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Server Down, what to do?

Gul’dan was down last night. I found this to be very frustrating as that is two nights now I wanted to play my oft-ignored Pally.

Well the little lady and I decided to roll some toons on another server to play around on, after some consideration we thought it would be cool to roll the same race/gender/class, so long story short, There are 2 level 6 female human paladins running around some city on a server name I don’t remember. if you ever get there, look up Random or Vulgarity (BTW Random Vulgarity is the up and coming podcast I am in the midst of creating, it has nothing to do with WoW though). the a’s in each of the words have the little dots over them, but I cannot remember what the code is to drop them on there.

We had a good time taking turns healing and tanking (as much is possible at levels 1-6) then she had to call it a night. Luckily Gul’dan was back up.

I pulled the ol’ dust of Polgara and realized something as I started grinding. Protection pallies are actually pretty decent at grinding.

sylvester stallone
see more Lol Celebs

I am not to that level yet, but pretty close. Mana becomes and issue after a few minutes, but it is pretty easy to get that going again. I think the affliction warlock was easier to grind with, but that was only at level 40, we will see what happens when the pally is at that level.

I am really sorry about the mage. I will probably get to her sometime, but not right now. đŸ˜¦

I will be playing the pally for the time being when I am not grinding “the Insane” and all the other titles I want for my hunter.


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