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Reputation Time

I am sure everyone knows by now, but the spirit of sharing buff that you get for eating five servings of each of the Pilgrim’s Day foods at any table is good for a 10% bonus to reputation gains.

Why is this important? Because I am a reputation whore and am working on no less than 5 reputations, in an attempt to get them to exalted (6 if you count Lower City who I am only Honored with).

  • Five Sanguine Hibiscus gets you 825 rep (non-human) with Sporregar.
  • Coilfang Armaments are good for 82 and 83 rep with Cenarian Expedition (up from 75).
  • Kills in any dungeon in Outlands that give rep is up by 10% as well.
  • Ogri’la Dailies give an additional 10%.

Now is the perfect time to be farming reputations. I am trying to get 30 before Cataclysm, I am revered or better with:

  • Frenzyheart
  • Sporregar
  • Cenarian Expedition
  • Argent Dawn
  • Hmm, i think there are more, but can’t remember right now.

Hopefully I can knock these all out this week. While the 10% buff is doing its wonderful thing. Really, though the intent of this post is to galvanize those of you who are oh so close to finish your rep grinds. I have a feeling we are all going to be too busy to do so over the next few weeks.


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Hellfire Peninsula?

So, I hit 58 yesterday on my warlock then I moved to the Outlands to get my first (second)(third) look at Hellfire Peninsula.

Then I hit 59, somewhere in there I hit 60. I am Legend.

I went through Ramparts 3 times (with a lovely 80 hunter leading the way), and once with no 80 to help. I also did BF in a normal leveled group. I learned something very important then.

Affliction, while amazing for grinding, just doesn’t really pull its weight in 5 mans. I did a 0/41/10 build to get my fel hunter and see what I could do. I am still learning shot rotations and how to time the “Molten Core” and Decimate procs that MSBT pops up loudly at me. I think it will be pretty fun though once I get the rotations down. Unfortunately that means I have to unbind my mouseover macros because I am in such a habit to use them, I forget my corruption does not heal me anymore and I keep thinking I can tank.

I think, for the time being, I will forgo the Loremaster Achievement and level through instances. I really want to hit 80 and start raiding , which means I need to know what the heck I am doing. Which means I need to get a lot of practice.

I will, of course, keep questing, I am just gonna do a lot of instances. Oh, I need to do rep now, since I have Alchemy, which actually requires me to have reputation with these people in order to buy recipes.

Ok, I gotta run.

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