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Back to the Outlands

Lots going on, as usual.

First, I added something probably pretty ambitious to my to-do list. I really want to get the opening of the AQ gates quest line done. I know our gates are already open, but the chain is going away in Cataclysm, and I want it done on at least one of my toons. Luckily, I have the week before Cata drops, to complete it. I think the Elementium Ingots are going to be hard to get, maybe a guild run through BWL (hint hint vel, if you still read this) will be in order. For the record, I had planned on doing this anyway, but it seems there will be a Feat of Strength attached to this come Cataclysm. Apparently the lore behind this quest line is absolutely amazing. Plus, what kind of cook would I be if I did not know the only epic cooking recipe in the game?

Image taken from the now retired

As soon as I heard about the boss Anzu not needing to be summoned anymore, I wanted to go farm, what I think is the coolest looking mount in the game. Problem? Oh yeah, I am not honored with Lower City, so can’t get the heroic key to Setthek (sp?) Halls. ) I am not sure what the original location of this image is, it looks like mmochampions or something but, as I cannot access those sites from work, I poached it from the now retired sleepy priest).

Anyway, that means I have to do one of two things. Either farm instances for rep, or…OR quest.

My intent is to eventually get the Loremaster achievement, so I decided to start questing again. I figured, there would be minimal changes to Outlands, so might as well start there. For some reason, I figured the best way for me to get Lower City Rep was to grind Mag’har rep. Don’t ask me how that makes sense, but that is where I started. Thrall would be proud I think. Also, apparently the Mag’har have exalted me. So now I have all the Talbuks (except the PvP ones). Also, going for Nagrand Slam has left me 4 quests short. Which is really irritating. There are two I couldn’t do because I was already friendly with the Consortium, but that means there are still a few more quests out there I am not tracking. I think there is a chain after I do Shadowmoon Valley, but I won’t be getting to that one for a while.

After Nagrand, I decided to continue my Lower City Rep Grind by finishing Zangarmarsh for the Cenarian Expedition and Sporregar. Again, not really working out to getting LC rep, but whatever, the CE hippogriff is gorgeous. Once I finished the last few quests in Zangarmarsh, I read that there were several quests in Terrokar that gave rep. Fast Forward a bit, and I am now deep into revered with CE, and 64 of 68 in Terrokar. I have the last 4 quests, but was just too tired to finish them up. Now, and this is the important part, doing all the quests in Terrokar, has made me honored with LC. So, I did my first run of Setthek Halls on Heroic. Guess what did NOT drop. That’s right. Raven Lord Mount.

Oh well. It will drop eventually.

After Terrokar, I am going to Blades Edge, I have never quested there on any of my toons, so it should be fun, also there are a couple quest hubs that give rep with CE, so that should help the grind. I still need to farm Underbog a few times for Sanguine Hibiscus for Sporregar rep, but that is easy.

Oh, and speaking of soloing these heroics. I am really put off by the new Drums of the Wild. I like to go into these things buffed up and ready to go so I can pull, pull, pull. Drums of the Wild heals for 2k over 15 seconds? Sweet, sounds like less downtime for me (I do these all in Fury, and don’t have a lot of downtime anyway, but popping these drums would make it even less). Problem? Only usable by level 80, does not affect level 80 or higher. Huh? Let me read that again. Have to be level 80 to use, but won’t affect me if I am level 80? Wait a minute, that can’t be right. Let me use about 4 charges in disbelief while I test this out.

Yeah. So. That’s how that is, Drums of the Wild does not work on level 80 dudes. Very frustrating, the drums are pretty much worthless.

Ok, that’s enough for now.


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Turning in quests can be tricky

So, the main reason for this post is I have had a lot of trouble turning in quests on my warrior recently.

I will click the quest giver, select the option (if there is more than one), then click complete. My dailies (especially Outland Fishing, and Northrend JC), have not been allowing me to turn them in. I just click and click on the Complete quest button.

I put in a ticket and was told it is an interface issue and to delete my WTF, Cache, and Interface Files. Well, if I do that, all my addons and settings disappear. That is not an option.

I did a little research, and finally found a working solution at I haven’t really played with this site much, but it looks decent. Plus, it had the solution I was looking for.

If you are unfamiliar with creating your own Macro, the steps are easy.

1) in your chat box type /m or /macro. This makes your Macro interface pop up.

2) You can now choose (at the top) if this is going to be a General (all toons) macro, or a toon specific one. I used the General tab, in case I run into problems on my other characters.

3) Click Create New.

4) Type in a name and pick an image for this macro. The image will be on your bars once you put it there, so it should be different than any spell names your character uses. For example, I used Rune Strike for the image on my Warrior since, it is not a spell I will ever cast, this way, even my dumb ass does not click the macro if i am trying to use one of my abilities.

5) Click ok.

6) In the actual macro box, copy and paste this.

/run SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1);CompleteQuest();GetQuestReward()

Make sure there are no spaces before or after, and none in between words except the one after run.

7) Drag the new Macro button to your bar in a place you can click it at the appropriate time.

Now, to use this macro, you have to actually right click the NPC to interact with him/her. Incidentally, this macro is great for turning in repeatable quests such as rune cloth and Headresses for Timbermaw, as well.

If the quest you need to turn in is the second option in a set (after right-clicking on an NPC) then change the number 1 in the macro to a 2.

Thus ends my quest turn in macro tutorial. Let me know if you have issues with it.


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What have I been doing?

There will be no images associated with this post. This post will be meaningless and you will read it. Because I demand it.

First order of battle. My Warlock is level 80. That is pretty much it as far as cool stuff goes. I am learning that affliction is awesome for grinding and is pretty good for instances, but it is tough on trash pulls. I may have to DS Destro/Demo or some other bad ass spec like that. But really, I need to get back to achievement hunting on my hunter.

I now have a level 58 DK on Emerald Dream RPPVP server. Seethar is the name. Was supposed to join a buddies guild but we have not hooked up yet.

Have a level 20 something shammy.

Finally got 50 mounts and the Albino Drake on my Hunter.

Got the war talbuk and the dark war talbuk. It is epic. There are so few of them running around.

Need lots more money so I can purchase some more mounts, there are 5 or 6 that I can purchase, I just dont have the cash.

Still no Baron’s Deathcharger, though I do have the Ochre skeletal warhorse. I think the warhorses might be my favorite mounts. Or the raptors, they are pretty cool too.

Have done almost nothing on my hunter except some piddling around, my warlock has done about half the dungeons in Northrend on heroic, and none of the raids. I think I can start raiding now though, my gear is probably Naxx ready.

I am going to be working very very hard on getting all the classic dungeons completed and getting the quests done in Kal and EK, I want the seeker and Loremaster achievements. There are also several other things I need to complete out there.

I have so many things going on with life right now that I am not sure if I will ever finish anything before the next expansion. I hope so.

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WoW Weekend

This weekend was pretty productive for me. I got a lot of World of Warcraft stuff completed that I had been meaning to do. I think this post is going to be a long one. Sorry.

First let’s update the to-do list. I will scratch some stuff off, and add a few more things to it.

  1. Get The Baron’s Death Charger. (20 April Update — Tried twice more and still failed to get it)
  2. Become exalted with Timbermaw, Maghar, and Sporregar to earn “The Diplomat”.
  3. Get Exalted with the Horde Cities (Need All of them).(Didn’t even try this weekend.)
  4. Kill Malygos.(attempted 10 man PUG but was unsucessful.)
  5. Get Champion of the Frozen Wastes Title, still need HCoS, Malygos, HDtK.(nope)
  6. Get 10 Mount Achievement (still need 4 – This one should be alleviated once I get Exalted with Horde Cities).
  7. Get Headless Horseman’s mount.
  8. Get Guardian of Cenarious Title (still need cenarian circle which I am barely honored with)
  9. Get Netherdrake (haven’t even gotten to neutral so this may take a few days)
  10. Earn Frostwolf Howler (need more AV)
  11. Earn “Call in Calvary” Achievement
  12. Get the Dark War Talbuk (Not sure if this is gonna happen anytime soon. There are hardly any peeps on in Nagrand.)
  13. Get 25 Mount Achievement.
  14. Get Don Carlos’ hat.

Knocked two out and added seven. I will never finish at this rate.

Before I list the myriad of achievements I earned this weekend, I will post a couple I made up as I was relentlessly grinding my way through the Mag’har and Sporeggar Reputations. I got the idea from clearcasting, the .psd files came from, a link to WoW Icons on WoWwiki is also there. Sorry I can’t link directly, I can’t get to wowwiki at work. Without Further ado:

For mining the same node over, and over, and over...

For mining the same node over, and over, and over...

For Killing More Ogres than can be counted while grinidng reputation with the Mag'har

For Killing More Ogres than can be counted while grinidng reputation with the Mag'har

Getting those two led me to receive this one.

For being, well, Awesome.

For being, well, Awesome.

That’s right, I am officially awesome. At least that is what this achievement says.

Ok, what achievements did I earn this weekend?

Black war Mammoth

SFCNez on his new War Mammoth!!

SFCNez on his new War Mammoth!!

After that, I got back to work and started grinding Mag’har rep. It took hours, and I killed every Ogre in Nagrand so many times, they started laying down as soon as they saw me or Punch (my grinding gorilla). I finally got to exalted, received the Achievement “Mag’har of Draenor”, went to the Quartermaster and bought ALL the epic mounts they had for sale. That got me “Stable Keeper” Achievement for 10 mounts (actually put me at 13). Somehow I neglected to take screenshots, but I will tell you the cobalt and the white war talbuk are awesome looking.

SFCNez on Hippogryph.

SFCNez on Hippogryph.

The next day (Sunday), I went to Zangarmarsh and started grinding away at the Sporeggar. I must have done that “Now that we are still friends” quest a dozen or more times, I soloed Underbog about 30 times for Sanguine Hibiscus (only went to where the Naga start since that is the best drop chance). Sometime in the middle of that grind, I learned that I was only 1500 Rep from exalted with Cenarion Expedition. So I decided to take a quick break and finish that off. I did 2 or three quests, Got “Mysteries of the Marsh”, and “Five exalted reputations”, as well as exalted with Cenarion Expedition. Getting exalted with them led me to make a decision I thought I would regret, but instead, is one of my proudest achievements yet. I spent 1600 gold and learned “Cenarion War Hippogryph”. This thing is gorgeous.

It even flies upside down. Yes, I know, other mounts do as well!

It even flies upside down. Yes, I know, other mounts do as well!

After that was done, I finished grinding rep with Sporeggar. I finally got “Czar of Sporeggar” at about 1230 this morning, which got me the tabbard, and a sporebat. Oh and The Diplomat title.

The Diplomat with Punch, Sporebat, and Mushroom Tabbard

The Diplomat with Punch, Sporebat, and Mushroom Tabbard




I also got into Ulduar and beat the first boss on Saturday, made a few attempts on XT and Razorfin. Will post screenshots and other stuff tomorrow, along with the rest of my raiding attempts.

So, all in all, pretty lucrative weekend for me. And I got a bunch of household stuff done. Tonight, I start with Netherwing grind, as I really want a Netherdrake, and Cenarion Circle so I can get “The Guardian of Cenarion”. Which I think is one of the cooler titles.

Sorry for the extended length of this post. Have a great evening.

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Lazy Dayzzz!

For some reason, I was not overly motivated to actually accomplish much last night. I did get online. I did get an achievement for participating in the Argent Tournament, that is correct, I am now an Argent Aspirant. I ran around and did a few fun little mounted combat quests. I did some charging around, some melee stuff (make sure you have defense stacked 3 times), and threw a couple axes. Once completed with all the initial quests, I went around and picked up several daily quests, killed some scourge, chopped down some trees and spent way too friggin long looking for the Dusty Journal. I never did find it, and then I had some stuff come up IRL so I could not complete it.

Tonight, I WILL work on reputation gains, my plan is to be “The Diplomat” by Sunday. It shouldn’t take that long.

As I was perusing various WoW sites last night and this morning, I stumbled upon Bo’s Site Vampiric Embrace, and This Article in particular. It made me realize that with all the new stuff out there (achievements, mounts, stuff…), I need to make one for myself. So in an attempt to plagiarize his work here is mine. Unfortunately, the first one is the same on his list and on mine (Sorry Bo, it has taken me way more than 4 times and I still don’t have the mount).

Without further ado the to-do list for sfcnez:

  1. Get The Baron’s Death Charger.
  2. Become exalted with Timbermaw, Maghar, and Sporregar to earn “The Diplomat”.
  3. Get Exalted with the Horde Cities (Need All of them).
  4. Kill Malygos.
  5. Get Champion of the Frozen Wastes Title, still need HCoS, Malygos, HDtK).
  6. Get 10 Mount Achievement (still need 4 – This one should be alleviated once I get Exalted with Horde Cities).

I am sure there are more, but those are the ones I will work on for the time being. As I was writing these I referenced Bo’s and there are a couple more in common than I thought.

Ok, I will leave you for now, pretty soon I will have armory links to my toons on the toon page. Srsly, like in 10 minutes.

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