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Reputation Time

I am sure everyone knows by now, but the spirit of sharing buff that you get for eating five servings of each of the Pilgrim’s Day foods at any table is good for a 10% bonus to reputation gains.

Why is this important? Because I am a reputation whore and am working on no less than 5 reputations, in an attempt to get them to exalted (6 if you count Lower City who I am only Honored with).

  • Five Sanguine Hibiscus gets you 825 rep (non-human) with Sporregar.
  • Coilfang Armaments are good for 82 and 83 rep with Cenarian Expedition (up from 75).
  • Kills in any dungeon in Outlands that give rep is up by 10% as well.
  • Ogri’la Dailies give an additional 10%.

Now is the perfect time to be farming reputations. I am trying to get 30 before Cataclysm, I am revered or better with:

  • Frenzyheart
  • Sporregar
  • Cenarian Expedition
  • Argent Dawn
  • Hmm, i think there are more, but can’t remember right now.

Hopefully I can knock these all out this week. While the 10% buff is doing its wonderful thing. Really, though the intent of this post is to galvanize those of you who are oh so close to finish your rep grinds. I have a feeling we are all going to be too busy to do so over the next few weeks.


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Bombs Away!

I have to get better about taking screenshots, then uploading them so I can post posts from work.


Doomedcow got to scratch something off his pre-cata to-do list…I am exalted with and own all the Skyguard Rep mounts.

I started this grind before I started the netherdrake grind. The netherdrake grind took me, maybe 10 days. That was months ago. With all the reps I have done, this one, for some reason was the most tedious for me. Really shouldn’t have been, there are all sorts of ways to get rep with the skyguard. It was just painful.

When thinking back on it, the grind itself wasn’t bad. Like I said, there are several ways to get rep. I think it was just a mental roadblock.

As an added bonus, I finally got “The Rokk’s” last daily, so I got that achievement, and I got the Bombs Away! Achievement for completing the Skettis daily in less than 2 minutes and some seconds. Not difficult on a 310, I guess I had forgotten it was an achievement.

The quest chain where I had to join a cult, was a blast. Especially when doing it as a skeleton in a sombrero with a Macabre Marionette following me around. I had a really good time. I have yet to see a portal spawn though, I am not sure about the times they pop up, or even 100% if they are popping up now, or will do so later. Am I the only one who wants the MM as a permanent pet?

Short post today…busy busy!

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Sorry Arioch…

You know Arioch, it is not usual for me to write a post directly to someone, but since yours was one of, if not the first Blog I read about WoW, I feel I owe you an apology.

I did not want to do it, I really didn’t. I almost passed when it dropped. I know you feel you had to cheat and you might feel inadequate because of it. I hope you know your post inspired me.

That’s right. The Brewfest Ram is mine. I felt really bad when the achievement popped up and said how awesome I was. I almost cried with sorrow when my entire guild sounded a chorus of congratulations to me.

It was painful running around Ogrimmar jumping off things and spinning around yelling WOOOOOOOT! I think I cried a little last night. All. Because. Of. You.

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That damn Kodo (or Ram) will never drop. I would be happy with either one, however, I really have always loved the kodo.

I was going to write this entire post in iambic pentameter, but I quickly realized it would take too much of my time trying to figure out proper enunciation of syllables. Instead, I will write a haiku.

Favorite Brewfest

I always get so wasted

Corin is a putz

Anywho, I love Brewfest, I am running the 3 dailies on 4 toons of various levels, I get a chance to kill the putz 10 times a day. I have yet to see that awesome (best imho) mount kodo drop. It pisses me off.

On to other news.

BM hunters got a buff. I don’t have the actual wording but it went something like this.

BM gets a 10% damage increase.

It was that simple 10% more damage just for being BM. My first love is BM and it saddens me, that I have had to pop back and forth between SV and MM to get the best damage and DPS for raids.

I don’t have recount Screenshots but here is a simple comparison. Two days ago, as SV, I killed Corin 5 times and was doing about 35-3700 without trying hard (i.e. no cooldowns, not really worrying about keeping proper shot priority etc).

Yesterday after speccing BM and spending about 10 minutes on a dummy…2100 with minimal effort. That sucks. Then I remembered to pull some of the abilities down (Kill Command, Bestial Wrath etc) 2400 (if I remember correctly). Now I was getting pissed, took a second, reconfigured some stuff, pulled up my old BM macro…blew all cool downs, and still only hit 2900. I tapped out at 2900 dps on a simple boss as BM. And I had to work for that 2900. I was very disappointed. I still insist BM is the best grinding spec, but it still is not worth it (at first glance) for raiding. I do intend to do at least one raid as BM so I can make an accurate assessment (I really should Dual Spec).

Anyway, I think that is all. I will be Brewmaster in a couple more days on 2 toons, and be really close on 2 more, I think I will just need to kill Corin on the two sub 75 toons.


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Icecrown is more funner than I thought it would be

I am actively attacking the Loremaster achievement right now…diligently chipping away at the defensive barriers established around this title. I am half-way through Icecrown and that will finish off Northrend for me.

As an illustration of how bad I have been, I JUST got my Knights of the Ebon Blade Tabbard last night. It is actually a cool looking tabbard. I am actually enjoying Icecrown and the questlines. They are pretty well stacked so I can do several at a time and they are mostly pretty easy.

I think I am popping over to Kalimdor after Icecrown to knock out about a hundred quests, then back to outlands where I have only finished HFP and Zangarmarsh (Zangarmarsh is probably still the best area of the game imho). I figure if I bounce back and forth I won’t get so bored with the whole “OMFG I AM GRINDING THIS SHIT AGAIN? COULDN’T YOU HAVE TOLD ME YOU NEEDED HIS FUCKING HEAD WHEN I WAS KILLING HIM THE FIRST TIME?” Vanilla WoW is terrible about this running all over the place thing. I really look forward to leveling through there again after Cataclysm hits, just to see how much better it is. I may actually delete some of my younger toons to re-level them. Speaking of which…

I have a lot of toons and I want more on the alliance side. But, I want them all on my server. I like my server. Unfortunately my server is full. I am calling you out Blizzard…Lift the restriction on 10 per server, please.

I really don’t know why more than 10 on a server is not allowed. Is it arbitrary? technological? what? I just wish it was lifted because now I want a Goblin on Gul’dan (lol @ alliteration).

I am about 6 dailies at the Argent Tournament from being exalted with SMC (which makes me ambassador and gets me about 8 more mounts…that will put me at about 60ish, the blue bitch from Storm Peaks, The Oracles, and Baron Von-Douchebag refuse to drop their mounts for me and it is really pissing me off. I have gotten about 6 Proto-Whelp dragon things from the oracles, they sell ok on the AH so…but i really want that mount.

I think that is about it. I am really pondering the 10 character limit thing. I think it is time for a little research as to why that number is imposed.

Oh, I have a very important question…

Pirate Day is coming up…I have recently destroyed my rep with all the Goblins and am still unfriendly with the Bloodsail Buckaneers. Am I going to be able to participate in whatever it is you do on Pirate Day? Just curious.


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Shiny Things

You can thank Arioch for this post. She wrote this post here, and it gave me an idea for a post to write.

It has taken me a few days to put this together becuase I was not sure the best way to present it. I could post a bunch of screenshots of cool things I have picked up. Or things that I went out of the way to find for no reason other than to have it, or play a joke on someone.

For example, I went all the way over to Darnassus and tamed a two headed dog just so I could name it nicaced, after two of my favorite in-game healers (as opposed to out of game?:) ). The dog is still level 75, as I have done no leveling with it, at all, but it was good for several laughs.

There are also cool things I have sitting in my bank that serve no other purpose, besides it was cool to have it. Arcanite Ripper for example, was a good axe at the time, but now is pretty much worthless. Oh yeah, except that it turns you into a bad ass rock and roll star. That thing is still great to bust out as we are getting ready to run Ulduar, Naxx, or EoE.

I also have seasoned holly to surprise people with my reindeer as I am flying around. I saved some of the bunny turning branches. I plan on waiting a few weeks to bust that out during a raid. I know it will cause a wipe but I am really tempted to turn the tank into a bunny while he is tanking something. Like Maex or something. I know damage cancels the effect, but that would be hilarious for a few seconds.

I went out of my way to get Don Carlos’ Hat, for no other reason, but to have Xikar and the ghost wolf running around with me.

Once exalted with Timbermaw, I went and did the follow on, exalted only, quest to get the trinket that summons a Timbermaw to heal me for a few seconds. Pointless now, but still something to bust out and walk around town with.

I have had this conversation a couple times with a co-worker of mine (he won’t play wow, but does play conan and Eve). he says that is the thing that is missing from those two games. Shiny stuff. Stuff that really doesn’t serve a purpose (or its purpose has since expired), but makes players want to hold on to it.

Now, I am curious, I am sure there are players out there who get rid of all the stuff that serves no purpose for them any longer, but I am sure there are more players who save things because they think it is cool.

So tell me, what “shiny things” you have discovered, found, kept, or (as in the case of my two headed dog) what mundane thing have you gone out of your way for, for no reason other than the laugh?

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Children’s Week

Children’s Week goes from 1 May through 7 May, and yes you still have time even though only 4 days remain and one of the achievements says you have to do a daily quest for five consecutive days. I did all mine in one day and got it.

I thought this weekend was going to be boring. I thought fulfilling all the Children’s week Quests were going to be a pain in the ass. The truth is…Well, kind of a pain in the ass, but not boring.

I actually spent several hours working on nothing but Children’s week Achievements. I eschewed all guild run requests and spent some very relaxing time doing nothing but PvP and escorting my little orphans all over the place.

My advice is all from the Horde Perspective. I do not have an alliance character so I don’t know where the orphans or the places they want to visit are.

Easy Stuff First

I actually had this portion all written out except for a few grid coords. While researching said coords, I came across wowhead and this page does a much better job explaining it. After the blockquote is all me baby. Quick note: Normally I do not think it is good practice to put other people’s blogs in my blog, however, I am not just providing the link because I know wowhead is NSFW, whereas this blog usually is. 

Remember, even though this quote tells you to turn in your orphan, you have to keep at least one orphan until you complete all the achievements.

Apparently I lied. Read what Arioch wrote in my comments.

Turn in both your orphans and talk to either of the matrons again. She will give you a new whistle for the rest of the week.

Horde Quests

There are two orphans that Horde players can adopt during Children’s Week, each with different quests. You can adopt both orphans (at the same time, even) and complete both quest chains and obtain two cute pets per year!

Orcish Orphan
You can adopt an Orcish orphan in Orgrimmar by speaking with Orphan Matron Battlewail [70,25] and accepting her quest, Children’s Week. Use the Orcish Orphan Whistle to summon your orphan, Grunth, and complete this quest.

Once you have completed this quest, three new quests become available from your orphan:

Upon completion of all three of these quests, two new quests will become available:

Finally, you will be given a quest to return the orphan whistle to the Matron:

  • A Warden of the Horde
    Return the Orcish Orphan the Matron in Orgrimmar and you will be given your choice of one from the following cute pets:  

    Or, if you hate pets, you can opt to select the Curmudgeon’s Payoff, which contains a measly 5G. This quest awards 3G 30S at 80 and 500 Horde Reputation! You will have the option to complete this quest again next year, so you can eventually collect all of the pets!

Blood Elf Orphan
You can adopt an Blood Elf orphan in Shattrath City by speaking with Orphan Matron Mercy [75,48] and accepting her quest, Children’s Week. Use the Blood Elf Orphan Whistle to summon your orphan, Salandria, and complete this quest.

Once you have completed this quest, three new quests become available from your orphan:

Upon completion of all three of these quests, two new quests will become available:

  • Now, When I Grow Up…
    For this quest, take your Orphan to see The Tauren Chieftians, located up on a balcony at the Walk of Elders, in Silvermoon City. This quest awards 13G 23S at 80 and 250 Lower City Reputation.
  • Time to Visit the Caverns
    For this quest, take your Orphan out to the Caverns of Time and bring her up to the platform where Zaladormu lies. On your way out, purchase a Toy Dragon from Alurmi, the Keepers of Time Quartermaster, to complete this quest. This quest awards 13G 23S at 80 and 250 Lower City Reputation.

Finally, you will be given a quest to return the orphan whistle to the Matron:


Once you turn in one of the orphans, pick a pet and get:


And if you are as elite as me you will get:


The other two Achievements:

These two achievements are really easy.
Bad Example consists of eating several types of sweets. The ice-cream is purchased near the Orgrimar Bank from the sweets vendor. The rest (besides tasty cupcake and delicious cake) are bought from the vendor near the Northern Dalaran Bank. The Tasty Cupcake and Delicious cake are sold by entrepreneurs on the AH, or you may get them from friends that can cook.


Contrary to the tooltip, Daily Chores does not require you to do your dailies across consecutive days. I knocked out five dailies in about 30-45 minutes and got the achievement. By the way, take your orphan fishing. It is the right thing to do.


I also got this during the conduct of my daily chores.


Battlegrounds Achievements.

This is the bane of many’s existence during this week. The achievements require you to be fast, and know where you are going, and what you are doing. I am not a big BG guy, but I have done enough to know my way around (great way to build raiding skill is to BG).

By the way, if you don’t have the Dinner Impossible Achievement, might as well get yourself five feasts. It is simple, and we will be hitting four of the five BG on the way. To get this achievement, just put a feast in the starting area of each of the BG.


You have to:
Capture a flag in Eye of the Storm
This one is not overly difficult. You just have to get the flag from the center area to one of the towers your side controls. Be fast. Use all your speed stuff and trinkets you can possibly use to get the flag to where it needs to go. And by all means, when you pick up the flag, KNOW WHAT BASES YOU CONTROL. I may have messed that one up once.


I also was lucky enough to get:


Assault a flag in Arathi Basin
Not a difficult one, just wait for the opposing side to capture an area, then, right click the flag. The down-side is, it takes 10 seconds to capture the flag, hopefully you have good defense or, nobody is around.

Return a Flag in Warsong Gultch
This one takes a little timing. Once a member of the opposing faction has been killed, he will drop the flag (assuming of course he was carrying it). Once it drops, be the first person to right click it. You will be racing all the other members that have their orphans out trying to return it so be quick. I happened to kill mine in the flag room on horde side and I was all by myself. I also got the Not in My house achievement because someone came in two seconds later so I killed them too.


Assault a Tower in Alterac Valley
This one was a royal PITA. It took me about 8 tries. Stand at the front gate. Make sure whatever speed enhancing gear/spells you have are on or ready to be activated. As soon as that door drops, run out just to the end of the ramp, mount up as soon as you are able. Then start the mad dash for one of the towers the opposing faction controls by default. The intent is to beat everyone else there. Everyone from the opposing faction is racing to get to your towers as well, so you will have very little resistance. As soon as you get to a tower ahead of everyone else, dismount and run as fast as you can up the stairs, find the flag and right click on it. You have to channel the assault for ten seconds. Damage interrupts the channel so whatever you do, don’t aggro the guards (easy at level 80). Assuming you beat the odds and the rush of other people trying to get the achievement.


That is it for the BG. This section honestly, took me the longest time of all the achievements for the title. Please, please, please don’t forget to have your orphan out when doing these achievements.

Finally, Utgarde Pinnacle.

This is a standard run-through of UP. I did it on Heroic because I am awesome, but it can be done on regular as well. Just make sure you have your orphan out when you engage the King Y.



Once you get that last Achievement, put on your new title (Patron if you are a dude, Matron if you are a chick).

Now go turn in your little dude and get the pet you desire. I went with Eggbert.


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Medhiva Breaks Out

That is right ladies and gentlemen. While My wife was busy getting her title. My level 1 mage, Medhiva went to Falconwing Square and gathered enough eggs to get several achievements.

Mostly the intent was to get 100 eggs and buy Tome of Turning things into a bunneh. Then I thought, well might as well do these two quests for Noblegarden too. So I did.

I also got the several achievements. Can I keep him? I actually looted the pet on the 4th, 6th, and 25th egg I opened. I got the Achievement for looting the Dress, and I got “I Found one.”, I think that is it. But it was fun, my little level one hopping all around picking up eggs. Polymorph Rabbit is gonna rock once I hit 60.

I also have been doing some consideration as to what profs I should be if Medhiva wins the challenge. I think I will have to let that percolate a little longer, though I will be more than happy to take suggestions.

edit*My wife complains I don’t edit these enough. Please bear with me. I don’t have a TJ.

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Spankmeplz, I am Noble

Spankmeplz’ eyes adjusted as she ported into Dalaran. She was new here, but she had a mission, and was not easily daunted.

Around, around, around she ran. Searching, searching, searching. Her little undead ass needed a Gnome and a Dwarf. But Spank knew her odds were small. Who wanted to be sprung by an undead female? As it was, she had no desire to spring anything on a dwarf. She was being whored out, and she knew it, but it was a small price to pay for the esteem she would garner from her first title.

Finally, an hour into it, as she parked her flaming horse next to the Horde Bank, she saw it. But was she sure? Quickly she began to scan again. There! Behind the Tauren, a small figure, Spank clicked, the face looked female, the tool tip said gnome. Here was her chance.

She pushed her tired steed to a canter and got within range of her spring flowers. She raised her hands, she knew how foolish she looked. She was a WARRIOR! Warriors don’t carry flowers! The price she paid! With forsaken resolve, she brought the flowers down. The Gnome immediately sprouted ears. Bunny ears. This just got more and more humiliating. But she had her Gnome! Only the elusive dwarf remained.

Hours later, while standing at the fishing fountain, watching SFCNez fish up gold coins, someone yells, “FEMALE DWARF AT THE BANK!” Spankmeplz took off running as fast as she could. Eyes scanning the horizon, looking for anything that resembled a dwarven chick. There, dancing on the bank steps, arms crossed across her chest, kicking first one leg, then the other in the hideous dance called a jig, was a female hunter. Spank targeted her, no sprung. Oh no, someone sprung her! What’s this? This dwarf is clicking off the buff? So other people can buff her? Spank never felt the need to buff a dwarf so strongly. She got her flowers out, waved them above her head, and…

“Honey! Honey!”

“Yes Dear?”

/dance “I just got the Noble title!”

“You did? or Spankmeplz did?”

“Well…Spank..but I helped.”

“Baby, you are a Nerd!”

“I am not the one with a Blog that talks all about WoW.”


For the record, I like explosions and boobs. I am not a nerd! much

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