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Some Observations

1. Feral DPS is hard. Or at least harder than any DPS class I have played. I ran a Heroic Yesterday and peaked at 3.5k, but averaged just below 2k. Even my warrior when I first started DPSing was pulling almost 4k until I learned the rotation and timing and now I do a lot more than that. I play my Warrior to tank and hy druid to heal, but having a dps spec provides a little more flexibility. There are so many cooldowns/DOTS  and stuff to manage that I find kitty is hard. That being said, I will probably get it after a while, and it will be much easier.

2. Once you kill a boss one time, it becomes significantly easier to kill it again and again. Havent attempted Putricide yet this week, but rotface and festergut are one shots every time now. Putricide will be a walk in the park it seems.

3. Valithria looks easy. We healed her quite a bit last week, but she should go down this week.

4. I get irritated once kills should be clean and are not. Rotface is a good example, yes we killed him, but it was ugly, and only by the force of some amazing healing and great DPS. The tanking last night was shoddy and not…clean. Not sure why that irritated me, but it should have been clean.

5. The enchanting market is kind of tough to break into. I am getting there, but it was not as easy as the gem/glyph market.

6. I am really excited to get back into feral dps so I can play with it some more.

7. I think I will actually level my shammy to 80 now. Some of the cataclysm changes sound like a lot of fun.

8. Pulling 2 10 man raids together is significantly tougher than 1. No-shows this week are killing me.

I think that is it for now, Not feeling the greatest right now, probably gonna call it an early day to get some sleep.


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  1. Putricide is a bitch. If you guys one-shot him then…wow, just wow.

    And I just started with feral dps. Leveling it nearly killed me. After 20 it wasn’t so bad. Of course this isn’t 80…can’t say anything about that.

    Comment by Raven | April 8, 2010

  2. Cat DPS is really hard, especially as an off-spec. My advice is to get a mod that you’re really comfortable with, because you need to track your bleeds, buffs, and cooldowns. I personally use Droodfocus (my guide here:, but other good ones are badkitty (More Bars Than You’s Guide: and others mentioned in Fluid Druid’s article ( For getting used to rotations, there are some “next move suggesters” (again, Fluid Druid’s Article, Part 2: Sorry about the messy links, I didn’t know if your comment box would accept HTML.

    Comment by zelmaru | April 8, 2010

  3. Raven- I leveled mostly as a bear stacking agi…was really really fast. I loved it.

    Comment by smart001 | April 8, 2010

  4. Zelmaru – I think the box accepts HTML, my spam filter however had a heart attackakakakak.

    I will look into droodfocus and bad kitty this evening/weekend, I am using feral by night right now and it is assisting me some. I just dont like that it makes me not need to know what buttons to push. For now however, it is teaching me priorities and such. it will be deleted from my addon folder later.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice and links, I will check them out later.

    Comment by smart001 | April 9, 2010

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