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How to undercut me with my own product

Sounds confusing right? Don’t worry, I will explain…

I started this weekend by purchasing a couple items I was sure would sell.

First, I bought 5 Flasks of Endless Rage on the Horde (28G each) AH and put them on the Alliance AH (50G each). I sold zero over the weekend, even though I was undercutting the next highest by 15 gold. I canceled the auctions this morning and re-listed them at 35 gold. If I sell them at that price I will be happy and will just chalk it up to not making as much as I was hoping too. Not sure less than 7 gold is enough of a profit to deal with the Pain in the Ass it is to move the material. Unless I can start selling a whole shit ton. We will see.

I bought a lot of cats this weekend. You know the cheap 36S cats? I have sold most of them and am posting them at 2G each. First I put them all on the Horde AH. (Here is where the tutorial comes in). Then the main competitor (who I was undercutting significantly) comes in and buys ALL the cats I had posted, so I went and acquired a LOT more of the cats (13 each) and took them to put on the Horde AH, I chickened out at the last-minute, thinking if the competitor saw that many he would not buy them, so I only put about 7 of each cat on the Horde AH. I left the other 7 of each on the neutral AH.

Here is where it gets funny:

I go back a couple hours later, all my cats have been purchased for 2 gold each. Minus AH fees, flight fees, and AH cut, I am making about a gold on each kitty. Well, this knuckle head decides he is going to undercut me with my own cats WHICH HE PURCHASED. So he buys the kitties for 2 gold and is selling them all for 1G99S99C. I have no idea what he is doing unless it is trying to “scare” me out of the market. I will tell you though, what it did do, was scare me back to the Neutral AH, I cancelled half again the Auctions I had there and reposted them on the Horde AH. He did not take the bait this time. But I have sold all but 1 of each kitty on both AHs. I will let those expire and not cancel and relist.

Here is what I learned about the cats:

1) I can sell a lot on the Weekend I think I sold a total of about 65 or so, I will have to go back and check because I cannot remember.

2) I will keep pricing them at 2 gold each, because they move at that price.

3) I am only going to keep 1 or 2 of each cat up during the week.

4) I think it is time to start going for the moths as well. They sell for 50S and are going for 10G on the AH. I think I can post for 5G and be good.

5) I will not make enough money to really do “well” by making only a few gold a piece on pets. This is just to get me started and I am making a profit, just not what I want to make.

I finally got my alchemy to 450 and started making epic gems. The mats are really, really easy. On a whim I put an uncut gem on the AH and made 120G in about 5 minutes. The next day, different gem, same thing. I am working on getting Xmute mastery, as it seems that is a more fiscally responsible type of alchemy to do. Not sure why Primal mights are still going for 150Gold on my server though. So I am transmuting them myself. Getting the Primals is kind of a Pain though, but meh.

And the last thing on the AH business before I post totals.

Another area I am exploring is the Book of Glyph Mastery Market. I bought four off the Horde AH for 30-35 Gold each. I posted all of them on the Alliance AH for 100G each. We will see tonight how that works out. I have also taken to buying items to convert one way or another. For example, I purchased 7 Greater Cosmic Essences for 16 Gold Total. I then Turned them into 21 Lesser Cosmic Essences. I almost immediately sold 4 of the lessers for 8G each which doubled my investment in about 4 minutes of work. I am also experimenting with Primal Earths, Fires and Eternal Stuff.

Ok, on to the good stuff:

Maghu : 1352G 46S

Nagtodeath : 73G 79S

Liselle : 100G 36S

Somehow my bookkeeping is either jacked up, or I reported false numbers the other day. Maghu has not lost money on AH, but I am showing (according to the list 2 days ago) a drop of almost 200G, and a gain of 50G and 40G for Nag and Liselle respectively. Which would put me down about 100G. I will go back tonight and relook the numbers. I think I will have to scratch all earlier reports and start with a clean list tonight. We will see.

So anyway, it may seem like I spent a majority of my time on the AH this weekend, but it really was not that much work. I hardly played at all this weekend, as my daughter had her 4th B-day party so I was busy getting the house ready for people to come over. I logged on about once per hour on Saturday to trick or treat and do an AH check, but mostly I was on about 5 minutes or less every hour.

Man I have rambled the shit out of this thing. I think I will call it quits now, I am sorry these last few days have turned into a journal for me to keep track of my budding AH business. Even if I am screwing the numbers up.


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  1. I found the discrepancy, I had mis-listed how much Maghu had at at the begining. Yes I know about the auction house keeping the deposit. And I am debating on starting the pet business on the “other side”.

    Comment by smart001 | October 27, 2009

  2. Here’s the thing that stood out the most to me. You stated that moths are selling for 10g on the AH and you can post them for 5g. Why sell them at 50% of the going rate?

    You can undercut someone by 50 silver and still be the first one on the list and you’ll still sell. By selling at 5g you are cutting into your profits and hurting the economy as a whole.

    Comment by Randul the Dwarf | October 27, 2009

  3. @ RtD – At 5 Gold, I am almost guaranteed to sell them since people will be reluctant to undercut someone who is already undercutting. I used that approximate model for my cats as well. I am seeing the “sellers” of the pets purchase from me and relist, then, I just sell more and they get bought anyway. I estimate I am rolling out at least twice (if not three times) as many cats as I would be if I was selling “competitively”. As far as destroying the economy, I disagree. I am personally trying to make as much money as possible, that means I have to sell as many pets (and other things too BTW) as I can. The economy really hasnt changed since I started doing this, because it seems when I don’t have something posted, people are buying at the normal price anyway.

    Comment by smart001 | October 29, 2009

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