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Tornadoes abound

I did not get to play at all last night. There was a tornado in the area. Consequently, I lost power and couldn’t get online. I did get to play a little yesterday during lunch though. I had an interesting experience I will share here with you.

Sometime while tooling around in Feralas I hit 300 on my herbalism and 290 in my alchemy. I decided, since I still had about 8 levels till the oulands, I might as well go train mastery in the profs. I talk to a mage buddy and off I port to Shatt.

As an aside, you can learn alchemy in shatt, but not herbalism.

After learning Herbalism, I decide to chance the run to HFP to learn herbalism while getting the Flight Points along the way.

I pop a defense pot (+450 Armor) and demons armor, grab a healthstone, and Soulshard myself. I was fully expecting a rough journey.

Somewhere near the Falcon Wing Post (getting FP), when a level 63 Warlock whispers me. Below is the conversation. (BTW, normally I embellish conversations…not this time, this is verbatim.)

Him: Why the hell do you have a +Arm potion on?
Me: It is a tricky run at my low level from shat to here.
Him: You are an idiot!
Me: ??
Him: Did you buy your account? Why would you think it was a good idea for a FUCKING WARLOCK TO USE +ARMOR?
Me: Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? I am a clothy, + Armor is helpful when doing a mad dash through a high level area.
Me: /ignore

I am serious. He told me to reroll a mage.

My issue is this: even if I was wrong (which I don’t think I was), that is absolutely absurd. Why would someone initiate contact with me and tell me what an idiot I am? Just let me idiotically run through HFP, I will be done in a few minutes and back to Feralas, never to return. Rude people like that really irritate me. Though I find some consolation in the fact he is probably still there yelling at me.

My question is: Was I wrong? I already told you I was an alchemist that his relatively high for his level. I did not purchase this pot, I just didn’t sell it, so it cost me nothing. I could have used any number of pots (stam, int, SP), but, knowing I would not be targeting anything, I went with something that would help me take a couple additional hits. While I don’t know how much the +450 really helps, I figure it is better than nothing. I don’t know, but I am curious, would anyone else had done that?


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  1. Unsolicited help from d-bags is one of my favorite things about this game. They can’t just be nice about it either, they have to belittle you first.

    To answer your question, nah, I don’t think you were wrong. It was either that or the stamina, as you said. Either way, your goal was to decrease the effect of the hits you knew you’d be taking. Both of those would do that.

    The guy was an idiot. It’s one thing to ask about it, it’s another thing to keep going after you get a reasonable answer.

    Comment by Randul the Dwarf | June 9, 2009

  2. Don’t see anything wrong with that. I’ve always made the run without any buffs which was probably stupid come to think of it…

    My question is how many of you actually go around clicking on people to see what gear or buffs they have? I always read about it, even experience ppl telling me what crap gear I have on alts. Just don’t understand the fascination of checking others out.

    Comment by kyrilean | June 9, 2009


    HA HA HA HA.

    That was the best part, I laughed at that. Wow, sounds like you met a d-bag. Agreeing with the others, I don’t think you were wrong, and yes, I just don’t care enough about what other people are doing to click on them and see what buffs/pots they are using. That would be like if someone yelled at me when I’m standing in IF buffing random people running by and accidentally give spirit to a rogue or warrior.

    Sorry about your bad experience, but good for you for getting your herbalism up. The nice thing about expanding that level cap is that you can get skill points on the herbs while you finish up your last few levels in old Azeroth.

    Comment by Troutwort | June 9, 2009

  4. @ RTD – I agree go ahead and ask, but leave it alone once someone gives an answer. BTW, if he was so “uber leet” he probably could have figured out that a level 52 in the outlands was clearly looking for something in particular.

    @ Kyr – I rarely, unless in an instance, or Raid and someone is doing really good or really bad DPS. Then I check just to see what they have going on, either to make (polite) recommendations, or to steal the ideas.

    @ Arioch – For some reason the image of your toon running naked except for a tabbard through the outlands is funny. Good idea though, since I ended up dying once.

    @ Trout – Yeah, I thought that was hilarious, especially since I have a mage (mid 20s) and the class is not really that easy to play, mages are even squishier than warlocks. She is fun though, and if I had not already fallen in love with the lock the mage would be much higher.

    Comment by smart001 | June 10, 2009

  5. […] find without raiding.  This is one of those scenarios where I must have just got caught by bored people inspecting my gearas I run around Dalaran or […]

    Pingback by Troutwort of Stormwind « Crits and Giggles | June 11, 2009


    Lol. He said it like mages need armor.

    Comment by velinath | June 16, 2009

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