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I keep meaning to stop posting to this blog everyday. You know, like post 3 times a week or something. Then, I miss one day, and have a BUNCH of stuff to talk about. Not that I don’t love writing here, I love writing in general, I just usually have a lot of other stuff to do. So, for the time being, I will keep posting mostly every day.

I will be going on an epic journey on my motorcycle from where I am at in IL to Southern AZ. Should be fun, but for 4 days, I will be incommunicado. I will let you know when that happens. Just want to let everyone know now so you don’t cry when you don’t hear from me.
**End Warning**

My wife (63, Undead, Warrior, Prot, and pretty cute, and no you can’t have her (unless you have some money to compensate me with)), is a noob. When she started this toon she knew she wanted to tank. Or at least she wanted to do what I told her tanking was.

62 levels later, I finally get her into a group with people I know that wouldn’t really care if she caused a wipe. That’s right, we did Hellfire Ramparts. In my opinion, she did really really well. Nobody died but her once, and that was because she pulled when the healer was telling a joke (it wasn’t even that funny). She felt bad, but the healer knew and I explained to her that a warrior tank with rage ticking off pulls when she wants. Unless the healer does not have mana. Once she realized it was not her fault and we all yelled at the noob healer (BTW, we are all guildies and this healer has at least three other level 80s that are in Ulduar on a rotating basis, is not really a noob, but we yelled it at him anyway), she was good to go.

The only other hiccup we had was the dragon, she ran into a little problem facing the dragon away from us. But she got it. she also kept yelling “I’m on Fire, I’m on Fire” to which I kept yelling “You have a dedicated healer, he will keep you up”.

The best part of the whole night. When spank looked at me and said “That was amazing.” It almost brought a tear to my eye.

My warlock has done 25 quests in Hellfire Peninsula. She has leveled from 58 to 63 in that time. I know this because sometime after I hit 63 I realized I had not done any quests in a while, so I looked at the achievement thingy and it told me 25/90 for “To Hellfire and Back”. That is a lot of Ramps, BF and UB.

Took a 60 Blood DK into UB. we finished but it was rough. I think we were a little over zealous about that one. Cost me 5 gold in repairs.

I cannot wait to hit 68 and start running kara a couple times. That is the raid that made me fall in love with raiding. I will have to look at loot tables later on to see what kind of goodies my lock wants.

It is hilarious to see my healer buddy standing next to me, since he is pretty much in the same boat I am in as far as questing goes. We have done almost all the instances together. He is a cow, i am a Belf and we are dressed almost identically.

We have also been running with a cool mage. We were tired of him not being in our guild so we recruited him, his friend, and both of their mains. It was sweet.

My hunter was pugged into 25 man Ulduar at Auriaya. That was fun. I was told at the beginning it was a progression run, but I was the only PUG and I knew most of the peeps and the guild to be a bunch of bad asses IMO, so I was not worried. 300 Gold and two nights later, here is the layout

Auriaya (downed), Hodir (not downed), Freya (Not downed), Hodir (one shot), Thorim, (Not downed), Defend WG (PWN), Emalon (one shot), archavon (one shot), Flame leviathan (one tower, two shot).

Phew, that was sweet. Got the orbital bombardment and emblem of conquest achievements to boot.


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  1. lol

    Comment by Steven | June 16, 2009

  2. “You have a dedicated healer, he will keep you up”.

    Famous last words…

    Comment by Troutwort | June 17, 2009

  3. @ trout – indeed

    Comment by smart001 | June 17, 2009

  4. ^_^ yay ulduar

    Comment by velinath | July 4, 2009

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