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Putricide is down!

That’s right, 2 wipes while teaching a brand new guildy the fight, and we downed him.  I am confident now, that we will kill him again tonight. Since we now know how to do the fight, and have found the proper balance of players. Only regret is we had to 3 heal. I think a little more gear for the two main healers and we will be able to pull it off. Tried the whole mages and rogues invis/vanish and once the timing got down, was nice to have that extra few seconds to dps the boss.

Went to Valithria and wiped 4 times. 57%, 74%, 76%, 89%. You can see marked improvement. Add control is where it is at, later this week she will be down for sure, 4 healed it since our OT is a Healidan and we only needed one tank for the adds.

Got more loots for my feral kitty spec. Really funny actually, I have a really good off spec set in my bags for feral kitty. I am not specced, gemmed, or enchanted to do dps, as my druid is a healer. HEALER. But, Why shard loot when I can have it in my bag. Plus with Cataclysm coming out, I will need some sort of dps. Hopefully tonight I will be able to have enough knowledge to gem and spec my kitty appropriately and see what I can do. I have lots of badges for any stuff I dont currently have (belt and relic i think is all, maybe a ring).

Sorry post is short today, gotta run.


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