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Wanna-be Doctor Does Survey

A friend that plays Eve forwarded me this link for a gentleman conducting his thesis, on customer retention etc etc. The survey takes just about 10-15 minutes, and is mostly concerned about your relationship with your particular MMO. Give it a shot and post it on your blog and stuff.

Dear EVE Players,

I’m an academic researcher into online massively multiplayer computer games, specifically looking at drivers of customer retention and loyalty for my PhD. As part of my research I’m conducting a large scale web-based survey you are invited to participate in.

The link to the survey is here

While I’m sure you’ll may have concerns regarding unsolicited postings, for your information, regarding the nature of the survey, the research ethics protocols my survey operates under require all participants to be 18 or over and information obtained in this study will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous. Disclosure of data obtained through this research will be reproduced and published specifically for academic purposes, in a variety of forms (academic journal articles, etc.) and for a variety of audiences, related to the broad nature of the research. The protocols having gained approval from Newcastle Business School’s Ethics Committee.

You should be able to find some more details about myself here, and my previous publications and research here. I also maintain a research blog here.

Any and all feedback is gratefully received, and if you any feedback, or questions, please post them in reply.

I would also be very grateful if you could re-post that link to the survey as far and wide as possible to your corporation, friends and other MMO-Gamers that you may know.

Kind Regards

David Grundy
Senior Lecturer
BA (Hons) Business Studies Programme Leader


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