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An Addon Review (Routes)

I normally do not write reviews or opinions about add-ons. The reasons are many, but I just don’t really possess the vernacular to articulate what I am trying to say about an add-on. Last night I found one you have to read about. Because it is amazing.

Routes is the name of the add-on and here is what is required to make it work.

  • Cartographer and/or TomTom (I use both and it is amazing)
  • Gatherer

Here is what it does:

  1. Calculates and optimal route for farming anything
  2. Draws the route on your World Map and your Mini Map
  3. Talks to your TomTom Arrow and tells you where to fly next

Here are a couple steps to get it working.

  1. Download and install Routes, I think I got if off, but cannot verify at this time.
  2. Ensure Gatherer is turned on
  3. Ensure you have uploaded all nodes from wowhead through gatherer (this may take a few minutes but is totally worth it)
  4. Type /routes into your chat box up pops a UI.
  5. Click add (on the left about halfway down)
  6. Name the route
  7. Pick the zone you are in and what you want it to calculate the route for (i.e. specific mining nodes or herbalism nodes) (I clicked all mining nodes which were available this is self-explanatory, if you are on your miner you do not need to see the routes for herbs)
  8. Click the button that tells you to cluster (make sure cluster diameter is set to 60 yards)  (imperative, even though it is optional)
  9. Viola


I went to Shadowmoon Valley to farm up some adamantite and Fel iron so I can finally build Jeeves. Told it to optimize and cluster my route and started following the arrow. Basically what it does is points you to the proper direction to get nodes. Now, how does this not violate ToS? It does not tell you were current nodes are, only where nodes have been found in the past. Everyone who has ever farmed nodes of any type understands that nodes will spawn in set, but random locations. This just points you through the most optimal route to hit all nodes.

The cluster function puts all nodes within 60 yards on one point, the radius for discovering nodes is 80 yards so you can expand it that far for a shorter route, but you may miss respawns which are close to you.

Routes calculated my inital route to be over 1million yards long to hit all mining nodes within SMV (sounds like a lot, but you cover the entire area and get lots of stuff). After I clustered it went dow to a little under 600k yards. It took me about 45 minutes to do the whole thing and I ended up with 5 stacks of Fel Iron 3 stacks of adamanite and sadly no stacks of khromium. I also had a bunch of other gems and such and since I am an engineer, I also stopped to farm gas nodes (because I can and I am sure someone wants them). So 45 minutes and I got the whole region, to include a bunch of nethercite ore. You can also set it to do route optimization for Netherwing eggs, but I did not get to that last night as I was not going underground. Tonight I will set up another route that only includes the eggs and we will see what I get from those.

For anyone who prefers to farm mats and not purchase them PICK THIS UP. It really streamlined the farming process. Though I have yet to try it with herbalism.

Tonight I hit Wintergrasp to see how effective it is when other people are farming with me. It was nice to have SMV to myself.

Last night I was supposed to kill Yogg, we decided to take a break for a few days. We have been raiding hard for the last 4 days. I think the break will be nice. Sunday though its his ass.

See you all on Monday.


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  1. You’ve been tagged /smiles Did you kill Yogg? I was supposed to Monday but no one showed up (fail). Oh but they will show up for 25ToCr. I’m thinking of another word for kitty here :p.

    Comment by Raven | November 11, 2009

  2. Not sure if my name is linking back to my blog so…just in case…

    Comment by Raven | November 11, 2009

  3. Thanks for the Tag, I will get to it soon. And no, we did not kill Yogg. That stupid bastard…

    I promise to post in a few days, been doing lots on my toons and have been having a blast.

    Comment by smart001 | November 12, 2009

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