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Hellfire Peninsula?

So, I hit 58 yesterday on my warlock then I moved to the Outlands to get my first (second)(third) look at Hellfire Peninsula.

Then I hit 59, somewhere in there I hit 60. I am Legend.

I went through Ramparts 3 times (with a lovely 80 hunter leading the way), and once with no 80 to help. I also did BF in a normal leveled group. I learned something very important then.

Affliction, while amazing for grinding, just doesn’t really pull its weight in 5 mans. I did a 0/41/10 build to get my fel hunter and see what I could do. I am still learning shot rotations and how to time the “Molten Core” and Decimate procs that MSBT pops up loudly at me. I think it will be pretty fun though once I get the rotations down. Unfortunately that means I have to unbind my mouseover macros because I am in such a habit to use them, I forget my corruption does not heal me anymore and I keep thinking I can tank.

I think, for the time being, I will forgo the Loremaster Achievement and level through instances. I really want to hit 80 and start raiding , which means I need to know what the heck I am doing. Which means I need to get a lot of practice.

I will, of course, keep questing, I am just gonna do a lot of instances. Oh, I need to do rep now, since I have Alchemy, which actually requires me to have reputation with these people in order to buy recipes.

Ok, I gotta run.


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  1. I leveled my first 2 characters from 60 to 70 entirely through instances pre-leveling speed increase. My advice to you, don’t.

    Back then, thanks to rep issues and such it wasn’t so bad. It was also an excellent way to get gold by questing after the level cap. Now it’s just not nearly efficient enough. Your goal is to hit 80 and start raiding. Remember, you have to hit 80 before you start raiding.

    I would suggest doing every instance you come across. Once. That would include 5 instances on the way to 68 including Setthek. If you do the Northrend instances you’ll have 8 more not including the level 80 instances. This will give you all the practice you need, while still getting the best leveling gains from questing.

    It’s great that you want the experience. However, being that you are out here blogging, I think you will be able to find the information you need and put it to use in instances without leveling primarily through instances.

    Lastly, in regards to the alchemy, don’t worry about Outland recipes unless you are a total completionist. You won’t need these. I leveled my DK to 80 then did his alchemy and I can make all the important things. The level 80 flasks.

    Comment by Randul the Dwarf | June 12, 2009

  2. warlock shot rotations. hehe. hunter much? 😀

    Comment by repgrind | June 12, 2009

  3. @ RtD – I am kind of a completionist, but not so much that I can’t wait. I guess the important ones will be in Northrend. Thanks for the advice on the instancing. I will probably quest as normal, and only grab an instance on occasion.

    @ regrind – I might have a hunter somewhere…lol

    Comment by smart001 | June 12, 2009

  4. You should still write some posts. Like 5 min ones. “I soloed the Slave Pens today…”

    Comment by Guntitan | June 14, 2009

  5. @ Guntitan – I am sorry, I don’t quite understand your comment, you want me to write shorter posts?

    Comment by smart001 | June 15, 2009

  6. I never could get into affliction spec. I dunno, just didn’t fit my playstyle.

    Comment by Troutwort | June 15, 2009

  7. @ Trout – I love it, and was extremely disappointed when I felt it necessary to change to a demo/destro mix.

    Either way though, I am loving this lock.

    Comment by Steven | June 15, 2009

  8. Yeah, I am putting together another blog for another area of my interests on wordpress, steven is much more ambiguous than smart001. Plus I want to be known as Steven on that site. It will make sense later.

    What is not to love about lifetaplifetapDESTROY.

    Order of 80 precednece is


    I have a level one shammy in there somewhere that I will want to RAF while I am in AZ for 6 weeks. He will hit 60 in there somewhere. If i get a really cool RAF, I might be able to get all my toons to 60. Hmm I might have to cheat on all my toons. I will see.

    Comment by Steven | June 16, 2009

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