That is Amazing (WoW)!

Things that interest me. Mostly video games.

Biggest news evah!

Toxicity (Death Knight) (o with the / through it), dinged 80 last night.

Tox is my wife. She has been playing wow for over a year. Look up casual player in the wow dictionary, her picture is right there.

Tox is her first 80.

She does have her warrior (spankmeplz, still at 64-65ish).

I think I am more excited about her hitting 80 than she is. I asked her, what are you gonna do now? Dungeons? Raid? PVP? Sit in Dalaran trolling teh nubz?

She tells me, “I think I’m gonna finish questing in Northrend”


Here I am, ALL POWERFUL AND SHIT! I have a Warrior who can boost as a tank or a dps, I have a healer who can boost as healer, dps, or healer and dps. They ARE SO READY TO CARRY HER through dungeons. Teaching her how to play in a group environment. I can walk her through each and every pull, so she knows what’s going to happen and how to react to it.

But she wants to finish questing.


/pouts in a manly manner

I think it is man’s inherent need to protect and defend the lady(ies) in his family. I am feeling all Jackie Gleason Jack Bauer here.

I am actually really happy she finally hit 80, my guess is I will be able to take her into Naxx, maybe some ulduar, maybe some TOC. I don’t know. I did take her through the 5 man ICC quest chain, so she had it out of the way, and also because I thought those would be a good place to start teaching her about mechanics of fights. Consequently, even though I was tanking, each pull was explained (much ❤ goes out to understanding guildies), and the reasons for the pulls was outlined, kill order (if appropriate), boss strats, and when to use deathgrip. She took it all in stride, and I really enjoyed watching her go from the fairly easy FOS, to the slightly more difficult POS, to the OH SHIT THE LICH KING IS GONNA EAT US RIGHT AFTER WE SURVIVED 10 WAVES OF INSATIABLE MADNESS, that is HOR. (For the record, I hate tanking that place, even on regular.)


Really quick aside, I have noticed there are three schools of thought from tanks about the use of Deathgrip by a non-tanking DK.

  1. Dont ever do it
  2. Do it only if asked
  3. As long as it is intelligently deathgripped AFTER initial pull, it is fine.

I fall into the 3rd. I don’t want DK pulling for me, but bringing that ranged dude out there pew-pewing away a little closer to me is nice, I pay attention so I can retaunt immediately.


We will see what happens next with her toon. My guess is fishing is next, but don’t tell her I said that. I am really excited she hit 80 before cataclysm (or RL Ragnarok/Rapture/Armageddon) hit.


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  1. ROFL…I think he was a little more excited than I was, but I’m pretty psyched that I finally have an 80. And yes, my pic is definitely next to the definition of a “casual player”. I had a lot of fun. I will be doing more dungeons, and hopefully start raiding once I get some better gear and experience as soon as finals are over! Plus, my cooking and fishing really needs to be leveled up! 😉


    Comment by Spankmeplz | April 20, 2010

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