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What an Interesting Night

Last night was an interesting raid night, to say the least.

Some good, some bad, all…just weird. Just felt like the raid was off kilter last night, not sure why. Maybe because our normal (if she can be called normal) lock wasn’t able to attend due to a cross-country meet (/gasp RL? /double gasp, for physical fitness? For shame, for shame).

We ended up taking in most of the core raiding group. We had to replace the Warlock, but not an issue. I ended up having to ask 2 healers to sit out, guaranteeing them a spot for the alt run I tank over the weekend.

Here is how our raids usually go:

  • Citadel: One shot EVERYTHING clean runs, no marks, we can even get the weekly quest on deathwhisper and successfully save or whatever Donovan (took us some tries at the beginning).
  • Festergut: 1 shot
  • Rotface: 2ish shot
  • Putricide: only have killed him once, was expecting to run into problems this week.

Here is how last night’s went:

  • Marrowgar: 2 shot
  • Deathwhisper: 1
  • Loothship: 2
  • DBS: 1
  • Festergut: 3
  • Rotface: 1
  • Putricide: 2

See how wierd it was? We wiped on Marrowgar for crying out loud.

I got to DPS for the first quarter. It was cool. I seem to have almost found the single target rotation…pulled almost 7k on Saurafang. I still dont have the moving bosses down, as that required preplanning hots and rearranging opportunity attacks, and AOE, which I thought would be simple, is a little tougher because swipe devours so much energy. I am getting it though. It is fun, and a nice challenge. Also, it is nice having two healers who can do the entire first quarter themselves, so one of us doesn’t have to heal. Usually the shammy dpses, but I was wanting to play around a bit.

Oh and that staff that drops off Rotface, the one with a shit-ton of agility? I got it…upgraded from the staff from H-VH, so quite an upgrade. I decided to finally turn in my kill malygos quest and get the quest DPS neck, which is better than the healing one I was wearing, and I picked up the cloak from Emblems of Valor, and the dps ring from Triumph badges. All in all, my dps gear is starting to look pretty nice, I should probably gem and enchant it now. The only problem I have (and it is a trifling one at that) is, if I log out in my dps gear, I look like a portly rogue coming close to retirement, jsut trying to get in a couple more kills to pad my 401k. I look amazing in my healing gear though.

Tonight promises Valithria attempts, probably a downing (upping?), since we almost got her last week after just a couple tries.


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