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Turning in quests can be tricky

So, the main reason for this post is I have had a lot of trouble turning in quests on my warrior recently.

I will click the quest giver, select the option (if there is more than one), then click complete. My dailies (especially Outland Fishing, and Northrend JC), have not been allowing me to turn them in. I just click and click on the Complete quest button.

I put in a ticket and was told it is an interface issue and to delete my WTF, Cache, and Interface Files. Well, if I do that, all my addons and settings disappear. That is not an option.

I did a little research, and finally found a working solution at I haven’t really played with this site much, but it looks decent. Plus, it had the solution I was looking for.

If you are unfamiliar with creating your own Macro, the steps are easy.

1) in your chat box type /m or /macro. This makes your Macro interface pop up.

2) You can now choose (at the top) if this is going to be a General (all toons) macro, or a toon specific one. I used the General tab, in case I run into problems on my other characters.

3) Click Create New.

4) Type in a name and pick an image for this macro. The image will be on your bars once you put it there, so it should be different than any spell names your character uses. For example, I used Rune Strike for the image on my Warrior since, it is not a spell I will ever cast, this way, even my dumb ass does not click the macro if i am trying to use one of my abilities.

5) Click ok.

6) In the actual macro box, copy and paste this.

/run SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1);CompleteQuest();GetQuestReward()

Make sure there are no spaces before or after, and none in between words except the one after run.

7) Drag the new Macro button to your bar in a place you can click it at the appropriate time.

Now, to use this macro, you have to actually right click the NPC to interact with him/her. Incidentally, this macro is great for turning in repeatable quests such as rune cloth and Headresses for Timbermaw, as well.

If the quest you need to turn in is the second option in a set (after right-clicking on an NPC) then change the number 1 in the macro to a 2.

Thus ends my quest turn in macro tutorial. Let me know if you have issues with it.



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New Warlock Guide Love

An important part of playing this game is changing and or modifying strategies. That being said I will link two posts.

First This post is an affliction warlock grind guide that I wrote.

Second is from Arioch posting about leveling her priest. The most pertinent thing we need to take out of her post (in reference to this post) is

Iā€™m using mouseover macros for all the healing.

/cast [target=mouseover,help] [] spell name

Itā€™s awesome sauce. I could even toss off a wand shot every now and again since I never had to target any of my party members.

So I get to thinking. If she can mouseover for heals, why can’t I do it for destroying shit? The answer is…I can. And I will.

Here is what I did.

Step 1. Create two macros that look like this:

#showtooltip Corruption
/cast [target=mouseover,harm] Corruption


#showtooltip Curse of Agony
/cast [target=mouseover,harm] Curse of Agony

Step 2. Change your keybindings for your mouse button. MWD = the corruption macro, MWU = the CoA macro.

Step 3. Get DoTimers addon, configure it to show mouseover DOTs (thanks arioch BTW, for recommending a great addon)

Step 4. Grab as many mobs as you feel you can handle, continue following my last guide, except just hover your mouse over various mobs to see how the DOTs are ticking.

Step 5. Rinse and repeat. Over and over…its called a grind for a reason. šŸ™‚

BTW, loving the lock. Sorry to the mage community out there. My mage is fun, but on hiatus for a little bit, just liking the lock too much.

Oh and quick tip, fel guard is a fine replacement for the succubus, he does a little less damage, but the mana bonus and dark pact pool are great. Also, try not to clip more than 1 tick from your CoA. It is best if you don’t clip it at all IMO. I also did some experimenting with the Imp again, this time adding the Fire Shield damage to the Imp’s damage to see if there was benefit. There was not. Though the Fire shield is cool to put on your tank I found out.

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