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Sublimation hits 80

So last night, late, I hit 80 with my Druid.

First thing I did to celebrate? Go to the bank and put on some of the sweet level 80 epic from ToC gear I had been saving. Then I healed H VH. I should have been in bed, but I really wanted to heal a heroic to see how I did.

Pally, self, and food buffed, I had over 1100 SP, that is with an epic trinket and an epic ring, everything else is quest items or regular instance drops. I had no problems healing the daily, and it was great because everyone else had raid gear, so I basically had free rolls on the pants off cynigosa (the dragon).

I am seriously considering making my main the druid. Not set on it yet, we will see.

That is about it, last two weeks have been very limited in raiding due to the guild mostly being AFK for thanksgiving and family and such.

Catch you on the flip side.


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  1. Healing on a druid is so simple it isn’t even funny. Enjoy it, I still am. 😀

    Comment by koalabear21 | December 3, 2009

  2. Grats!

    Comment by repgrind | December 4, 2009

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