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Another New Toon…Again

I know, this is starting to become a disease, but there is a good reason for it this time.

I have been perusing Gevlon‘s site for some time now. I find his posts to be amusing and not stupid. Plus, I have always held the opinion of myself that I could make some money on the Auction House if I really tried. I also read and re-read the series over at Casual Hardcore. Last night I decided to get off my ass and actually attempt to make some money. And I have  a strategy.

List form go –

1) Become whatever master makes me proc extra flasks on my Warlock.

2) Max alch on my warlock, she is at 445, I need to get those epic gem transmutes so I can sell those, though my main money making from her will be flasks.

3) Level a DK past the starting level on the alliance side. Gevlon gives good reasons for using a DK as a bank alt, namely

1) already able to learn profs up to 375

2) 12 slot bags

3) Already knows all Kalimdor and EK flight points

4) Already has epic riding and an epic mount.

4) Get into the Alliance only pet and recipe market (there is currently only one person in these markets and I can significantly undercut him and still make a profit).

5) decide what profs to make my DK (thinking inscription, JC, tailoring, LW). I want something I can do by purchasing mats with little or no gathering necessary.There are pros and cons to each, just not sure which will be most profiatble. I know Glyphs are supposed to be great, but I already have a toon that will be using most of the herbs I purchase. Tailoring will be good for bags, LW will require me to cut out a portion of the population (cloth wearers), JC will be expensive to level via buying mats (though if I have the money at that point, it will probably pay off, expecially once I start transmuting them). We will see what works.

6) Figure out what side of the server has better money making opportunity (this money will be for my mains, and I intend to do no raiding on the alliance side, but money is easy enough to transfer back and forth.

7) Utilize one of my wife’s character slots to sit at BB neutral AH to move money and goods back and forth.

8) Make money, buy cool mounts, pets, toys, etc.

9) I will keep you all posted, I think.

I am starting with about 2k gold across all my toons. I want to see what I can turn that into. My DK is a Draenei (SP?) and is going to be awesome. She has a JC bonus which is why I chose her, plus IF I ever do raiding with her +1% hit is a great racial. I wanted to do the DK on my wife’s account, but she already has one who is horde and she wouldn’t let me delete it.  I instead deleted my DK and created on on the other side. I will be starting as soon as I finish the starting quests with about 25 gold on the DK, I think I can get some bankroll with just that limited initial investment.

Looking at the iLevel200 Guns my engineer can make looks like it will be profitable, but I am not sure and I don’t have that kind of capital right now. I will experiment with that a little later.

Wish me luck.


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  1. Perhaps I should think about this as well. Broke is fail.

    Love your blog too! Even if you are stinking horde. And I say that with all the respect I have. I may lust after Blood Elves (something about evil sexy elves) but Taurens? Trolls? Orcs? And we must not forget marauding rotting corpses. However do you live with the smell?



    Comment by Raven | October 21, 2009

  2. Welcome Raven, I love new readers/commenters. They make me happy.

    As for the smell, my orcish ears are pierced and I regularly rotate those little green tree smelly things in them.

    Comment by smart001 | October 22, 2009

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