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That damn Kodo (or Ram) will never drop. I would be happy with either one, however, I really have always loved the kodo.

I was going to write this entire post in iambic pentameter, but I quickly realized it would take too much of my time trying to figure out proper enunciation of syllables. Instead, I will write a haiku.

Favorite Brewfest

I always get so wasted

Corin is a putz

Anywho, I love Brewfest, I am running the 3 dailies on 4 toons of various levels, I get a chance to kill the putz 10 times a day. I have yet to see that awesome (best imho) mount kodo drop. It pisses me off.

On to other news.

BM hunters got a buff. I don’t have the actual wording but it went something like this.

BM gets a 10% damage increase.

It was that simple 10% more damage just for being BM. My first love is BM and it saddens me, that I have had to pop back and forth between SV and MM to get the best damage and DPS for raids.

I don’t have recount Screenshots but here is a simple comparison. Two days ago, as SV, I killed Corin 5 times and was doing about 35-3700 without trying hard (i.e. no cooldowns, not really worrying about keeping proper shot priority etc).

Yesterday after speccing BM and spending about 10 minutes on a dummy…2100 with minimal effort. That sucks. Then I remembered to pull some of the abilities down (Kill Command, Bestial Wrath etc) 2400 (if I remember correctly). Now I was getting pissed, took a second, reconfigured some stuff, pulled up my old BM macro…blew all cool downs, and still only hit 2900. I tapped out at 2900 dps on a simple boss as BM. And I had to work for that 2900. I was very disappointed. I still insist BM is the best grinding spec, but it still is not worth it (at first glance) for raiding. I do intend to do at least one raid as BM so I can make an accurate assessment (I really should Dual Spec).

Anyway, I think that is all. I will be Brewmaster in a couple more days on 2 toons, and be really close on 2 more, I think I will just need to kill Corin on the two sub 75 toons.



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  1. Ever see The Great Kodo video by Oxhorn? If you haven’t it’s pretty cool!

    Comment by kyrilean | September 23, 2009

  2. hmm, blocked at work, I will check it out tonight at home.

    Comment by smart001 | September 23, 2009

  3. lol, wonderful

    Comment by smart001 | September 23, 2009

  4. yes it counts some, but i am not MM so no it does not count..i am just grumbling, i actually pulled over 3k tonight…still not as good as SV, but better than last night. Just needed to get warmed up a bit i think.

    Comment by smart001 | September 24, 2009

  5. ❤ BM hunters though…3% increased global raid damage!

    Comment by velinath | September 25, 2009

  6. Yeah the 3% is nice, I did ony (25) (PUG) last night and was demolished damage wise by almost everyone. The MM hunter destroyed everyone (Volley FTW). I think I need to Dual Spec to SV and keep BM for grinding/questing etc. I am really disappointed that the Damage Buff is not sufficient to keep BM hunters competitive.

    Comment by smart001 | September 25, 2009

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