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I re-rolled a mage


I now have 2 mages

One is a level 24 mage I have had a really long time. She is currently the GM of my second Bank Guild (don’t ask).

One I rolled a couple days ago and am doing RAF with a buddy from work. She is 20.

Three times XP is amazing. I have RAF with 2 toons now, my rogue/shammy combo I did with my brother (they are both at 60), and now this one.

Mages are fun, they kill shit fast, but I find I am always low on the totem pole in dungeons. Another mage buddy of mive explained it is because +SP gear is so hard to get at low levels, that makes sense. My buddy from work rolled a pally. So we are a pally/mage combo. It works out nicely.

Last spells I picked up from the trainer before I logged for the night? Teleport Silvermoon City, Blizzard and Blink. I love blink.

My buddy has never played WoW before. I tried to talk him out of the pally, but he is loving it. It is tough explaining a class I don’t know very well to a brand new player, but we are making it work. He also rolled a priest to play while we are not partied together. I think he is really liking the game. He is also 20 and just picked up concecrate. He will be happy that he does more damage now.

  1. I had forgotten about a couple of issues revolving around the recruit a friend program.
  2. We outlevel content really really fast. Approximately 3 times as fast. I feel like I am cheating my buddy becuase he doesn’t get to see all the areas. That is one of the reasons he rolled a different toon for when I am not on.
  3. Money for training is kind of an issue, good thing I have 5 80s to bankroll and make bags.
  4. That is pretty much it.

I don’t have a lot going on right now in WoW besides that. It seems my guild is in a progression funk, and with Marrowgar as the weekly, it is going to be difficult to PUG a raid. This week is pretty much a wash, I kind of expected it though with the onset of good weather.

That is about it. See you all on Monday.


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