUG but was unsucessful.)
  5. Get Champion of the Frozen Wastes Title, still need HCoS, Malygos, HDtK.(nope)
  6. Get 10 Mount Achievement (still need 4 – This one should be alleviated once I get Exalted with Horde Cities).
  7. Get Headless Horseman’s mount.
  8. Get Guardian of Cenarious Title (still need cenarian circle which I am barely honored with)
  9. Get Netherdrake (haven’t even gotten to neutral so this may take a few days)
  10. Earn Frostwolf Howler (need more AV)
  11. Earn “Call in Calvary” Achievement
  12. Get the Dark War Talbuk (Not sure if this is gonna happen anytime soon. There are hardly any peeps on in Nagrand.)
  13. Get 25 Mount Achievement.
  14. Get Don Carlos’ hat.

Knocked two out and added seven. I will never finish at this rate.

Before I list the myriad of achievements I earned this weekend, I will post a couple I made up as I was relentlessly grinding my way through the Mag’har and Sporeggar Reputations. I got the idea from clearcasting, the .psd files came from, a link to WoW Icons on WoWwiki is also there. Sorry I can’t link directly, I can’t get to wowwiki at work. Without Further ado:

For mining the same node over, and over, and over...

For mining the same node over, and over, and over...

For Killing More Ogres than can be counted while grinidng reputation with the Mag'har

For Killing More Ogres than can be counted while grinidng reputation with the Mag'har

Getting those two led me to receive this one.

For being, well, Awesome.

For being, well, Awesome.

That’s right, I am officially awesome. At least that is what this achievement says.

Ok, what achievements did I earn this weekend?

Black war Mammoth

SFCNez on his new War Mammoth!!

SFCNez on his new War Mammoth!!

After that, I got back to work and started grinding Mag’har rep. It took hours, and I killed every Ogre in Nagrand so many times, they started laying down as soon as they saw me or Punch (my grinding gorilla). I finally got to exalted, received the Achievement “Mag’har of Draenor”, went to the Quartermaster and bought ALL the epic mounts they had for sale. That got me “Stable Keeper” Achievement for 10 mounts (actually put me at 13). Somehow I neglected to take screenshots, but I will tell you the cobalt and the white war talbuk are awesome looking.

SFCNez on Hippogryph.

SFCNez on Hippogryph.

The next day (Sunday), I went to Zangarmarsh and started grinding away at the Sporeggar. I must have done that “Now that we are still friends” quest a dozen or more times, I soloed Underbog about 30 times for Sanguine Hibiscus (only went to where the Naga start since that is the best drop chance). Sometime in the middle of that grind, I learned that I was only 1500 Rep from exalted with Cenarion Expedition. So I decided to take a quick break and finish that off. I did 2 or three quests, Got “Mysteries of the Marsh”, and “Five exalted reputations”, as well as exalted with Cenarion Expedition. Getting exalted with them led me to make a decision I thought I would regret, but instead, is one of my proudest achievements yet. I spent 1600 gold and learned “Cenarion War Hippogryph”. This thing is gorgeous.

It even flies upside down. Yes, I know, other mounts do as well!

It even flies upside down. Yes, I know, other mounts do as well!

After that was done, I finished grinding rep with Sporeggar. I finally got “Czar of Sporeggar” at about 1230 this morning, which got me the tabbard, and a sporebat. Oh and The Diplomat title.

The Diplomat with Punch, Sporebat, and Mushroom Tabbard

The Diplomat with Punch, Sporebat, and Mushroom Tabbard




I also got into Ulduar and beat the first boss on Saturday, made a few attempts on XT and Razorfin. Will post screenshots and other stuff tomorrow, along with the rest of my raiding attempts.

So, all in all, pretty lucrative weekend for me. And I got a bunch of household stuff done. Tonight, I start with Netherwing grind, as I really want a Netherdrake, and Cenarion Circle so I can get “The Guardian of Cenarion”. Which I think is one of the cooler titles.

Sorry for the extended length of this post. Have a great evening.

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Lazy Dayzzz!

For some reason, I was not overly motivated to actually accomplish much last night. I did get online. I did get an achievement for participating in the Argent Tournament, that is correct, I am now an Argent Aspirant. I ran around and did a few fun little mounted combat quests. I did some charging around, some melee stuff (make sure you have defense stacked 3 times), and threw a couple axes. Once completed with all the initial quests, I went around and picked up several daily quests, killed some scourge, chopped down some trees and spent way too friggin long looking for the Dusty Journal. I never did find it, and then I had some stuff come up IRL so I could not complete it.

Tonight, I WILL work on reputation gains, my plan is to be “The Diplomat” by Sunday. It shouldn’t take that long.

As I was perusing various WoW sites last night and this morning, I stumbled upon Bo’s Site Vampiric Embrace, and This Article in particular. It made me realize that with all the new stuff out there (achievements, mounts, stuff…), I need to make one for myself. So in an attempt to plagiarize his work here is mine. Unfortunately, the first one is the same on his list and on mine (Sorry Bo, it has taken me way more than 4 times and I still don’t have the mount).

Without further ado the to-do list for sfcnez:

  1. Get The Baron’s Death Charger.
  2. Become exalted with Timbermaw, Maghar, and Sporregar to earn “The Diplomat”.
  3. Get Exalted with the Horde Cities (Need All of them).
  4. Kill Malygos.
  5. Get Champion of the Frozen Wastes Title, still need HCoS, Malygos, HDtK).
  6. Get 10 Mount Achievement (still need 4 – This one should be alleviated once I get Exalted with Horde Cities).

I am sure there are more, but those are the ones I will work on for the time being. As I was writing these I referenced Bo’s and there are a couple more in common than I thought.

Ok, I will leave you for now, pretty soon I will have armory links to my toons on the toon page. Srsly, like in 10 minutes.

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Man, They Love me in that Tunnel


My Hunter grinded, grinded, grinded.

I saved 350 Headresses to turn in once I hit revered. I killed hundreds if not thousands of Deadwood Furblogs in order to get from Friendly to Revered.

SFCNez kiling Fublogs with Xikar

Finally it happened. After turning in all 350 beads, I was happily exalted. But That was not enough, I wanted the worthless (now) trinket that gave me a Timbermaw to summon to throw heals at me. Just another cool little toy to have and show off. I went and killed the demon necessary for the quest.

The first time I killed him, his loot box did not drop so I could not pick up the Essence. So I waited 10 minutes and summoned him again, this time, I took off my weapon, bow, and put my pet on passive so I would kill him slower, hoping that would cause him to drop the box. I pummeled him to death. He Died. I got the Essence, turned it in as fast as I could, and received my trinket. I am excited to pull him out before our next raid so I can make fun of the healers and tell them they weren’t doing their job (in jest of course, our healers are really good). All in all, easy, fun grind. I attempted to get a screenshot of the furblog, but he despawned before I could get the camera aligned correctly, so I took a screenshot anyway. You can imagine him there if you want. I will try again later, as the cooldown on the trinket is 10 minutes and it was too late to wait that long.

SFCNez on steps of dalaran bank with xikar

So I am now exalted with Timbermaw (and earned achievement “They Love Me In That Tunnel”), only Maghar and Sporregar to go. I will probably hit up Maghar tonight since I am already honored with them. I am neutral with Sporregar, so that is going to be a long, long grind. I will probably cheat and buy some glowcaps to turn in. Plus there is a cool little pet that I can purchase at exalted.

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