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Quietly Closing Up Shop

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There is a lot going on in my personal life right now. It has been at least 2 months since I have even logged on to the wonderful world that is Warcraft.

I want to thank everyone who read this blog and shared in my thoughts and glories with me.

Will I be back?

To WoW? Yes! I just don’t know when.

To the Blog? I don’t know.

Thanks, happy hunting.


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I re-rolled a mage


I now have 2 mages

One is a level 24 mage I have had a really long time. She is currently the GM of my second Bank Guild (don’t ask).

One I rolled a couple days ago and am doing RAF with a buddy from work. She is 20.

Three times XP is amazing. I have RAF with 2 toons now, my rogue/shammy combo I did with my brother (they are both at 60), and now this one.

Mages are fun, they kill shit fast, but I find I am always low on the totem pole in dungeons. Another mage buddy of mive explained it is because +SP gear is so hard to get at low levels, that makes sense. My buddy from work rolled a pally. So we are a pally/mage combo. It works out nicely.

Last spells I picked up from the trainer before I logged for the night? Teleport Silvermoon City, Blizzard and Blink. I love blink.

My buddy has never played WoW before. I tried to talk him out of the pally, but he is loving it. It is tough explaining a class I don’t know very well to a brand new player, but we are making it work. He also rolled a priest to play while we are not partied together. I think he is really liking the game. He is also 20 and just picked up concecrate. He will be happy that he does more damage now.

  1. I had forgotten about a couple of issues revolving around the recruit a friend program.
  2. We outlevel content really really fast. Approximately 3 times as fast. I feel like I am cheating my buddy becuase he doesn’t get to see all the areas. That is one of the reasons he rolled a different toon for when I am not on.
  3. Money for training is kind of an issue, good thing I have 5 80s to bankroll and make bags.
  4. That is pretty much it.

I don’t have a lot going on right now in WoW besides that. It seems my guild is in a progression funk, and with Marrowgar as the weekly, it is going to be difficult to PUG a raid. This week is pretty much a wash, I kind of expected it though with the onset of good weather.

That is about it. See you all on Monday.

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Biggest news evah!

Toxicity (Death Knight) (o with the / through it), dinged 80 last night.

Tox is my wife. She has been playing wow for over a year. Look up casual player in the wow dictionary, her picture is right there.

Tox is her first 80.

She does have her warrior (spankmeplz, still at 64-65ish).

I think I am more excited about her hitting 80 than she is. I asked her, what are you gonna do now? Dungeons? Raid? PVP? Sit in Dalaran trolling teh nubz?

She tells me, “I think I’m gonna finish questing in Northrend”


Here I am, ALL POWERFUL AND SHIT! I have a Warrior who can boost as a tank or a dps, I have a healer who can boost as healer, dps, or healer and dps. They ARE SO READY TO CARRY HER through dungeons. Teaching her how to play in a group environment. I can walk her through each and every pull, so she knows what’s going to happen and how to react to it.

But she wants to finish questing.


/pouts in a manly manner

I think it is man’s inherent need to protect and defend the lady(ies) in his family. I am feeling all Jackie Gleason Jack Bauer here.

I am actually really happy she finally hit 80, my guess is I will be able to take her into Naxx, maybe some ulduar, maybe some TOC. I don’t know. I did take her through the 5 man ICC quest chain, so she had it out of the way, and also because I thought those would be a good place to start teaching her about mechanics of fights. Consequently, even though I was tanking, each pull was explained (much ❤ goes out to understanding guildies), and the reasons for the pulls was outlined, kill order (if appropriate), boss strats, and when to use deathgrip. She took it all in stride, and I really enjoyed watching her go from the fairly easy FOS, to the slightly more difficult POS, to the OH SHIT THE LICH KING IS GONNA EAT US RIGHT AFTER WE SURVIVED 10 WAVES OF INSATIABLE MADNESS, that is HOR. (For the record, I hate tanking that place, even on regular.)


Really quick aside, I have noticed there are three schools of thought from tanks about the use of Deathgrip by a non-tanking DK.

  1. Dont ever do it
  2. Do it only if asked
  3. As long as it is intelligently deathgripped AFTER initial pull, it is fine.

I fall into the 3rd. I don’t want DK pulling for me, but bringing that ranged dude out there pew-pewing away a little closer to me is nice, I pay attention so I can retaunt immediately.


We will see what happens next with her toon. My guess is fishing is next, but don’t tell her I said that. I am really excited she hit 80 before cataclysm (or RL Ragnarok/Rapture/Armageddon) hit.

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What are your Cataclysmic Plans?

I could wax philosophical about the proposed changes coming in Cataclysm.

But I won’t.

There are too many things subject to change, too many unanswered questions. Blizzard is gonna do whatever they do and I will adapt.

The question I have asked my guild, and I think it is a question that bears asking is:

What are your plans for Cataclysm?

What in the FUCK?

I started this post this morning and have been working on it periodically today. I go to publish it and BAM 3000 words of genius down the drain.

Sorry guys, I don’t have the time to recreat all my thoughts, becasue like beer, as soon as I spill it, it is gone!

I will revisit this idea tomorrow and put down my thougts again.

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What an Interesting Night

Last night was an interesting raid night, to say the least.

Some good, some bad, all…just weird. Just felt like the raid was off kilter last night, not sure why. Maybe because our normal (if she can be called normal) lock wasn’t able to attend due to a cross-country meet (/gasp RL? /double gasp, for physical fitness? For shame, for shame).

We ended up taking in most of the core raiding group. We had to replace the Warlock, but not an issue. I ended up having to ask 2 healers to sit out, guaranteeing them a spot for the alt run I tank over the weekend.

Here is how our raids usually go:

  • Citadel: One shot EVERYTHING clean runs, no marks, we can even get the weekly quest on deathwhisper and successfully save or whatever Donovan (took us some tries at the beginning).
  • Festergut: 1 shot
  • Rotface: 2ish shot
  • Putricide: only have killed him once, was expecting to run into problems this week.

Here is how last night’s went:

  • Marrowgar: 2 shot
  • Deathwhisper: 1
  • Loothship: 2
  • DBS: 1
  • Festergut: 3
  • Rotface: 1
  • Putricide: 2

See how wierd it was? We wiped on Marrowgar for crying out loud.

I got to DPS for the first quarter. It was cool. I seem to have almost found the single target rotation…pulled almost 7k on Saurafang. I still dont have the moving bosses down, as that required preplanning hots and rearranging opportunity attacks, and AOE, which I thought would be simple, is a little tougher because swipe devours so much energy. I am getting it though. It is fun, and a nice challenge. Also, it is nice having two healers who can do the entire first quarter themselves, so one of us doesn’t have to heal. Usually the shammy dpses, but I was wanting to play around a bit.

Oh and that staff that drops off Rotface, the one with a shit-ton of agility? I got it…upgraded from the staff from H-VH, so quite an upgrade. I decided to finally turn in my kill malygos quest and get the quest DPS neck, which is better than the healing one I was wearing, and I picked up the cloak from Emblems of Valor, and the dps ring from Triumph badges. All in all, my dps gear is starting to look pretty nice, I should probably gem and enchant it now. The only problem I have (and it is a trifling one at that) is, if I log out in my dps gear, I look like a portly rogue coming close to retirement, jsut trying to get in a couple more kills to pad my 401k. I look amazing in my healing gear though.

Tonight promises Valithria attempts, probably a downing (upping?), since we almost got her last week after just a couple tries.

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How to deal with DB

I do not think I have contributed to the PUG horror stories floating around the wowgosphere ™ (it means World of Warcraft Blog Atmosphere, I think I portmanteaued an acronym containing portmanteaus, my head just exploded).

I had, what I consider to be an amusing episode last night for my random on my druid.

Let me paint a picture –

Utgard Pinnacle, middle of the night, storm clouds are rumbling in and torrential downpour is imminent. I decide, since I have been spending a lot of time at targeting dummies I am going to attempt to feral dps the instance. BUT, since my gear is almost all 251 I wanted to make sure the group knew I was new to the dps thing.

me: Hey guys, just want to let you know, my main spec is heals, but I am working on my dps spec. I will not be doing stellar dps in here as I am cutting my teeth on this run.

everyone else: some variation of cool, ok, nice, good luck.

tank: nothing

A few pulls in it is clear by my dismal 2100 average dps that I am not the best dps in the group, as a matter of fact the pally tank is out dpsing me pulling about 3100.

I am not sweating it, I am concentrating on not pulling aggro, getting good solid rotations down, ensuring  Savage roar is up, and bounding and leaping and flying and clawing, and stuff.

Nobody is saying anything, we are all doing our jobs.

Then out of nowhere.


me: well, I told you at the beginning, I am practicing, heals is my mainspec, I am not good at dps yet.

tank: no kidding, you need to pick it up and pull your own weight or i will kick you.

me: … ok?

And we carry on, finally coming to the first boss, now keep in mind, the instance was moving relatively quickly, I have done faster, but we were at a pretty good clip, I think maybe 3-4 minutes from first pull to first boss.

I pull something like 1900 on the boss, we had a disgusting lock do like 7 k on her and I was booby-trapped, and she was dead before she hit the ground, not a lot I can do about that.


At this point, the other dps and the healer are telling this guy to shut up and just do it, I am feeling pretty bad about not pulling my weight and thinking maybe I wasn’t ready to be in a heroic yet until a few more hours behind the targeting dummy.

For the next several pull random snide remarks are thrown my direction. I ignore them. We kill the 1 boss = 5 ( really bad with most boss names btw). I actually get to do some sustained target time with him and pull 3.2 or 3.4 or something.

As the dust is settling, he casts one more remark, and it was the snide thing he said to me all night. He insulted my healing ability. You can make fun of my mother, wife, child, parentage, nationality, whatever. DO NOT TELL ME I CAN’T HEAL! Especially if you have never seen me heal.

tank: I bet you can’t heal for shit either

me: Tell you what, I will show you how well I heal during this next boss pull if the healer will go dps.

heals: sure

tank: oh great this will be fail

Tank pulls the mobs, we kill first group. he ALMOST dies. I don’t put one hot on him.

tank: why didn’t you heal me at all?

me: I told you I was going to show you how well i can heal.

Meanwhile adds are still spawning and I am still not healing.

Tank dies.

Fury Warrior has aggro on all mobs. He gets heals, we complete the skadi fight in record time, pally tank even gets the quick kill achievement.

tank: WTF? ERGH, (lots of obscenities)

me: Look at that, I was able to heal through a boss fight with no tank, and nobody died, except the one person I WANTED to. Does that make me a good healer in your book?

everyone else: lol, rofl, various signs of amusement

tank: said nothing

I went back to my mediocre DPS, everyone else continued on their merry way. Not another word was said about my abilities either as healer or DPS.

Like Aesop, I have a moral for this story. Don’t make me feel bad or you will die.

Seriously though, feral DPS is a bitch for me to get the groove of. I decided more hours behind the targeting dummy wont make that much of a difference, I need to actually apply what I have learned in an instance environment. It is fun having so much to do, but it gets complicated at times, I know I should be pulling a LOT more DPS with the gear I have on, but just havent hit the sweet spot yet. I will get it.

And yes I am a jerk for letting him die like that, but I knew I could keep the dps alive, it isn’t a hard encounter.

Also, today is reset. So excited for a fresh raid week.

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Some Observations

1. Feral DPS is hard. Or at least harder than any DPS class I have played. I ran a Heroic Yesterday and peaked at 3.5k, but averaged just below 2k. Even my warrior when I first started DPSing was pulling almost 4k until I learned the rotation and timing and now I do a lot more than that. I play my Warrior to tank and hy druid to heal, but having a dps spec provides a little more flexibility. There are so many cooldowns/DOTS  and stuff to manage that I find kitty is hard. That being said, I will probably get it after a while, and it will be much easier.

2. Once you kill a boss one time, it becomes significantly easier to kill it again and again. Havent attempted Putricide yet this week, but rotface and festergut are one shots every time now. Putricide will be a walk in the park it seems.

3. Valithria looks easy. We healed her quite a bit last week, but she should go down this week.

4. I get irritated once kills should be clean and are not. Rotface is a good example, yes we killed him, but it was ugly, and only by the force of some amazing healing and great DPS. The tanking last night was shoddy and not…clean. Not sure why that irritated me, but it should have been clean.

5. The enchanting market is kind of tough to break into. I am getting there, but it was not as easy as the gem/glyph market.

6. I am really excited to get back into feral dps so I can play with it some more.

7. I think I will actually level my shammy to 80 now. Some of the cataclysm changes sound like a lot of fun.

8. Pulling 2 10 man raids together is significantly tougher than 1. No-shows this week are killing me.

I think that is it for now, Not feeling the greatest right now, probably gonna call it an early day to get some sleep.

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Putricide is down!

That’s right, 2 wipes while teaching a brand new guildy the fight, and we downed him.  I am confident now, that we will kill him again tonight. Since we now know how to do the fight, and have found the proper balance of players. Only regret is we had to 3 heal. I think a little more gear for the two main healers and we will be able to pull it off. Tried the whole mages and rogues invis/vanish and once the timing got down, was nice to have that extra few seconds to dps the boss.

Went to Valithria and wiped 4 times. 57%, 74%, 76%, 89%. You can see marked improvement. Add control is where it is at, later this week she will be down for sure, 4 healed it since our OT is a Healidan and we only needed one tank for the adds.

Got more loots for my feral kitty spec. Really funny actually, I have a really good off spec set in my bags for feral kitty. I am not specced, gemmed, or enchanted to do dps, as my druid is a healer. HEALER. But, Why shard loot when I can have it in my bag. Plus with Cataclysm coming out, I will need some sort of dps. Hopefully tonight I will be able to have enough knowledge to gem and spec my kitty appropriately and see what I can do. I have lots of badges for any stuff I dont currently have (belt and relic i think is all, maybe a ring).

Sorry post is short today, gotta run.

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So Close

I read all these wonderful posts about people clearing their way through ICC in a step by step fashion. Guilds are in varying degrees of completion. I know guilds who are stymied on Princes, Blood queen, Sindragosa, Dream dragon pretty much every boss.

My guild is stuck on Putricide. We are down to 2%. Repeatedly. Tonight is our last shot before reset. Again.

I think we found the problem though, after carefully reviewing recount/skada over and over to see what was causing our wipes, it looks like the healers just cannot keep up with the AoE damage going out when both tanks are holding on to several stacks of the debuff.

Personally, I know that I can heal. I know the other healer who was with me and is usually with me can heal.

Tonight we go in with 3 healers. I believe that will be the end of our problems.

What does that mean?

We will have more of the oozes exploding (its ok, we got really good at stacking on the targeted player to minimize damage). We will hit phase 2 and 3 slower, right now we hit phase 2 before the first orange ooze spawns.

This breaks my heart as we two heal the entire first quarter (easy), festergut (not so bad), and rotface (cake). Then putriced comes along and rapes us at 2%.

That being said Putricide is a blast of a fight. I am glad we are running into some challenges, and it seems the place only gets harder.

The alt run I tank for ran into a unique challenge last week. Don’t laugh. DO NOT LAUGH.

we wiped 4 times on lootship

That’s right you heard me. 4 FRIGGIN TIMES.

I have no clue what was going on. Well that is a lie, I know why we were wiping, I don’t know why the labotomy affected so many people at the same time. Why do I have to tell the OT to turn on Rrighteous Fury? I am a warrior,  I should not have to worry about his righteous fury, BUT I guess since I am raid leader, I should have to look at everything. That’s like telling a warrior to get into defensive stance for tanking. OR telling a druid “make sure you turn into a bear”. Then there were other things..little things, lots of them. Machete squad moving slower than molasses. People dieing and nobody filling the guns even after I am saying GET IN THE GUN, the mage taking forever to kill because for some reason THE ENTIRE MACHETE SQUAD WAS NOT KILLNG THE MAGE. And I didn’t notice it until the OT was dead. This happened after a nearly perfect run op to that point. We got from initial buff to gunship in about 30ish minutes with no deaths.

I had to call a raid at the LOOTSHIP. it pissed me off. I logged out of vent and hid on the deathknight.

We did go back the next night and completed the first quarter and did pretty decent on Festergut though. So that is good. Probably would have had it except one of our dps died and vile gas got into melee, then we had 2 peeps who had to log so instead of filling the spot, we called it for the week.

I have a new pulling macro for my tank. You might not be able to handle such magnificent awesomeness, but if the following phrase makes you want to run into mobs head on and start smashing shit, then this is for you. Prepare to be awed


/cast charge

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Finally, a breather!

Today The Kraken will be released.

/dusts off trenchcoat

In other news:

You may remember the post about my druid hitting 80, and my contemplation about making him my main. He is now officially my main. I discovered that I absolutely Love healing ICC, and TOC, and TOGC, and even heroics, and every other damn thing that comes along. Becoming a healer has made me realize different aspects and synergies behind raid/party makeup. I heal mainly 10 man content, though I enjoy popping into 25s on occasion.

Also, my warrior is 80. Doomedcow enjoys tanking everything. I currently Main tank the “Alt Run” in 10 ICC for my guild. He also has a fury off spec, which is surprisingly coming along nicely since most of the Main spec guys have what they need (picked up Citadel’s Enforcer last night for example). I do not know a lot about fury, but I am learning.

Hunter…well, he makes me sad because I still have very little if any interest in playing him for raids or anything. I just like tanking and healing too much. I even brushed off the ol’ lock for those days when I have the druid and the warrior saved to everything and I am bored. My poor, poor hunter. He and I had a good run, I will probably get back to it some day, but he is not really a priority, maybe I will dust him off for cataclysm.

I have one more toon who I want to hit 80 before cataclysm hits. That is my Death Knight. That will make 5 80’s. I don’t really plan on raiding with him, and will probably only dps. Loving the blood right now, but the rage mechanic (which I previously hated) is really a very good mechanic for tanking. The recent buffs even help me compete with pally tanks, kind of.

Way back in October, I changed guilds to Carnage. I am still in Carnage, and somehow am now the GM. I didn’t realize the challenges that come with being the guild master for a raiding guild. Especially a guild working its way through ICC.  The previous GM wanted to push into 25s and we did, but we pushed too fast, and a majority of the guild wasnt prepared or willing to make the 25 commitment. So we decided to concentrate on 10s. This made the GM mad, so he left and I became the guy.  I have mixed feelings about this. I enjoyed not having to be the guy worried about raid schedules and guild banks and ranks and promotions and raid leading and raid building and “other than raid” activities, but then i realized I was doing a lot of that anyway.

I have 2 main concerns with the guild right now. Guild Bank usefulness and starting a 3rd 10 man team. Lets talk about the guild bank.

1) I want the 6 tabs of junk in the Gbank cleaned up and I want raiding stuff put in there. I made a new rank, promoted a trusted officer to supply officer and he has done a phenomenal job. We have several hundred charges of both the drums, and several hundred fort scrolls. Working on getting flasks and pots and such in there. The issue is, once the meager supply of money is gone from the bank, I will have no other way to pay for this stuff. We have a “donations are nice” policy, and I am not interested in a guild tax…yet. I do have ideas about creating a pseudo-closed economy but that is going to be time-consuming. There are things I feel a raiding guild should offer its raiders. I want to open this up in a few stages.

Stage the first) Almost completely implemented and one of the most important imo. Raid wide buffs, stuff that benefits the entire raid, IE Drums of forgotten kings, gift of the wild drums, runescrolls of fortitude, fish feasts. My pool of raiders is kind of small, so, even though I attempt to have the “perfect balance” I cannot always do it. I mentioned above the stuff I have in the bank already. Fish feasts are a really nice to have, I think that will be the next assignment for the supply officer. These goods are to be used for GUILD runs, or Guild organized runs where maybe we have to pug one or 2.

Stage 2) Flasks/potions/individual foods (ie expertise, mana regen, happy clam food). The rotation on these is going to be intense. With phase 1, it is easy, only my officers have access, and whatever is left over is returned for the next raid. This one, will have to be more open for the raiders, and will be more difficult to monitor. Plus, every wipe will consistently cost the gbank several hundred gold at least. This may have to wait until more income/donations are happening.

Stage 3) Enchants and gems. obviously the most expensive. I am talking your leg threads/armor kits/head enchants, enchant scrolls, enchanting mats, beer, all that stuff.

Things I will probably never offer – Repairs and there are 2 reasons for this.

1) Repairs are the most basic expense for a raider. I am already talking about alleviating most expenses (eventually), the raider has to maintain some semblance of responsiblity for maintenance of his/her toon.

2) If taxes are implemented as part of the guild user interface in Cataclysm, and depending on how it is implemented, as people are farming quests/loot/whatever, they will be bolstering the guilds money as well.

How do I plan on making money for the guild?

There are a couple ways I am playing with and I will delve into a bit on the closed economy.

Master Loot all Primordial Saronite and sell, all proceeds go to gbank. I dont like this idea in particular, because 1) most of the 25s we run have pugs, 2 we don’t run very many anymore.

Master Loot all BoE and sell to guildies at half/25% of AH prices, or sell to AH. If guildy is in the run where it drops it goes to MS/OS roll and winner does not pay, I am talking about if it doesnt get used by someone in the run.

Create a pseudo closed economy. Here are the steps (lots of gradual movement in managing this it seems)

1) Spend some of the limited gold in the gbank, have guildies create epic stuff then I sell on AH and all proceeds go into gbank. I really like this idea, as I have guildies that have some nice patterns and they would be willing to make stuff for the guild bank for free.

2) Once there is a buffer (say 15-20k in the bank) start purchasing goods from guildies at cost +10%. I will publish a list of how much of what I want in the bank, and it will be up to the guildies to create and then “sell” to me. I will make sure they get their money, they make a little profit and all the stuff I need is stockpiled.

I would be really curious as to how other guilds are doing this. Am I really off the mark here? Do these ideas have some merits?

Wow, wall of text, I guess all the pent-up not writing finally came out?

Hopefully I will be able to keep up a posting routine, maybe. Probably of some sort.

Thanks for those who are patient.

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