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What I Learned on the Road


Why Motorcycle riders are bad ass!

Well, I finally completed my journey. This is not a WOW post, as I still don’t have internet and am writing this in MSFT Word. I have not played my toons (any of them) in a week or more, and really I am kind of jonesing to get back. I will be back shortly though. I think my playing time will be reduced a little, as there is a little more homework and studying required than I thought. But I will still get my time in.
So the journey was a little over 1700 miles. Not a short distance by any means, and definitely longer on a motorcycle than in a car. I did not (though it pains me to say) make it all the way on my bike. I ended up stopping at a friend’s house halfway and stealing one of their cars. It was just too much and was taking too much time to get where I was trying to go.

I learned a couple valuable lessons along the way though.

1) No matter how often you put sun block on, you will still get burned. I got the shit burned out of me the first day, and had to wear a long coat the second. Since the temperature averaged a chilling 105 along the way, it was not too painful…

2) Motorcycle riders have a different kind of endurance. I will never attempt this kind of journey again when there is a timeline I have to meet. Unless I have a lot and I mean a LOT of time to complete the journey. My hat goes off to those that can do it. I am clearly too weak.

3) People in cars are stupid. And by stupid I mean blind. Apparently nobody can see or hear my load big, 1800cc huge orange bike as it is riding. I punched 4 cars in the driver’s side window because I could not get out of their way and they were coming into my lane. Keep in mind, I know my bike is invisible and will make a huge effort to not be in the blind spot of a car. Still I cannot be seen.

4) People in cars get exponentially stupider the more other drivers are on the road with them. You would think in stopped traffic on an interstate, the ONE motorcycle would stand out amongst all the cars…not so.

5) It is hot in IL, MO, OK, TX, NM, AZ. Really hot.

6) Good friends are hard to find, but easy to hold on to. Like I said, they gave me a car a Dodge Caliber SRT 4 to use for 6 and a half weeks. The only contingent is I give it an oil change. I can live with that.

So the trip was mostly enjoyable, except the severe sun burn, and severe exhaustion that I was feeling for a couple days. But…as David Eddings said: “Any day in which you learn something, is not a waste.”

I look forward to getting back to the WOW scene very soon, probably the next day or so then I will tell you all amusing stories about my trials and tribulations in Northrend, Outlands, Kalimdor, and Eastern Kingdoms.

I hope you are waiting with bated breath.


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  1. Hey welcome back! Glad you made as much of the trip as you could on your bike. Aside from the heat and stupid drivers – they are stupid whether on bike or in car, I hope it was great, it sounds like it.

    Comment by Troutwort | July 5, 2009

  2. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. Good luck in your studies.

    Comment by Latrodanes | July 6, 2009

  3. ping

    Comment by Latrodanes | August 17, 2009

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