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Things that interest me. Mostly video games.

Finally, a breather!

Today The Kraken will be released.

/dusts off trenchcoat

In other news:

You may remember the post about my druid hitting 80, and my contemplation about making him my main. He is now officially my main. I discovered that I absolutely Love healing ICC, and TOC, and TOGC, and even heroics, and every other damn thing that comes along. Becoming a healer has made me realize different aspects and synergies behind raid/party makeup. I heal mainly 10 man content, though I enjoy popping into 25s on occasion.

Also, my warrior is 80. Doomedcow enjoys tanking everything. I currently Main tank the “Alt Run” in 10 ICC for my guild. He also has a fury off spec, which is surprisingly coming along nicely since most of the Main spec guys have what they need (picked up Citadel’s Enforcer last night for example). I do not know a lot about fury, but I am learning.

Hunter…well, he makes me sad because I still have very little if any interest in playing him for raids or anything. I just like tanking and healing too much. I even brushed off the ol’ lock for those days when I have the druid and the warrior saved to everything and I am bored. My poor, poor hunter. He and I had a good run, I will probably get back to it some day, but he is not really a priority, maybe I will dust him off for cataclysm.

I have one more toon who I want to hit 80 before cataclysm hits. That is my Death Knight. That will make 5 80’s. I don’t really plan on raiding with him, and will probably only dps. Loving the blood right now, but the rage mechanic (which I previously hated) is really a very good mechanic for tanking. The recent buffs even help me compete with pally tanks, kind of.

Way back in October, I changed guilds to Carnage. I am still in Carnage, and somehow am now the GM. I didn’t realize the challenges that come with being the guild master for a raiding guild. Especially a guild working its way through ICC.  The previous GM wanted to push into 25s and we did, but we pushed too fast, and a majority of the guild wasnt prepared or willing to make the 25 commitment. So we decided to concentrate on 10s. This made the GM mad, so he left and I became the guy.  I have mixed feelings about this. I enjoyed not having to be the guy worried about raid schedules and guild banks and ranks and promotions and raid leading and raid building and “other than raid” activities, but then i realized I was doing a lot of that anyway.

I have 2 main concerns with the guild right now. Guild Bank usefulness and starting a 3rd 10 man team. Lets talk about the guild bank.

1) I want the 6 tabs of junk in the Gbank cleaned up and I want raiding stuff put in there. I made a new rank, promoted a trusted officer to supply officer and he has done a phenomenal job. We have several hundred charges of both the drums, and several hundred fort scrolls. Working on getting flasks and pots and such in there. The issue is, once the meager supply of money is gone from the bank, I will have no other way to pay for this stuff. We have a “donations are nice” policy, and I am not interested in a guild tax…yet. I do have ideas about creating a pseudo-closed economy but that is going to be time-consuming. There are things I feel a raiding guild should offer its raiders. I want to open this up in a few stages.

Stage the first) Almost completely implemented and one of the most important imo. Raid wide buffs, stuff that benefits the entire raid, IE Drums of forgotten kings, gift of the wild drums, runescrolls of fortitude, fish feasts. My pool of raiders is kind of small, so, even though I attempt to have the “perfect balance” I cannot always do it. I mentioned above the stuff I have in the bank already. Fish feasts are a really nice to have, I think that will be the next assignment for the supply officer. These goods are to be used for GUILD runs, or Guild organized runs where maybe we have to pug one or 2.

Stage 2) Flasks/potions/individual foods (ie expertise, mana regen, happy clam food). The rotation on these is going to be intense. With phase 1, it is easy, only my officers have access, and whatever is left over is returned for the next raid. This one, will have to be more open for the raiders, and will be more difficult to monitor. Plus, every wipe will consistently cost the gbank several hundred gold at least. This may have to wait until more income/donations are happening.

Stage 3) Enchants and gems. obviously the most expensive. I am talking your leg threads/armor kits/head enchants, enchant scrolls, enchanting mats, beer, all that stuff.

Things I will probably never offer – Repairs and there are 2 reasons for this.

1) Repairs are the most basic expense for a raider. I am already talking about alleviating most expenses (eventually), the raider has to maintain some semblance of responsiblity for maintenance of his/her toon.

2) If taxes are implemented as part of the guild user interface in Cataclysm, and depending on how it is implemented, as people are farming quests/loot/whatever, they will be bolstering the guilds money as well.

How do I plan on making money for the guild?

There are a couple ways I am playing with and I will delve into a bit on the closed economy.

Master Loot all Primordial Saronite and sell, all proceeds go to gbank. I dont like this idea in particular, because 1) most of the 25s we run have pugs, 2 we don’t run very many anymore.

Master Loot all BoE and sell to guildies at half/25% of AH prices, or sell to AH. If guildy is in the run where it drops it goes to MS/OS roll and winner does not pay, I am talking about if it doesnt get used by someone in the run.

Create a pseudo closed economy. Here are the steps (lots of gradual movement in managing this it seems)

1) Spend some of the limited gold in the gbank, have guildies create epic stuff then I sell on AH and all proceeds go into gbank. I really like this idea, as I have guildies that have some nice patterns and they would be willing to make stuff for the guild bank for free.

2) Once there is a buffer (say 15-20k in the bank) start purchasing goods from guildies at cost +10%. I will publish a list of how much of what I want in the bank, and it will be up to the guildies to create and then “sell” to me. I will make sure they get their money, they make a little profit and all the stuff I need is stockpiled.

I would be really curious as to how other guilds are doing this. Am I really off the mark here? Do these ideas have some merits?

Wow, wall of text, I guess all the pent-up not writing finally came out?

Hopefully I will be able to keep up a posting routine, maybe. Probably of some sort.

Thanks for those who are patient.


April 2, 2010 - Posted by | Druid, Guild, Warrior, World of Warcraft, WoW


  1. Having all greens/blues confiscated during guild runs is something I hadn’t thought of. I will have to start pushing that ASAP. The raid buff portion is moving along nicely and it is all from donation, rather than purchase which is good. Though I did find a killer deal on several stacks of Fish Feasts, so I picked those up because it saves a lot of farming time.

    Also, my enchanter is 1t 442 or something like that, so while leveling, I started dropping scrolls into the gbank, that has helped to at least offer some “starting” enchants and a few tanking and healing enchants as I learn them and use them to level.

    Comment by smart001 | April 5, 2010

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