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I am in love

With my new guild.

That’s right ladies and gents, I have left my last guild and moved to a smaller guild where I am guaranteed a raiding slot several times a week, at better times for me. And we have already progressed further than the last guild I was in.

(I think one of them raids nekkid though).

So, late last week I posted about our tribulations with Mimiron. We were having problems getting the last 20ish percent of phase 4 down. Well, after one wipe on Sunday we downed him with 100% of our raid members still alive and kicking.

Just for the record, nothing makes me happier in game than beating a boss who has caused us problems.

We moved on to General V-dizzle which is (reportedly) an easier boss. However, when nobody had been there, there is a learning curve that generally mandates 5 or 8 wipes. We were unable to knock him down last night, but will give it another go tonight before the raid resets.

I spent 1300 Gold on Engineering leveling from 426-450, just so I can make Jeeves. And now I cannot afford mats. This is irritating, but a chore I have meant to finish for a while. Oh, BTW, I now have 2 Wormhole generators, one of which is for sale (pst if interested). I think I made several hundred Gnomish Army Knives.

Another irritating thing is, in order to recoup some of my costs, I want to sell some of the high end engineering guns, namely Nessingwary 4k, and the Armor plated shotgun. However there are none on the AH and I do not know if this is a profitable endeavor. Since I am broke, it will be hard for me to justify the expense. But I need money, so I will probably try it out. Probably going to go with the Armor plated shotgun since it seems to me Warrior tanks trying to get a good baseline set will want to start with that.

As for my dilemma about bringing my warlock into the Siege area of Ulduar. It seems my fears were for naught. I talked to the new GM and the consensus is:

1) Mains only for progression

2) Main Spec on Main toon > Main Spec on Alt Toon

3) Main Spec on Alt Toon > Alt Spec on Main toon (usually)

Basically, this means I will be bringing my Alt in for The Siege and will be transferring her out for the hunter when we hit kolo, or maybe crazy cat lady. I, being the good person I am will have my hunter pres-taged outside Ulduar so there will be limited down time. Literally, less than a minute to log out/log in/zone in/tele-port/get buffs/pwn.

So all in all, I am quite enamored with this group of dudes/ettes, and I look forward to killing more shit with them.


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  1. Keys to Vezax:

    1. Move out of Shadow Crashes. (Then caster dps get back in the black puddles they leave)
    2. Interrupt Searing Flames, every time.
    3. Stay away from anyone with Mark of the Faceless.
    4. Kill the green floaty things. (periodically, if you kill them all at once you won’t have green sludge to stand in later in the fight)
    5. If you are low on mana, stand in that, but be careful because as you regen mana you take damage, and it stacks. 4 – 5 stacks is the most you want before getting out of there.
    6. Tank blows cooldowns on Surge of Darkness, big heals to him.

    Comment by Randul the Dwarf | October 19, 2009

  2. Awesome, sounds like things are going well for you!

    I would probably skip making the Nesingwary, as the gun out of HToC 5-man is going to be better for hunters anyway. I suspect tanks are still going to be wanting the Armor Plated though.

    Comment by repgrind | October 19, 2009

  3. @ arioch – I think the players themselves, i hear a lot of heavy breathing over vent during pulls…I could be wrong 🙂

    @ RtD – Yeah after a few wipes, we started figuring that out, it was actually doing it which was causing us problems.

    @ Repgrind – That is kind of what I was thinking. I checked the AH today and there was a NW 4k on there, but it was 1400 G, not sure if it will sell or not, i will keep my eye on it. There is potentially more profit in the gun if it goes for that, but the alternative is i spend a lot and dont sell it. I am thinking the APSG will sell fairly easily.

    Comment by smart001 | October 19, 2009

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