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How to not quit blogging!

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I know, I said I was done. I really meant it. Luckily in my farewell post I said I might be back. Michael Jordan said the same thing like 45 times before he actually retired.

I have kept writing here and there, mostly about non-wow stuff. Some blogging, mostly fiction stuff that I have alwasy enjoyed, but will never publish. I wanted to stay away, I really did.

There is just too much awesomeness going on.

Also, for some reason Keeva‘s recent issues with copyright infringement have really motivated me to write publicly again. I don’t know why, but while I was reading these posts, I was really missing blogging for myself.

So, on to important things. I have specced (and sometimes respecced) all 5 of my 80s and have done differing amounts of raiding/heroics on each of them. Below is my impressions, and feelings on each of the classes I play at max level. Not all of this is good though.

Sfcnez – Hunter – Beast Master: First, let me say, I am happy to be able to be a Beast Master again. I think one of the main reasons I was put off of raiding with my hunter is that I couldn’t raid as my preferred spec and remain competitive or as useful as other hunters. I am happy to be BM again. That being said, I don’t like focus. Really don’t! For some reason it feels like i am spamming buttons now, more than ever. At the end of the day though, the hunter who raids with us is still pulling many k of dps, so maybe i am doing it wrong.

Vanddora – Warlock – Demonology: Ok, obviously soul shards are gone. I have done limited things with this toon, but she seems like a lot more fun to play. I went with demo for the simple reason of…wait for it…I Like Demo! I have always had fun changing into a magnificent demon, and hellfiring my way to glory. Now, it is better since i can move while channeling Hellfire. BTW, for you warlocks out there who love hellfire the way I do, be careful, just because you jump does not mean Hellfire is not still ticking down your health. The change where Summon Stones, Soul Wells, and demons don’t cost anything but mana is nice. I also really like the two temporary demons that I can cast down to wreak unholy vengeance upon my foes. I will be doing more with her in the near future.

Phlam – Death Knight – Blood: I specced blood. I admit, getting rid of the defense stat really made this choice a no-brainer for me. I am tired of 15 minute queues while trying to gear up. Insta Queue is much better. Tanking with a DK is really pretty easy. I will admit, there have been a couple of oh-shit moments when i went to utilize one of my Warrior talents that wasn’t there, because, well because my death knight is not a warrior. I really cannot compare pre-4.0.1 to post, as I have not tried DPSing with the DK. I can make observations about the rune system, though. It seems I often have more runes on Cool-Down than I used to, for longer periods of time. Since threat, and especially AoE threat is kind of scary right now, I think I prefer the old system better. However, I also understand that the changes were made in order to set us up for Cataclysm, and I believe at higher gear levels my runes will be on CD for shorter periods of time. I am keeping Phlam Blood for the time being, and will probably gear him for DPS once I am of appropriate gear and am ready to start raiding. Yes, that will likely be after Cataclysm comes out.

Sublimation – Druid – Restoration: What can I say? Healing feels…weird. My druid has always been a Healer first and a feral kitty (or the occasional bear) second. I haven’t even filled in the dual spec on this toon yet. Actually on any toon except doomed. Probably because all my gems are now intellect, everything feels bulky and heavy. Nourish, which historically has been my favorite heal to help out anyone taking more damage than I was comfortable with is now something like 2.2 seconds or so. THAT IS FOREVER! I actually started casting, prepared and fully roasted a turkey, and the cast went off right when I got back. I still have enough mana to blanket a five or 10 man with the appropriate rejuvs and not run into mana issues, Lifebloom on one target bites. I continually forget to turn into a tree because I am a creature of habit and it hasn’t ingrained itself to my memory yet. And I dumped Grid in favor of Vuhdo. Do I like my druid better? Meh. I like my druid but in a different way now. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is weird, I am going to put together a 10 man ICC this weekend and plan on healing it. We will see.

Doomedcow – Warrior – Protection/Fury: This one is my baby (AKA Main). Protection (main spec) is giving me a little trouble. By that, I mean, DPS not waiting is giving me some trouble. First, if you haven’t read Panzercow’s post today, then you should. Vengeance is there with a vengeance. Seriously, if you are DPS, please understand that any tank needs ramp up time. Ok, that is done. Tanking is still a blast, I love it, and my raid killed Lich King again last night, with the 30 stacks achievement, so it can be done (I died, thank goodness for a good bear tank being there with us). Also, a GREAT observation made by the Panzercow, if the fight is a tank switching fight (Festergut, DBS), then the OT does not have any stacks of vengeance and can easily be overtaken by the other tank (this happened on the dogs, twice before we realized that is what was going on).  Snap aggro, especially AoE feels clunky, I am getting back into the habit of tab targeting, but it still is causing some issues. Though I do love me some blood and thunder. I have 2 points in incite right now, but will be taking those out soon. My crit just isn’t high enough, and i can’t spam Heroic strike enough to make it worth while. Oh, getting out of the Heroic Strike spam mind frame has taken some time too. Still, though I am saying negative things, I love what they are doing with tanking and the whole raiding scene as a whole. Fury is a blast too. More cool downs to watch, still decent DPS (27% hit?), lots of fun stuff to do, all the while cleaving faces off. I really am having a good time as fury. I don’t even miss single target whirlwind anymore. Doomed will stay my main through cataclysm, i just hope for a little bit more AoE aggro generation. Also, I am one achievement away from the Blood Bathed Skeleton Bony Drake Thing for 10 man. CANNOT WAIT! Heroic Rotface is the last one I need. Don’t ask me how I got all other achievements except that one…I really don’t know.

Buffs: The only thing I can say is this, while it is taking some time for me to remember what buffs overwrite other buffs and such, I really like the idea that different classes/specs provide the same buffs. Makes it easier to ensure the raid is fully supported, and not stymied because we are missing a priest (for example).

Auction House: Other than auctioneer broke for long enough that I had to start using AuctionLite, and QA developer shadowed quit making addons and I had to go to Auction Profit Master, I am loving what is happening in the AH right now. I don’t talk about it too much here, but I am a big AH PvPer. I love playing the Auction House, and I have almost all professions maxed out and able to provide me with something or another to make money. I think Auction Profit Master probably has 50 or 60 rules in place helping me post lots of auctions. People are spending money like crazy right now.

Overall Impressions: I really like most of the changes. Sure, there is a learning curve to all classes and specs right now, but still, learning new things makes old things fresh. 100g dual spec is making me really happy, though I haven’t actually purchased it yet, since 4 of my 5 80’s already are dual specced (and honestly, nobody wants a resto warlock anyway), but I will definitely be taking advantage of that. I am bummed that the ICC mounts are not 310% anymore, as I still think most people are still not going to be able to breeze through the achievements, but I guess since you can now buy 310% it is ok. Thank goodness I have a 310 from 10 Ulduar.

Wow, wall of text I guess.


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I am in love

With my new guild.

That’s right ladies and gents, I have left my last guild and moved to a smaller guild where I am guaranteed a raiding slot several times a week, at better times for me. And we have already progressed further than the last guild I was in.

(I think one of them raids nekkid though).

So, late last week I posted about our tribulations with Mimiron. We were having problems getting the last 20ish percent of phase 4 down. Well, after one wipe on Sunday we downed him with 100% of our raid members still alive and kicking.

Just for the record, nothing makes me happier in game than beating a boss who has caused us problems.

We moved on to General V-dizzle which is (reportedly) an easier boss. However, when nobody had been there, there is a learning curve that generally mandates 5 or 8 wipes. We were unable to knock him down last night, but will give it another go tonight before the raid resets.

I spent 1300 Gold on Engineering leveling from 426-450, just so I can make Jeeves. And now I cannot afford mats. This is irritating, but a chore I have meant to finish for a while. Oh, BTW, I now have 2 Wormhole generators, one of which is for sale (pst if interested). I think I made several hundred Gnomish Army Knives.

Another irritating thing is, in order to recoup some of my costs, I want to sell some of the high end engineering guns, namely Nessingwary 4k, and the Armor plated shotgun. However there are none on the AH and I do not know if this is a profitable endeavor. Since I am broke, it will be hard for me to justify the expense. But I need money, so I will probably try it out. Probably going to go with the Armor plated shotgun since it seems to me Warrior tanks trying to get a good baseline set will want to start with that.

As for my dilemma about bringing my warlock into the Siege area of Ulduar. It seems my fears were for naught. I talked to the new GM and the consensus is:

1) Mains only for progression

2) Main Spec on Main toon > Main Spec on Alt Toon

3) Main Spec on Alt Toon > Alt Spec on Main toon (usually)

Basically, this means I will be bringing my Alt in for The Siege and will be transferring her out for the hunter when we hit kolo, or maybe crazy cat lady. I, being the good person I am will have my hunter pres-taged outside Ulduar so there will be limited down time. Literally, less than a minute to log out/log in/zone in/tele-port/get buffs/pwn.

So all in all, I am quite enamored with this group of dudes/ettes, and I look forward to killing more shit with them.

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Mimiron is a bitch

I posted once about going in to fight 10 Mimiron. I am pretty sure I told you a successful story about me getting my Tier 8 Helm. It was a good story.

Fast forward several weeks/months. I have stopped and started raiding again. I am loving it. I pug with the same group every week (does that qualify as a PUG?). We all do pretty decent DPS, top 3 (yours truly included :P) push really close to 4k through all the fights (not the best ever, but defintely not bad), and the rest of the DPS is in the low-mid 3k range very consistently.

We can clear FL, XT, Razordouche, and ignis the raging hemmorhoid in about 45 minutes, Kolo is a joke, and Thorim, Hodir, Freya, crazy cat lady are now old news for us. This week was our first attempt at Mim. I expected a couple wipes. But we have been raiding together for about a month now three or four times each week, so we know eachother and our capabilities, plus I kind of like the bastards. I expected a killed Mim. About 3 hours and who knows how much gold later we called it and decided to try again on Sunday.

It was GREAT raiding, don’t get me wrong, I loved watching us as a group progress from wiping on phase 1 to wiping on phase 2 to almost killing the guy in phase 4. We just could not get him down.

Let me clarify, I am in no way upset, just a little astounded that I was able to down him as a straight PUG, and was unable to in a group who does better DPS, is smarter and has raided together several times. No worries though, Sunday will find Mimiron dead and then we will at least be able to look at General fuck head and maybe the other douche and I really hope I get to make out with Sarah.

So…a quandry I am percolating through right now…

I have a level 80 Warlock (not mage), she is completely decked out it iLevel 200 gear from Naxx10 and I think some crafted stuff.  I do not have time to raid 2 raid IDs each week. I am seriously considering running through the first 4 or so bosses of Ulduar on her, then switch over to the ol’ hunter for the guys that will actually drop upgrades for me. I think this will work, I don’t mind being saved on two toons to the same raid ID. I am pretty sure the guys I raid with won’t mind. It just seems like it is too easy. Does anybody have experience doing it this way? Is there any way it won’t work?

My goal this weekend is to get in a group (level appropriate) and tank some stuff to start getting some experience with the sword and the board. I am looking forward to this. I think I will also run around on my mage a little bit. She was a lot of fun, but I think it will be difficult to go from wanting everything to beat on me (no euphemism there) to avoiding everything to include falling leaves and tripping over my shoelaces. My Warlock is obviously a clothy, but she had pets and more importantly, she could tank like a champ with the gaining health frim Corruption.

Ok, this has gone on long enough and I have to get to work.

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Brewfest is over…basically

So I know, brewfest is not technically over until about midnight-ish tonight server time. I know a few people out there, frantically are killing Corin over and over, and galloping till the little racing ram’s feet are bleeding, attempting to eek out those last few coins…Good luck to all of you.

I got the Brewmaster title for my two 80’s and I have two of my other characters ready for it next year, and they are members of the Brew of the Month Club, which is awesome. By the way, if you drink enough of this months Autumn Nut Beer, squirrels will come and throw nuts at you, it is quite amusing.

This last week has been hectic. I was on leave (that means vacation to you non-military folk), and had my parents visiting, so I barely had time to do the Brewfest dailies, but no worries, I still had a blast.

I have updated this infrequently and there is nothing I can say that will change that. I do promise though to keep updating sporadically as there is a lot on my RL plate right now. I am trying to build a bar in my garage and other such cool things. Plus work keeps interfering.

I dropped about 1700 gold this afternoon on dual spec and glyphs and I finally broke down and purchased some epic gems in an attempt to make my DPS comparable to comparably geared hunters. Starting now, I am full swing back into raiding. No more slacking for me. That being said, the ridiculous pittance of coin received for doing low level quests is really disturbing. I have got to get better about the AH and making money that way, since it is my intent to get Loremaster now so I can say I did it when it was hard :P.

I started the grind for Bloodsail Admiral…Need to finish that bad boy up pretty soon.

I am really disappointed with the Beast Master buff we received this last patch.

Still have yet to kill Ony.

Did get to Hodir on a fresh run through Ulduar to include Ignis and the crazy cat lady.

Got enough badges to pick up a neck and belt (iLevel 226).

Still have not been able to figure out RAWR to help me with the gemming and enchanting (though there is a smart hunter in my guild who has talked me through a lot of it) (I know, smart hunter?)

My next post will be a very helpful guide. I will probably post it in about 15 minutes or less.

I love pizza.

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Hunters in Mirror are Cooler than they Appear

song chart memes
see more Funny Graphs

Click whatever that links to and peruse the comments…hilarious.

Some more…

Hunter has been getting much love this last week. Man, I forget sometimes how great it is to be awesome with that toon. I enjoy the lock more I think, but…The hunter was my first…

Have been working on some achievements and getting stuff done. Having a good time with that.

Did a raid of Black Temple last night. First and only time I have been in there. Raid group was about 20 80s and 5 70s. Not a bad group, but a collective group of douchebags they were. I think when we finally downed Illidan I had half the raid on ignore. I plan to leave them there as well since most of them are names I recognized from trade.

Been working on “the Seeker”. Man what a bitch, I have almost 2200 quests done. Also figured I would work on “the Loremaster” at the same time. I need to do 210 more quests in Kalimdore, 200 or so in Eastern Kingdoms, most of the Outlands is barely touched or was done so sporadically there is no rhyme or reason to it, and a few more in Icecrown. Lots left to do. I started with Old World Content because..well, it won’t be around for too much longer.

Tonight, I am going to take a break from the quest grind and do Scholomance (buddy needs it) and get my rep with Bloodsail Pirates up to Friendly. I am having a serious issue with this though, I might need to do some more research on how to do this. I wanna make sure I am doing the right thing for the FoS “the Insane” I am almost revered with all the Goblin Cities…That is a lot of grinding to do to get back up there. I know it can be done, but I need to see the end plan before I proceed. I will work on this info and once I get it to work, will inform everyone here.

Finally got 50 pets. Well 51 now since Stinker came in the mail. I went to UBRS to get the Worg and Spider, but the instance servers were full and I was unable to bully my way through that. One of my friends however, had farmed (for her husband) a Green Macaw that I needed and was kind enough to give me my 50th. It was good times. I thanked her profusely and in my defense, I had no idea it was for her husband until after the achievement popped. I still probably would have taken it though. 😛

I think that is it…Only got to play a few hours yesterday. Have fun and as Neil Young once said “Keep on Rocking in the Free World”.

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What have I been doing?

There will be no images associated with this post. This post will be meaningless and you will read it. Because I demand it.

First order of battle. My Warlock is level 80. That is pretty much it as far as cool stuff goes. I am learning that affliction is awesome for grinding and is pretty good for instances, but it is tough on trash pulls. I may have to DS Destro/Demo or some other bad ass spec like that. But really, I need to get back to achievement hunting on my hunter.

I now have a level 58 DK on Emerald Dream RPPVP server. Seethar is the name. Was supposed to join a buddies guild but we have not hooked up yet.

Have a level 20 something shammy.

Finally got 50 mounts and the Albino Drake on my Hunter.

Got the war talbuk and the dark war talbuk. It is epic. There are so few of them running around.

Need lots more money so I can purchase some more mounts, there are 5 or 6 that I can purchase, I just dont have the cash.

Still no Baron’s Deathcharger, though I do have the Ochre skeletal warhorse. I think the warhorses might be my favorite mounts. Or the raptors, they are pretty cool too.

Have done almost nothing on my hunter except some piddling around, my warlock has done about half the dungeons in Northrend on heroic, and none of the raids. I think I can start raiding now though, my gear is probably Naxx ready.

I am going to be working very very hard on getting all the classic dungeons completed and getting the quests done in Kal and EK, I want the seeker and Loremaster achievements. There are also several other things I need to complete out there.

I have so many things going on with life right now that I am not sure if I will ever finish anything before the next expansion. I hope so.

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Spank Me, Please

I keep meaning to stop posting to this blog everyday. You know, like post 3 times a week or something. Then, I miss one day, and have a BUNCH of stuff to talk about. Not that I don’t love writing here, I love writing in general, I just usually have a lot of other stuff to do. So, for the time being, I will keep posting mostly every day.

I will be going on an epic journey on my motorcycle from where I am at in IL to Southern AZ. Should be fun, but for 4 days, I will be incommunicado. I will let you know when that happens. Just want to let everyone know now so you don’t cry when you don’t hear from me.
**End Warning**

My wife (63, Undead, Warrior, Prot, and pretty cute, and no you can’t have her (unless you have some money to compensate me with)), is a noob. When she started this toon she knew she wanted to tank. Or at least she wanted to do what I told her tanking was.

62 levels later, I finally get her into a group with people I know that wouldn’t really care if she caused a wipe. That’s right, we did Hellfire Ramparts. In my opinion, she did really really well. Nobody died but her once, and that was because she pulled when the healer was telling a joke (it wasn’t even that funny). She felt bad, but the healer knew and I explained to her that a warrior tank with rage ticking off pulls when she wants. Unless the healer does not have mana. Once she realized it was not her fault and we all yelled at the noob healer (BTW, we are all guildies and this healer has at least three other level 80s that are in Ulduar on a rotating basis, is not really a noob, but we yelled it at him anyway), she was good to go.

The only other hiccup we had was the dragon, she ran into a little problem facing the dragon away from us. But she got it. she also kept yelling “I’m on Fire, I’m on Fire” to which I kept yelling “You have a dedicated healer, he will keep you up”.

The best part of the whole night. When spank looked at me and said “That was amazing.” It almost brought a tear to my eye.

My warlock has done 25 quests in Hellfire Peninsula. She has leveled from 58 to 63 in that time. I know this because sometime after I hit 63 I realized I had not done any quests in a while, so I looked at the achievement thingy and it told me 25/90 for “To Hellfire and Back”. That is a lot of Ramps, BF and UB.

Took a 60 Blood DK into UB. we finished but it was rough. I think we were a little over zealous about that one. Cost me 5 gold in repairs.

I cannot wait to hit 68 and start running kara a couple times. That is the raid that made me fall in love with raiding. I will have to look at loot tables later on to see what kind of goodies my lock wants.

It is hilarious to see my healer buddy standing next to me, since he is pretty much in the same boat I am in as far as questing goes. We have done almost all the instances together. He is a cow, i am a Belf and we are dressed almost identically.

We have also been running with a cool mage. We were tired of him not being in our guild so we recruited him, his friend, and both of their mains. It was sweet.

My hunter was pugged into 25 man Ulduar at Auriaya. That was fun. I was told at the beginning it was a progression run, but I was the only PUG and I knew most of the peeps and the guild to be a bunch of bad asses IMO, so I was not worried. 300 Gold and two nights later, here is the layout

Auriaya (downed), Hodir (not downed), Freya (Not downed), Hodir (one shot), Thorim, (Not downed), Defend WG (PWN), Emalon (one shot), archavon (one shot), Flame leviathan (one tower, two shot).

Phew, that was sweet. Got the orbital bombardment and emblem of conquest achievements to boot.

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Hellfire Peninsula?

So, I hit 58 yesterday on my warlock then I moved to the Outlands to get my first (second)(third) look at Hellfire Peninsula.

Then I hit 59, somewhere in there I hit 60. I am Legend.

I went through Ramparts 3 times (with a lovely 80 hunter leading the way), and once with no 80 to help. I also did BF in a normal leveled group. I learned something very important then.

Affliction, while amazing for grinding, just doesn’t really pull its weight in 5 mans. I did a 0/41/10 build to get my fel hunter and see what I could do. I am still learning shot rotations and how to time the “Molten Core” and Decimate procs that MSBT pops up loudly at me. I think it will be pretty fun though once I get the rotations down. Unfortunately that means I have to unbind my mouseover macros because I am in such a habit to use them, I forget my corruption does not heal me anymore and I keep thinking I can tank.

I think, for the time being, I will forgo the Loremaster Achievement and level through instances. I really want to hit 80 and start raiding , which means I need to know what the heck I am doing. Which means I need to get a lot of practice.

I will, of course, keep questing, I am just gonna do a lot of instances. Oh, I need to do rep now, since I have Alchemy, which actually requires me to have reputation with these people in order to buy recipes.

Ok, I gotta run.

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Tornadoes abound

I did not get to play at all last night. There was a tornado in the area. Consequently, I lost power and couldn’t get online. I did get to play a little yesterday during lunch though. I had an interesting experience I will share here with you.

Sometime while tooling around in Feralas I hit 300 on my herbalism and 290 in my alchemy. I decided, since I still had about 8 levels till the oulands, I might as well go train mastery in the profs. I talk to a mage buddy and off I port to Shatt.

As an aside, you can learn alchemy in shatt, but not herbalism.

After learning Herbalism, I decide to chance the run to HFP to learn herbalism while getting the Flight Points along the way.

I pop a defense pot (+450 Armor) and demons armor, grab a healthstone, and Soulshard myself. I was fully expecting a rough journey.

Somewhere near the Falcon Wing Post (getting FP), when a level 63 Warlock whispers me. Below is the conversation. (BTW, normally I embellish conversations…not this time, this is verbatim.)

Him: Why the hell do you have a +Arm potion on?
Me: It is a tricky run at my low level from shat to here.
Him: You are an idiot!
Me: ??
Him: Did you buy your account? Why would you think it was a good idea for a FUCKING WARLOCK TO USE +ARMOR?
Me: Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? I am a clothy, + Armor is helpful when doing a mad dash through a high level area.
Me: /ignore

I am serious. He told me to reroll a mage.

My issue is this: even if I was wrong (which I don’t think I was), that is absolutely absurd. Why would someone initiate contact with me and tell me what an idiot I am? Just let me idiotically run through HFP, I will be done in a few minutes and back to Feralas, never to return. Rude people like that really irritate me. Though I find some consolation in the fact he is probably still there yelling at me.

My question is: Was I wrong? I already told you I was an alchemist that his relatively high for his level. I did not purchase this pot, I just didn’t sell it, so it cost me nothing. I could have used any number of pots (stam, int, SP), but, knowing I would not be targeting anything, I went with something that would help me take a couple additional hits. While I don’t know how much the +450 really helps, I figure it is better than nothing. I don’t know, but I am curious, would anyone else had done that?

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New Warlock Guide Love

An important part of playing this game is changing and or modifying strategies. That being said I will link two posts.

First This post is an affliction warlock grind guide that I wrote.

Second is from Arioch posting about leveling her priest. The most pertinent thing we need to take out of her post (in reference to this post) is

I’m using mouseover macros for all the healing.

/cast [target=mouseover,help] [] spell name

It’s awesome sauce. I could even toss off a wand shot every now and again since I never had to target any of my party members.

So I get to thinking. If she can mouseover for heals, why can’t I do it for destroying shit? The answer is…I can. And I will.

Here is what I did.

Step 1. Create two macros that look like this:

#showtooltip Corruption
/cast [target=mouseover,harm] Corruption


#showtooltip Curse of Agony
/cast [target=mouseover,harm] Curse of Agony

Step 2. Change your keybindings for your mouse button. MWD = the corruption macro, MWU = the CoA macro.

Step 3. Get DoTimers addon, configure it to show mouseover DOTs (thanks arioch BTW, for recommending a great addon)

Step 4. Grab as many mobs as you feel you can handle, continue following my last guide, except just hover your mouse over various mobs to see how the DOTs are ticking.

Step 5. Rinse and repeat. Over and over…its called a grind for a reason. 🙂

BTW, loving the lock. Sorry to the mage community out there. My mage is fun, but on hiatus for a little bit, just liking the lock too much.

Oh and quick tip, fel guard is a fine replacement for the succubus, he does a little less damage, but the mana bonus and dark pact pool are great. Also, try not to clip more than 1 tick from your CoA. It is best if you don’t clip it at all IMO. I also did some experimenting with the Imp again, this time adding the Fire Shield damage to the Imp’s damage to see if there was benefit. There was not. Though the Fire shield is cool to put on your tank I found out.

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