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Overbusy Much?

Many long days have passed from darkness to light.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the end of my RP career.

Ok, so I alluded in the last couple quick posts to how busy I have been. And I think normal readers know that I post as often as I can, but work gets in the way occasionally. Also, my baby girl (4 years old) had a really nasty case of pretty much every sickness known to man. Thanks public school system. I can’t be mad at them though, it is bound to happen. I ended up having to take a week off work and spent most of each day trying to get her to eat/drink, and holding her to comfort her. It was really sad. BTW, a kid with a temperature of 101-104, is frigging hot to hold. Ok, this isn’t a parenting blog.

In between work and kid. I actually have gotten a bit of wowing in. Or at least have gotten a lot done in the wow career of my druid and my hunter.

Some of you may recall I have a druid who was stuck at level 38 for a really really long time. I think something like 6 or 7 months passed since the last time I played the druid. I just got tired of questing in the old world, it sucks. So, I made a pact. I would level from 38-58 doing nothing but BG and a few power runs through instances if a guildy wanted to do it for achievs. It took me hardly any time at all to get those levels. I have almost all the WSG, AB achievements, I now have the Black War Raptor (which is a completely bad ass mount BTW). Because my intent is to heal on the druid at end game, I went into the BGs as a healer. This has caused me to have to learn to hotkey and heal under extreme circumstances. I did run at level 45 ZF, and ST with a regular group. At first I was really nervous about the healing thing, but when I realized how much slower paced and easier it is to heal an instance than a BG, I felt better.

I also Dual Specced Feral. For a while I was kitty centric, but really was not enjoying the energy mechanic, so I started playing a bit with the bear form. I liked it enough to respec a little bit to be more bear friendly, and am now cruising through Zangarmarsh pulling oodles of mobs and destroying everything. I still bust out heals when I go into BGs, but leveling Prot on my druid for the last levels is proving to be fun. Druid is almost 65 now, has done all the quests in HFP, and maybe 20 or 30 in Zangarmarsh.

The hunter has also been busy, but mostly only for raiding. We are consistently clearing to Soggy Yoggy, but we are unable to pass phase 2. We just cannot clear the damn place.

We have attempted to zerg OS10+3 and can get Sartherion to 10% before she goes immune.

Tried doing some 25 stuff with a sister guild. They are a good group, but not as geared or as progressed or as experienced in raiding. OS25+1 was easy. Ony25 did not happen, we wiped several times, the problem was retarded ass PUGs.

Finally got Crusader Title from the Argent Tournament. Then promptly purchased the awesome dragonhawk. Then Stopped doing the dailies so I can concentrate on the druid. I will go back to being good about dailies once Druid hits 80 and starts raiding/heroicing. The good thing about getting the Crusader Title, it comes with 2 titles and 5 achievements. Which is a good time.

I kind of suspended my AH experiment with the alliance  pets. I found that it will work to do it, but I really wanted my DK back on Horde side, so I deleted Alliance DK and created Horde DK. I ended up making a couple grand on the pets, books of glyph mastery, but…it was just taking up too much time, and I was camping the AH. My druids Inscription/Herbalism and my Warlocks Alchemy are pulling in shit tons of gold so I will just keep doing that.

I think that is about it as far as all the really big deal cool things. Yes I do have ADD with alts by the way, but now that the druid is over 60, he will be my main until 80. I only have 16 levels left…

Warrior, stagnate.

Mage, stagnate.

Pally, stagnate.

Priest, shammy, other priest, warlock all stagnate.

But I work on them sometimes…


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  1. lol @ Ari. Blood has been making and deleting new alts in an attempt to find something new to level to 80 (he’s got 5 max level already, including the 80 DK that he deleted and releveled) … so I suggested he try a mage and so far he loves it. He leveled from 1-24 over the weekend and is doing the unthinkable and leveling as arcane.

    I know the feeling on the neglected alts. My warrior languishes at 48, although I did level his enchanting some last night. The priest gets a level on occasion, the paladin is probably the next project, the druid is forgotten for now .. and we won’t even talk about all the Horde toons that are doing nothing (including three 80s).

    Comment by repgrind | November 16, 2009

  2. Sheesh rep, sounds like you have more of an alt issue than I do. The druid will be my 3rd 80. But, in my defense, I have only been playing a little over a year. I will get up there.

    @ Arioch, I know, I know. I was thinking the warrior though, now that I have the rage mechanic mostly figured out, and it is not difficult keeping my rage bar full I think it will be a blast. At least it is on my druid.

    Comment by smart001 | November 17, 2009

  3. Haha. Thus the tagline on my blog. It doesn’t end at exalted because there’s always another faction or another alt in need of grinding more rep. 😉

    I’ve been playing .. a year and a half. Two of my 80’s are DKs though, they start at such an advantage they really almost should only count as 1 together.

    Comment by repgrind | November 17, 2009

  4. Rep you’re up to 5 80s right? I better get that stupid shaman up so that I can be at least tied with you!

    If you ask me though, alt-itis is the best disease in the game.

    Comment by Troutwort | November 19, 2009

  5. Yeah, 5 … but only 3 classes so you’re kinda ahead anyway. (2 mages, 2 DKs, 1 huntard)

    I really need to get moving on either the pally or the priest (or both).

    Comment by repgrind | November 20, 2009

  6. Holy smokes. You guys have it bad. That being said, I started another DK last night, Undead type, got him to 60 so i have a toon to level with the old lady.

    Back to work

    Comment by smart001 | November 23, 2009

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