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Need I Say More?

Probably not, but I likely will anyway.

Doomedcow got a new Mount on Tuesday…

(hint, click for bigger, more beautiful…more MAGNIFICENT!)

Also, you might notice, when you are done drooling all over your computer screen, that I updated my to-do list in the sidebar, with things I wanna accomplish on my main (Doomed) before Cataclysm. That list was in pretty dire need of updating anyway.

We were short one going into ICC yesterday, so we decided to go play in Ulduar to get some more rusted protodrakes. I think I am tanking something wrong, I cannot hold threat off a wet noodle right now. Ok, it’s not that bad, but it shouldn’t be this hard I don’t think. I know there were threat changes, but this is ridiculous.

We still did the first seven bosses with little fuss. BTW guildies, sorry again that I forgot until it was too late to jump on Hodir’s Ice Mound…it had been a while.

I need to respec, Incite for prot is not what I think it should be, my crit is way too low to take advantage of it properly. Thinking some War Academy from the Arms tree will be helpful.

I will post more stuff on my changes, and how it affects my tanking/threat in general after this weekend.


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How to not quit blogging!

Michael Jordan on the golf course in 2007.

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I know, I said I was done. I really meant it. Luckily in my farewell post I said I might be back. Michael Jordan said the same thing like 45 times before he actually retired.

I have kept writing here and there, mostly about non-wow stuff. Some blogging, mostly fiction stuff that I have alwasy enjoyed, but will never publish. I wanted to stay away, I really did.

There is just too much awesomeness going on.

Also, for some reason Keeva‘s recent issues with copyright infringement have really motivated me to write publicly again. I don’t know why, but while I was reading these posts, I was really missing blogging for myself.

So, on to important things. I have specced (and sometimes respecced) all 5 of my 80s and have done differing amounts of raiding/heroics on each of them. Below is my impressions, and feelings on each of the classes I play at max level. Not all of this is good though.

Sfcnez – Hunter – Beast Master: First, let me say, I am happy to be able to be a Beast Master again. I think one of the main reasons I was put off of raiding with my hunter is that I couldn’t raid as my preferred spec and remain competitive or as useful as other hunters. I am happy to be BM again. That being said, I don’t like focus. Really don’t! For some reason it feels like i am spamming buttons now, more than ever. At the end of the day though, the hunter who raids with us is still pulling many k of dps, so maybe i am doing it wrong.

Vanddora – Warlock – Demonology: Ok, obviously soul shards are gone. I have done limited things with this toon, but she seems like a lot more fun to play. I went with demo for the simple reason of…wait for it…I Like Demo! I have always had fun changing into a magnificent demon, and hellfiring my way to glory. Now, it is better since i can move while channeling Hellfire. BTW, for you warlocks out there who love hellfire the way I do, be careful, just because you jump does not mean Hellfire is not still ticking down your health. The change where Summon Stones, Soul Wells, and demons don’t cost anything but mana is nice. I also really like the two temporary demons that I can cast down to wreak unholy vengeance upon my foes. I will be doing more with her in the near future.

Phlam – Death Knight – Blood: I specced blood. I admit, getting rid of the defense stat really made this choice a no-brainer for me. I am tired of 15 minute queues while trying to gear up. Insta Queue is much better. Tanking with a DK is really pretty easy. I will admit, there have been a couple of oh-shit moments when i went to utilize one of my Warrior talents that wasn’t there, because, well because my death knight is not a warrior. I really cannot compare pre-4.0.1 to post, as I have not tried DPSing with the DK. I can make observations about the rune system, though. It seems I often have more runes on Cool-Down than I used to, for longer periods of time. Since threat, and especially AoE threat is kind of scary right now, I think I prefer the old system better. However, I also understand that the changes were made in order to set us up for Cataclysm, and I believe at higher gear levels my runes will be on CD for shorter periods of time. I am keeping Phlam Blood for the time being, and will probably gear him for DPS once I am of appropriate gear and am ready to start raiding. Yes, that will likely be after Cataclysm comes out.

Sublimation – Druid – Restoration: What can I say? Healing feels…weird. My druid has always been a Healer first and a feral kitty (or the occasional bear) second. I haven’t even filled in the dual spec on this toon yet. Actually on any toon except doomed. Probably because all my gems are now intellect, everything feels bulky and heavy. Nourish, which historically has been my favorite heal to help out anyone taking more damage than I was comfortable with is now something like 2.2 seconds or so. THAT IS FOREVER! I actually started casting, prepared and fully roasted a turkey, and the cast went off right when I got back. I still have enough mana to blanket a five or 10 man with the appropriate rejuvs and not run into mana issues, Lifebloom on one target bites. I continually forget to turn into a tree because I am a creature of habit and it hasn’t ingrained itself to my memory yet. And I dumped Grid in favor of Vuhdo. Do I like my druid better? Meh. I like my druid but in a different way now. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is weird, I am going to put together a 10 man ICC this weekend and plan on healing it. We will see.

Doomedcow – Warrior – Protection/Fury: This one is my baby (AKA Main). Protection (main spec) is giving me a little trouble. By that, I mean, DPS not waiting is giving me some trouble. First, if you haven’t read Panzercow’s post today, then you should. Vengeance is there with a vengeance. Seriously, if you are DPS, please understand that any tank needs ramp up time. Ok, that is done. Tanking is still a blast, I love it, and my raid killed Lich King again last night, with the 30 stacks achievement, so it can be done (I died, thank goodness for a good bear tank being there with us). Also, a GREAT observation made by the Panzercow, if the fight is a tank switching fight (Festergut, DBS), then the OT does not have any stacks of vengeance and can easily be overtaken by the other tank (this happened on the dogs, twice before we realized that is what was going on).  Snap aggro, especially AoE feels clunky, I am getting back into the habit of tab targeting, but it still is causing some issues. Though I do love me some blood and thunder. I have 2 points in incite right now, but will be taking those out soon. My crit just isn’t high enough, and i can’t spam Heroic strike enough to make it worth while. Oh, getting out of the Heroic Strike spam mind frame has taken some time too. Still, though I am saying negative things, I love what they are doing with tanking and the whole raiding scene as a whole. Fury is a blast too. More cool downs to watch, still decent DPS (27% hit?), lots of fun stuff to do, all the while cleaving faces off. I really am having a good time as fury. I don’t even miss single target whirlwind anymore. Doomed will stay my main through cataclysm, i just hope for a little bit more AoE aggro generation. Also, I am one achievement away from the Blood Bathed Skeleton Bony Drake Thing for 10 man. CANNOT WAIT! Heroic Rotface is the last one I need. Don’t ask me how I got all other achievements except that one…I really don’t know.

Buffs: The only thing I can say is this, while it is taking some time for me to remember what buffs overwrite other buffs and such, I really like the idea that different classes/specs provide the same buffs. Makes it easier to ensure the raid is fully supported, and not stymied because we are missing a priest (for example).

Auction House: Other than auctioneer broke for long enough that I had to start using AuctionLite, and QA developer shadowed quit making addons and I had to go to Auction Profit Master, I am loving what is happening in the AH right now. I don’t talk about it too much here, but I am a big AH PvPer. I love playing the Auction House, and I have almost all professions maxed out and able to provide me with something or another to make money. I think Auction Profit Master probably has 50 or 60 rules in place helping me post lots of auctions. People are spending money like crazy right now.

Overall Impressions: I really like most of the changes. Sure, there is a learning curve to all classes and specs right now, but still, learning new things makes old things fresh. 100g dual spec is making me really happy, though I haven’t actually purchased it yet, since 4 of my 5 80’s already are dual specced (and honestly, nobody wants a resto warlock anyway), but I will definitely be taking advantage of that. I am bummed that the ICC mounts are not 310% anymore, as I still think most people are still not going to be able to breeze through the achievements, but I guess since you can now buy 310% it is ok. Thank goodness I have a 310 from 10 Ulduar.

Wow, wall of text I guess.

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What an Interesting Night

Last night was an interesting raid night, to say the least.

Some good, some bad, all…just weird. Just felt like the raid was off kilter last night, not sure why. Maybe because our normal (if she can be called normal) lock wasn’t able to attend due to a cross-country meet (/gasp RL? /double gasp, for physical fitness? For shame, for shame).

We ended up taking in most of the core raiding group. We had to replace the Warlock, but not an issue. I ended up having to ask 2 healers to sit out, guaranteeing them a spot for the alt run I tank over the weekend.

Here is how our raids usually go:

  • Citadel: One shot EVERYTHING clean runs, no marks, we can even get the weekly quest on deathwhisper and successfully save or whatever Donovan (took us some tries at the beginning).
  • Festergut: 1 shot
  • Rotface: 2ish shot
  • Putricide: only have killed him once, was expecting to run into problems this week.

Here is how last night’s went:

  • Marrowgar: 2 shot
  • Deathwhisper: 1
  • Loothship: 2
  • DBS: 1
  • Festergut: 3
  • Rotface: 1
  • Putricide: 2

See how wierd it was? We wiped on Marrowgar for crying out loud.

I got to DPS for the first quarter. It was cool. I seem to have almost found the single target rotation…pulled almost 7k on Saurafang. I still dont have the moving bosses down, as that required preplanning hots and rearranging opportunity attacks, and AOE, which I thought would be simple, is a little tougher because swipe devours so much energy. I am getting it though. It is fun, and a nice challenge. Also, it is nice having two healers who can do the entire first quarter themselves, so one of us doesn’t have to heal. Usually the shammy dpses, but I was wanting to play around a bit.

Oh and that staff that drops off Rotface, the one with a shit-ton of agility? I got it…upgraded from the staff from H-VH, so quite an upgrade. I decided to finally turn in my kill malygos quest and get the quest DPS neck, which is better than the healing one I was wearing, and I picked up the cloak from Emblems of Valor, and the dps ring from Triumph badges. All in all, my dps gear is starting to look pretty nice, I should probably gem and enchant it now. The only problem I have (and it is a trifling one at that) is, if I log out in my dps gear, I look like a portly rogue coming close to retirement, jsut trying to get in a couple more kills to pad my 401k. I look amazing in my healing gear though.

Tonight promises Valithria attempts, probably a downing (upping?), since we almost got her last week after just a couple tries.

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Putricide is down!

That’s right, 2 wipes while teaching a brand new guildy the fight, and we downed him.  I am confident now, that we will kill him again tonight. Since we now know how to do the fight, and have found the proper balance of players. Only regret is we had to 3 heal. I think a little more gear for the two main healers and we will be able to pull it off. Tried the whole mages and rogues invis/vanish and once the timing got down, was nice to have that extra few seconds to dps the boss.

Went to Valithria and wiped 4 times. 57%, 74%, 76%, 89%. You can see marked improvement. Add control is where it is at, later this week she will be down for sure, 4 healed it since our OT is a Healidan and we only needed one tank for the adds.

Got more loots for my feral kitty spec. Really funny actually, I have a really good off spec set in my bags for feral kitty. I am not specced, gemmed, or enchanted to do dps, as my druid is a healer. HEALER. But, Why shard loot when I can have it in my bag. Plus with Cataclysm coming out, I will need some sort of dps. Hopefully tonight I will be able to have enough knowledge to gem and spec my kitty appropriately and see what I can do. I have lots of badges for any stuff I dont currently have (belt and relic i think is all, maybe a ring).

Sorry post is short today, gotta run.

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So Close

I read all these wonderful posts about people clearing their way through ICC in a step by step fashion. Guilds are in varying degrees of completion. I know guilds who are stymied on Princes, Blood queen, Sindragosa, Dream dragon pretty much every boss.

My guild is stuck on Putricide. We are down to 2%. Repeatedly. Tonight is our last shot before reset. Again.

I think we found the problem though, after carefully reviewing recount/skada over and over to see what was causing our wipes, it looks like the healers just cannot keep up with the AoE damage going out when both tanks are holding on to several stacks of the debuff.

Personally, I know that I can heal. I know the other healer who was with me and is usually with me can heal.

Tonight we go in with 3 healers. I believe that will be the end of our problems.

What does that mean?

We will have more of the oozes exploding (its ok, we got really good at stacking on the targeted player to minimize damage). We will hit phase 2 and 3 slower, right now we hit phase 2 before the first orange ooze spawns.

This breaks my heart as we two heal the entire first quarter (easy), festergut (not so bad), and rotface (cake). Then putriced comes along and rapes us at 2%.

That being said Putricide is a blast of a fight. I am glad we are running into some challenges, and it seems the place only gets harder.

The alt run I tank for ran into a unique challenge last week. Don’t laugh. DO NOT LAUGH.

we wiped 4 times on lootship

That’s right you heard me. 4 FRIGGIN TIMES.

I have no clue what was going on. Well that is a lie, I know why we were wiping, I don’t know why the labotomy affected so many people at the same time. Why do I have to tell the OT to turn on Rrighteous Fury? I am a warrior,  I should not have to worry about his righteous fury, BUT I guess since I am raid leader, I should have to look at everything. That’s like telling a warrior to get into defensive stance for tanking. OR telling a druid “make sure you turn into a bear”. Then there were other things..little things, lots of them. Machete squad moving slower than molasses. People dieing and nobody filling the guns even after I am saying GET IN THE GUN, the mage taking forever to kill because for some reason THE ENTIRE MACHETE SQUAD WAS NOT KILLNG THE MAGE. And I didn’t notice it until the OT was dead. This happened after a nearly perfect run op to that point. We got from initial buff to gunship in about 30ish minutes with no deaths.

I had to call a raid at the LOOTSHIP. it pissed me off. I logged out of vent and hid on the deathknight.

We did go back the next night and completed the first quarter and did pretty decent on Festergut though. So that is good. Probably would have had it except one of our dps died and vile gas got into melee, then we had 2 peeps who had to log so instead of filling the spot, we called it for the week.

I have a new pulling macro for my tank. You might not be able to handle such magnificent awesomeness, but if the following phrase makes you want to run into mobs head on and start smashing shit, then this is for you. Prepare to be awed


/cast charge

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