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Profit: Day 1

Ok, so before I go too much into it, I am starting really small. I do not have a lot of capital to start so I am going to play the AH in small chunks until I get the whole thing figured out.

Soon I will be dealing in everything to include cocaine muskets. (Note, color = Faction)

I leveled my DK to 58, got her to Stormwind and have 20G53S. Nagtodeath

I moved my wife’s lvl 24 Rogue to Booty Bay, she has 58G 78S. Liselle (Yes David Eddings Reference)

My main banker is in Org and has 1524G 36S. Maghu (Another David Eddings Reference) (I love this Author)

Other toons don’t count as they will not be participating in this experiment. Maghu will NOT be sharing his funds. I am not ballsy enough yet to start with nothing, but I don’t want to pad the experiment either. If Maghu puts stuff in the horde AH, he will foot the bill for the deposit/mailing/AH cuts. He will also keep all money that comes in from the AH, but he will share profits.

So I start with a grand total of – 79G31S

Liselle is just hanging in Booty Bay, phase two begins after phase one which is:

Nagtodeath spent 36S each on 8 cats for a grand total of 2G88S, spent 6S flying from SW to BB and 15S each on 8 cats to list on Neutral AH, for a grand total of 4G14S initial investment or 52S per cat. I listed all 8 for 5 gold each. These were the only ones on the AH, so I am not sure if this is a good price or not.This morning I had sold two of the kitties, after the AH cut, I earned 9G10S.

/number crunch

I doubled my investment! I now have 88G41S and have only sold 1/4 of my stock.

So, this post will probably be boring for most, but I have to document this crap in order to make sure I am not screwing it up. I will come back and read it to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes twice.

I am not going to go run and put up a bunch of kitties on the neutral AH, but I will make sure my stock is replenished for the weekend. I am also not afraid to cancel auctions and repost below. As long as my listing price is higher than my IpK (investment per kitty) I will be happy. If this turns out to not be profitable, I will try the kitties on the Horde AH. If that works, I will be putting the cockroaches/snakes in the Alliance AH. There are always cockroaches/snakes in the neutral AH since there are som many horde on my server.

That leads me to another interesting point. I of course scanned all three AH before I started. There were approximately 10K auctions on the horde side, 90 Auction in the Neutral, and 4k Auction in the Alliance. Interestingly enough, the Alliance and horde prices were really really close. Which surprised me, I assumed there would be a huge discrepancy in the prices. I know buying low and selling high is not a great way to make money, but I think it is different if you are playing two different markets.

Which brings me to one more point…

Cleared 10 ToCr last night on my first shot in. Got some flaming cool shoulders and had to listen to the jokes about flamers and such for a few minutes. Those shoulders replaced my last T7 piece. And I still don’t have the Epic Achiev…stoopid cloak.


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