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Need I Say More?

Probably not, but I likely will anyway.

Doomedcow got a new Mount on Tuesday…

(hint, click for bigger, more beautiful…more MAGNIFICENT!)

Also, you might notice, when you are done drooling all over your computer screen, that I updated my to-do list in the sidebar, with things I wanna accomplish on my main (Doomed) before Cataclysm. That list was in pretty dire need of updating anyway.

We were short one going into ICC yesterday, so we decided to go play in Ulduar to get some more rusted protodrakes. I think I am tanking something wrong, I cannot hold threat off a wet noodle right now. Ok, it’s not that bad, but it shouldn’t be this hard I don’t think. I know there were threat changes, but this is ridiculous.

We still did the first seven bosses with little fuss. BTW guildies, sorry again that I forgot until it was too late to jump on Hodir’s Ice Mound…it had been a while.

I need to respec, Incite for prot is not what I think it should be, my crit is way too low to take advantage of it properly. Thinking some War Academy from the Arms tree will be helpful.

I will post more stuff on my changes, and how it affects my tanking/threat in general after this weekend.


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Sometimes work gets in the way

I always have things to do at work. However, I am not so busy usually, that I cannot take a few minutes to post a blog. These last two days have been extremely hectic though and I have barely even had the chance to play WoW, let alone post about it.

So, what have I been doing on the AH? Various things. I am making a killing buying and reposting greater cosmic essences as lesser cosmic essences. I have also taken to purchasing Books of Glyph Mastery and reselling them to the Alliance at sometimes 300% price increase.

Also, my epic gems are going like crazy. I no sooner get them posted then someone is buying them. I actually don’t mind not being able to make enough gems…

I am getting really paranoid about the whole Hallowed thing. I am exactly one sinister squashling away from getting “the Hallowed” achiev, I do the dailies every day and I trick or treat as much as is humanly possible. I have received more wands than any hunter should ever have in his inventory, but no friggin sinister squash…and I have only seen one drop off the horseman, which I lost the roll for.

My hunter gear is moving up nicely, It is great running around with a group that consists of me as a hunter and one other player that either DPSes with his hunter, heals with his druid, or Tanks with his Warrior. He is also slightly more geared than I am on his hunter so usually I get the gear when it drops. Razor’s Edge did drop off Lord J last night, but I lost the roll to a DK. 😦

Vanddora pretty much just does transmutes and flasks for me, so her warlocky ass is still in iLevel 200 stuff.

We will finally kill Yogg tonight. He is the last boss in all content that we need to down. Then we move to H10ToCr and hardmodes in Ulduar.

ok, gotta run, little one needs to have her ears checked out. I think it might be an ear infection.

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Day 2: Stagnation

Is that even a word?

So, none of my pet auctions have sold after those first 2. I was raiding last night, and since my time is limited every night I did not get the opportunity to do much auctioning. Plus my alliance toon was killed by one of my guildies. She did not know it was me…more on that later.

I had farmed a Leaping Hatchling from Takk the Leper Leaper. I sent it to my wife and asked her to put it on the nuetral auction house so I could sell it to those alliance pukes since it goes for about twice as much on their AH than mine. Well…long story short, she accidentally right clicked it and learned it instead of mailed it. That was a quick 700 gold lost. But no worries. I blame it on her pregnancy. 🙂

I have been purchasing small amounts of Frost Lotus, as it seems there is never much more than about 5 or 6 auctions on the alliance side and there are a lot on the horde side. I will be putting those up tonight to see how they fare over the weekend. They should pull in about 20 Gold Profit on each one.

So about the raid.

My guild is pretty much rocking things right now. We started late due to half the raid works with each other and they had to work late. No worries, there is halloween stuff and such to do. We had 3 hours scheduled to clear the Siege area and Kologarn. Well since we started late we only had 2 hours. We cleared All siege with no deaths, a bugged Kolo with 1 wipe and no deaths on the next one. Freya with no deaths, Thorim with no deaths and took a quick shot at Iron Counsel since we did not have time to get through the trash and attempt Hodir. Next week we are going to start doing the achievements since this stuff is going so quick now. Also, we accidentally got the achievement for killing Razor douche without him taking off more than once. That was not planned but was definitely a great achievement to get.

Kologarn bugging was kind of a drag. We were attempting to do the “no arm kill” achievement. Well Kolo was picking us up and would not put us down basically crushing each of us to death. The arm would not take damage. And he single-handedly crushed us one at a time. I was the last one. I basically stopped DPSing and let him take me. It was sad. On attempt two, we were a little overzealous and destroyed his arm. No worries.

So, why did my guildy kill my alliance toon? Well I was in Booty Bay scanning the AH and she was in a group raiding Booty Bay. She sees a level 58 Alliance and killed me in about as much time as it took me to say “hey that’s my guildy”. I logged onto my hunter, joined group, chided her relentlessly, and proceeded to FINALLY get Bloodsail Admiral. It goes so much faster with a group of five, one of which was a dedicated healer.

I think I need to do this one more time and get exalted with Bloodsail Admiral, I just think that one would be cool to be exalted with. I am not even sure you can do it by killing Booty Bay Bruisers. I will have to research it.

I will post screenshots later. I kind of forgot to email them to my work address.

I love my new title BTW, I don’t usually sport any titles, but I showed up to my raid wearing all my pirate regalia, created a new outfit on outfitter, and had my helm on display with the little parrot out. Speaking of which, it would be epic if The parrot /say everything you said in true parrot fashion.

Ok, gotta go to the last meeting of the week. I will see you all on Monday, hopefully I will be able to update you with tales of multiple hundreds of gold made over the weekend.

Happy Hunting.

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General Vezax is Dead

That’s right ladies and gents, we killed the big bad general. After one wipe, then a quick assessment and slight strategy adjustment, the fight clicked and we had what I would call a near perfect kill. Nobody died, and he went down in about 8 and a half minutes.

I got Hopender which makes me slower but much more agile. There was a 14 AP drop but a large agi and Armpen buff, after I put +20 Agi gem and massacre on that bad boy, I am styling. My last staff looked cooler though. I now am way over hit cap. Which is irritating since I have no Hit gems or enchants. Meh, it will work itself out. I am also going to save the last staff for a while…just in case.

After Gen we of course went on to battle Sara and Yoggy. Our first attempt we lasted about 18 seconds. I am not exaggerating, it was a fast wipe. A few wipes later we were making it to 2d phase, but kept running into issues. I think there was just a lot going on and some people were not really sure what they were supposed to do. Plus those damned constrictor arms kept reaching up and getting us. It was really irritating.

We debated extending again, but decided it would be better to start over again and get the badges. This week promises Ony, 10ToC, 10 Uld, and other such fun.

I finally got exalted with the sunreavers, but was unable to do the new quests last night, since I was busy getting trounced at chutes and ladders by my 3 year old earlier in the evening, and I had to go raid. Small price to pay IMO since my daughter not only beat me, but also my wife (and I promise we did not let her win). Little one was gloating all night. She also pulled the ol’ “Daddy since I won  at Chutes and Ladders, can I watch you raid?” I asked her to explain why those two go together and she was unable to so I tucked her in. She is going to be a force to reckon with and I already feel bad for her future husband (she can start dating at 42).

Also picked up the quest for the blue ladies and for the first time in months did not get to complete the quest since again, it was raid time. The intent was to go do it after Ulduar, but it was late when I logged off. I will hit it today after lunch. I hope, like fine wine, it is getting better and better, and I expect to get the mount this afternoon. Emergency post will follow if I get it.

Ok, I rambled a lot. I was pretty stoked about killing that big ass General and I am pleased with my first week in a new guild.

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I am in love

With my new guild.

That’s right ladies and gents, I have left my last guild and moved to a smaller guild where I am guaranteed a raiding slot several times a week, at better times for me. And we have already progressed further than the last guild I was in.

(I think one of them raids nekkid though).

So, late last week I posted about our tribulations with Mimiron. We were having problems getting the last 20ish percent of phase 4 down. Well, after one wipe on Sunday we downed him with 100% of our raid members still alive and kicking.

Just for the record, nothing makes me happier in game than beating a boss who has caused us problems.

We moved on to General V-dizzle which is (reportedly) an easier boss. However, when nobody had been there, there is a learning curve that generally mandates 5 or 8 wipes. We were unable to knock him down last night, but will give it another go tonight before the raid resets.

I spent 1300 Gold on Engineering leveling from 426-450, just so I can make Jeeves. And now I cannot afford mats. This is irritating, but a chore I have meant to finish for a while. Oh, BTW, I now have 2 Wormhole generators, one of which is for sale (pst if interested). I think I made several hundred Gnomish Army Knives.

Another irritating thing is, in order to recoup some of my costs, I want to sell some of the high end engineering guns, namely Nessingwary 4k, and the Armor plated shotgun. However there are none on the AH and I do not know if this is a profitable endeavor. Since I am broke, it will be hard for me to justify the expense. But I need money, so I will probably try it out. Probably going to go with the Armor plated shotgun since it seems to me Warrior tanks trying to get a good baseline set will want to start with that.

As for my dilemma about bringing my warlock into the Siege area of Ulduar. It seems my fears were for naught. I talked to the new GM and the consensus is:

1) Mains only for progression

2) Main Spec on Main toon > Main Spec on Alt Toon

3) Main Spec on Alt Toon > Alt Spec on Main toon (usually)

Basically, this means I will be bringing my Alt in for The Siege and will be transferring her out for the hunter when we hit kolo, or maybe crazy cat lady. I, being the good person I am will have my hunter pres-taged outside Ulduar so there will be limited down time. Literally, less than a minute to log out/log in/zone in/tele-port/get buffs/pwn.

So all in all, I am quite enamored with this group of dudes/ettes, and I look forward to killing more shit with them.

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Mimiron is a bitch

I posted once about going in to fight 10 Mimiron. I am pretty sure I told you a successful story about me getting my Tier 8 Helm. It was a good story.

Fast forward several weeks/months. I have stopped and started raiding again. I am loving it. I pug with the same group every week (does that qualify as a PUG?). We all do pretty decent DPS, top 3 (yours truly included :P) push really close to 4k through all the fights (not the best ever, but defintely not bad), and the rest of the DPS is in the low-mid 3k range very consistently.

We can clear FL, XT, Razordouche, and ignis the raging hemmorhoid in about 45 minutes, Kolo is a joke, and Thorim, Hodir, Freya, crazy cat lady are now old news for us. This week was our first attempt at Mim. I expected a couple wipes. But we have been raiding together for about a month now three or four times each week, so we know eachother and our capabilities, plus I kind of like the bastards. I expected a killed Mim. About 3 hours and who knows how much gold later we called it and decided to try again on Sunday.

It was GREAT raiding, don’t get me wrong, I loved watching us as a group progress from wiping on phase 1 to wiping on phase 2 to almost killing the guy in phase 4. We just could not get him down.

Let me clarify, I am in no way upset, just a little astounded that I was able to down him as a straight PUG, and was unable to in a group who does better DPS, is smarter and has raided together several times. No worries though, Sunday will find Mimiron dead and then we will at least be able to look at General fuck head and maybe the other douche and I really hope I get to make out with Sarah.

So…a quandry I am percolating through right now…

I have a level 80 Warlock (not mage), she is completely decked out it iLevel 200 gear from Naxx10 and I think some crafted stuff.  I do not have time to raid 2 raid IDs each week. I am seriously considering running through the first 4 or so bosses of Ulduar on her, then switch over to the ol’ hunter for the guys that will actually drop upgrades for me. I think this will work, I don’t mind being saved on two toons to the same raid ID. I am pretty sure the guys I raid with won’t mind. It just seems like it is too easy. Does anybody have experience doing it this way? Is there any way it won’t work?

My goal this weekend is to get in a group (level appropriate) and tank some stuff to start getting some experience with the sword and the board. I am looking forward to this. I think I will also run around on my mage a little bit. She was a lot of fun, but I think it will be difficult to go from wanting everything to beat on me (no euphemism there) to avoiding everything to include falling leaves and tripping over my shoelaces. My Warlock is obviously a clothy, but she had pets and more importantly, she could tank like a champ with the gaining health frim Corruption.

Ok, this has gone on long enough and I have to get to work.

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Brewfest is over…basically

So I know, brewfest is not technically over until about midnight-ish tonight server time. I know a few people out there, frantically are killing Corin over and over, and galloping till the little racing ram’s feet are bleeding, attempting to eek out those last few coins…Good luck to all of you.

I got the Brewmaster title for my two 80’s and I have two of my other characters ready for it next year, and they are members of the Brew of the Month Club, which is awesome. By the way, if you drink enough of this months Autumn Nut Beer, squirrels will come and throw nuts at you, it is quite amusing.

This last week has been hectic. I was on leave (that means vacation to you non-military folk), and had my parents visiting, so I barely had time to do the Brewfest dailies, but no worries, I still had a blast.

I have updated this infrequently and there is nothing I can say that will change that. I do promise though to keep updating sporadically as there is a lot on my RL plate right now. I am trying to build a bar in my garage and other such cool things. Plus work keeps interfering.

I dropped about 1700 gold this afternoon on dual spec and glyphs and I finally broke down and purchased some epic gems in an attempt to make my DPS comparable to comparably geared hunters. Starting now, I am full swing back into raiding. No more slacking for me. That being said, the ridiculous pittance of coin received for doing low level quests is really disturbing. I have got to get better about the AH and making money that way, since it is my intent to get Loremaster now so I can say I did it when it was hard :P.

I started the grind for Bloodsail Admiral…Need to finish that bad boy up pretty soon.

I am really disappointed with the Beast Master buff we received this last patch.

Still have yet to kill Ony.

Did get to Hodir on a fresh run through Ulduar to include Ignis and the crazy cat lady.

Got enough badges to pick up a neck and belt (iLevel 226).

Still have not been able to figure out RAWR to help me with the gemming and enchanting (though there is a smart hunter in my guild who has talked me through a lot of it) (I know, smart hunter?)

My next post will be a very helpful guide. I will probably post it in about 15 minutes or less.

I love pizza.

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Ulduar Revisited

So in order to make sure I spelled Mimiron correctly and not mimmrion, or some other craziness, I did a search for Ulduar boss list in Google, and I found this great post at WTFSpaghetti. So anyway, I am mostly linking that here because I don’t know who owns the picture and I will definitely need to reference it again.

While screwing around on my Warlock last night, doing some quests and drinking some rum, one of my old guildies sends me a whisper.

To Me: Hey wanna come do Ulduar 10?
From Me: On my lock? No!!
To Me:…
To Me: No, not on your lock you ass! Your hunter!
From Me: Oh, where you guys at and how much longer you gonna be raiding?
To Me: At Freya, going to Mimiron, probably only raiding another hour, hour and a half.
From Me: You know I have not done either of those bosses.
To Me: You are the most uber awesomely leetzorz bad ass cool guy I know, you will do fine.
From Me: That is true on all accounts, however, you know that I work early and will have to leave in about an hour and a half.
To Me: I know you sissy…
From Me: Ok, give me a second and I will be there.

See, even my buddies online who I have never met call me an ass. And I was just playing, I knew they didn’t want my lock … or at least I hoped they didn’t…

So, I get into the raid, tell them I need one minute for repairs and bullets and Its off to the races.

Freya was actually pretty easy. We had one wipe on Trash after an unfortunate pull, but all in all was pretty easy. It helps when everyone listens to their assignments and follows them. I had to kill the storm elemental Freya summons, that was too easy. A nice leather leg piece dropped, first glance told me to take it, second glance told me no, so it was sharded.

The immensity of this place amazes me, getting through the trash to get to the subway to kill mimiron is staggering in scope, and the fact that you don’t zone into Mimiron, you just ride the subway is amazing.

Mimiron was a little more challenging, had 2 wipes and then cleaned up. The only real difficult part was we almost killed the head too early, but it all worked out. Oh and the token for Valorous Scourgestalker Headpiece dropped. I won it. That’s right, the first piece of Ulduar gear I get is the Tier 8 token for my head. I JUST got the T 7.5 Token of KT a few weeks ago.

I really really hope they invite me back. I tried really hard not to be teh nub, and I think I succeeded, I didn’t get called “that fucking hunter” at all…which is good. I told them to invite me back if they needed a PUG, we will see if they do. Oh, and their raiding times are MUCH more conducive than my current guild’s raiding times. But no, I won’t leave my current guild, they are just too awesome.

My current guild is a little nervous about going into Ulduar as a guild because of the relatively low gear they have as a collective. Almost all of them have 10 Naxx/25 Naxx epics and are fully epiced (prob not a word) out. I am thinking we could do it since nobody was pushing more than about 3500 dps for the two fights we did, and most peeps were at about the 25-2900 range. My guild could pull that off, I will see if I can convince them this weekend.

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