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I actually had a 75% win rate yesterday.

Ok, so.

Tuesdays are raid nights. We raided BWD. We cleared to Nef, then called it for the night, I finally got my tanking weapon and a DPS chest. That is pretty much it for WOW.

In Starcraft 2 though. Well. Lots of fun. I played 4 games. I won 3. Here is some background.

I want to make sure everyone remembers at all times; I suck at this game. I am a really new player. I opened in the Bronze league at 80, have clawed my way to 20 and generally flex between 20-30ish (it seems a ten point flex is pretty common?). There is a lot I don’t know about this game, but I am learning every day. I play Terran.

Why did I pick Terran? The answer is a simple one (if any answer is indeed simple). Terran is the race you play in the campaign. Also, I am human and I have more experience being human than a zerg or protoss IRL. Just saying, these are the things that went through my head whilst deciding which race I was going to choose.

I knew at the beginning, I would be staying with one race until I was really good at it. I have played a few games v AI as both zerg and Protoss, but that was so I could see tech trees, timings and abilities. I have to say, playing those races against the AI was really beneficial, and I should probably do more.

Ok, so 2 of the games I played were 3v3. A couple of my old guildies (neither of whom play WoW anymore), wanted to run some games, I am not placed in a ladder, they are both Gold for 3v3, 2v2, and 4v4. I was pretty much carried through the games. I got good at providing them with troopies, we had one person handle all the micro, the other two took care of small skirmishes, base defense, and macro stuff, kicking monies at the Micro player when he needed it, so we could maintain a strong assault on the enemy forces. It was good fun. I could definitely get into playing 3’s more often.

1v1, this is my baby. I really enjoy playing these games. I generally grab gas at about 11-12 supply and try to do early harass. I have had the best luck with Air Dropped BF Hellions, but have tried reapers, Siege Tanks, Air Dropped Thors (that one was funny), Marine and Marauders, Bunkers at their front gates (ooh, just thought about building bunkers at their supply lines, that would be fun). Raven harass is a good time too, though not so effective early game, as there are generally marines to kill turrets.

Anyway, this game was vs protoss. Historically TvZ gives me a hard time, and I usually end up going heavy Marauders mixed with Marines, until I see evidence of a Stargate then I push more marines. I wanted to start the game with some Reaper harass, which ended up saving me.

Around the time my Second Barracks was done building and my first reaper was completed training, I see a toss probe come in to my base. Everyone knows the toss probe is the single greatest threat early game, they open the way for cannon rushes and Warpgate rushes. Those bad boys need to be killed ASAP.

As suspected, he came in did a quick circuit of my base and proceeded to drop 5 or 6 pylons. At this time, my reaper finished, I killed the probe, then took the reaper a distance away, allowing the pylons to finish. I figured this way he wouldn’t cancel the buildings and once i blew them up he would have lost some serious dinero.

My plan worked, when they all finished, I had 3 reapers, I sent one to scout close to the base for another probe, and the other 2 to kill the pylons. Thereby destroying all the minerals he spent to build them. Early game, losing that kind of cash is tough on a guy.

Once those were done, I pushed the reapers out to begin scouting for his base, I had scouted 2 of the other 3 bases to no avail when I heard the ominous “Your base is under attack”. I pushed my reapers back to the base only to see he had snuck in another probe and had build 2 pylons and 3 cannons.  My reapers dropped the pylons, completely ignoring the cannons. Once they were dead, the cannons become useless, by this time, I had a handful of marines and 2 marauders, who I sent to take care of the inert cannons, while I pushed my now fairly heft force of 5 or 6 reapers to his front gate. Right as I threw my first volley at his forge, he quit the game.

Now, I don’t mind a cannon rush, they are fairly easy to deal with as long as you don’t panic, but I do have slight issue with the all or nothing approach, watching the replay, he had enough minerals to have built a warpgate and get a few zealots out, but instead he went with the attitude of “If this doesn’t work, Ima quit.”

It’s all good though, I ended the evening with my bonus pool at 2, which isn’t bad. I would have done one more, but I was sleepy.

That is all. Thanks for listening to my adventures in the World of Blizzard.


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