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So Close

I read all these wonderful posts about people clearing their way through ICC in a step by step fashion. Guilds are in varying degrees of completion. I know guilds who are stymied on Princes, Blood queen, Sindragosa, Dream dragon pretty much every boss.

My guild is stuck on Putricide. We are down to 2%. Repeatedly. Tonight is our last shot before reset. Again.

I think we found the problem though, after carefully reviewing recount/skada over and over to see what was causing our wipes, it looks like the healers just cannot keep up with the AoE damage going out when both tanks are holding on to several stacks of the debuff.

Personally, I know that I can heal. I know the other healer who was with me and is usually with me can heal.

Tonight we go in with 3 healers. I believe that will be the end of our problems.

What does that mean?

We will have more of the oozes exploding (its ok, we got really good at stacking on the targeted player to minimize damage). We will hit phase 2 and 3 slower, right now we hit phase 2 before the first orange ooze spawns.

This breaks my heart as we two heal the entire first quarter (easy), festergut (not so bad), and rotface (cake). Then putriced comes along and rapes us at 2%.

That being said Putricide is a blast of a fight. I am glad we are running into some challenges, and it seems the place only gets harder.

The alt run I tank for ran into a unique challenge last week. Don’t laugh. DO NOT LAUGH.

we wiped 4 times on lootship

That’s right you heard me. 4 FRIGGIN TIMES.

I have no clue what was going on. Well that is a lie, I know why we were wiping, I don’t know why the labotomy affected so many people at the same time. Why do I have to tell the OT to turn on Rrighteous Fury? I am a warrior,  I should not have to worry about his righteous fury, BUT I guess since I am raid leader, I should have to look at everything. That’s like telling a warrior to get into defensive stance for tanking. OR telling a druid “make sure you turn into a bear”. Then there were other things..little things, lots of them. Machete squad moving slower than molasses. People dieing and nobody filling the guns even after I am saying GET IN THE GUN, the mage taking forever to kill because for some reason THE ENTIRE MACHETE SQUAD WAS NOT KILLNG THE MAGE. And I didn’t notice it until the OT was dead. This happened after a nearly perfect run op to that point. We got from initial buff to gunship in about 30ish minutes with no deaths.

I had to call a raid at the LOOTSHIP. it pissed me off. I logged out of vent and hid on the deathknight.

We did go back the next night and completed the first quarter and did pretty decent on Festergut though. So that is good. Probably would have had it except one of our dps died and vile gas got into melee, then we had 2 peeps who had to log so instead of filling the spot, we called it for the week.

I have a new pulling macro for my tank. You might not be able to handle such magnificent awesomeness, but if the following phrase makes you want to run into mobs head on and start smashing shit, then this is for you. Prepare to be awed


/cast charge


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  1. oh wow, didnt know about the vanish/invis thing. Will have to try that out tonight.

    As far as switching every stack, I will have to read it later, but i thought it was a 2 minute debuff, or does it depend on how many stacks are on the tank? IF that works, we can 2 heal it.

    Damn, now i am excited and cannot look at any videos to see how that mechanic works for sure. I know there is a trick to it, and maybe you just answered all my questions.

    Comment by smart001 | April 5, 2010

  2. Today’s post will update our woes in about an hour!

    Comment by smart001 | April 6, 2010

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