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Another Alt

I started a Warrior. It was against my intuition, but..I just wanted another low level toon. I did have a warrior at one time who got to level 25, though I never played him. I deleted that toon.

Enter Doomedcow (should have picked hamburger, would have been funnier). He has shoulders, one trinket, and chest heirloom. He is also BS/JC so at level 21 he is now sporting about 900 health. He is cool. I love him. In the way only a man can love a man-cow. I started this toon Sunday afternoon, he has about 6 hours playtime. I love the +20% I am getting.

Hunter, on the other hand, has been busting his ass with dailies and such because he keeps getting upgrades to his gear. Now that I started raiding with him again, I am finding Survival spec to be pretty fun, and it is great to be topping the charts on dps again. Or at least in the top 3.

I kind of pug with a guild (I am referred to as the preferred pug), since my guild has not started a second 10 man raiding group yet. We cleared through the tree-bitch last week, to include Razorscale, Ignis, and 2 shots at Iron Council. We decided to extend the raid lockout to see if we can finish a full clear this week. As long as I dont get pulled into a guild lrun tonight (which is priority), I will be there to see this through to the end. I won’t mind a fresh run though, so it is not really a big deal either way. It would be cool to clear Ulduar though.

That is all for now, back to work.

oh, I got a cool 232 gun last night off 10 Ony. It is nice.


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  1. I was…am. Sorry, this warrior is too much fun…did you know they are impossible to kill?

    Comment by smart001 | October 15, 2009

  2. lol, well let me rephrase that to something along the lines of….

    they are impossible if they are not insane…You might have had insane hard coded into yours 😛

    Comment by smart001 | October 16, 2009

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