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What have I been doing?

There will be no images associated with this post. This post will be meaningless and you will read it. Because I demand it.

First order of battle. My Warlock is level 80. That is pretty much it as far as cool stuff goes. I am learning that affliction is awesome for grinding and is pretty good for instances, but it is tough on trash pulls. I may have to DS Destro/Demo or some other bad ass spec like that. But really, I need to get back to achievement hunting on my hunter.

I now have a level 58 DK on Emerald Dream RPPVP server. Seethar is the name. Was supposed to join a buddies guild but we have not hooked up yet.

Have a level 20 something shammy.

Finally got 50 mounts and the Albino Drake on my Hunter.

Got the war talbuk and the dark war talbuk. It is epic. There are so few of them running around.

Need lots more money so I can purchase some more mounts, there are 5 or 6 that I can purchase, I just dont have the cash.

Still no Baron’s Deathcharger, though I do have the Ochre skeletal warhorse. I think the warhorses might be my favorite mounts. Or the raptors, they are pretty cool too.

Have done almost nothing on my hunter except some piddling around, my warlock has done about half the dungeons in Northrend on heroic, and none of the raids. I think I can start raiding now though, my gear is probably Naxx ready.

I am going to be working very very hard on getting all the classic dungeons completed and getting the quests done in Kal and EK, I want the seeker and Loremaster achievements. There are also several other things I need to complete out there.

I have so many things going on with life right now that I am not sure if I will ever finish anything before the next expansion. I hope so.


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