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Ulduar Revisited

So in order to make sure I spelled Mimiron correctly and not mimmrion, or some other craziness, I did a search for Ulduar boss list in Google, and I found this great post at WTFSpaghetti. So anyway, I am mostly linking that here because I don’t know who owns the picture and I will definitely need to reference it again.

While screwing around on my Warlock last night, doing some quests and drinking some rum, one of my old guildies sends me a whisper.

To Me: Hey wanna come do Ulduar 10?
From Me: On my lock? No!!
To Me:…
To Me: No, not on your lock you ass! Your hunter!
From Me: Oh, where you guys at and how much longer you gonna be raiding?
To Me: At Freya, going to Mimiron, probably only raiding another hour, hour and a half.
From Me: You know I have not done either of those bosses.
To Me: You are the most uber awesomely leetzorz bad ass cool guy I know, you will do fine.
From Me: That is true on all accounts, however, you know that I work early and will have to leave in about an hour and a half.
To Me: I know you sissy…
From Me: Ok, give me a second and I will be there.

See, even my buddies online who I have never met call me an ass. And I was just playing, I knew they didn’t want my lock … or at least I hoped they didn’t…

So, I get into the raid, tell them I need one minute for repairs and bullets and Its off to the races.

Freya was actually pretty easy. We had one wipe on Trash after an unfortunate pull, but all in all was pretty easy. It helps when everyone listens to their assignments and follows them. I had to kill the storm elemental Freya summons, that was too easy. A nice leather leg piece dropped, first glance told me to take it, second glance told me no, so it was sharded.

The immensity of this place amazes me, getting through the trash to get to the subway to kill mimiron is staggering in scope, and the fact that you don’t zone into Mimiron, you just ride the subway is amazing.

Mimiron was a little more challenging, had 2 wipes and then cleaned up. The only real difficult part was we almost killed the head too early, but it all worked out. Oh and the token for Valorous Scourgestalker Headpiece dropped. I won it. That’s right, the first piece of Ulduar gear I get is the Tier 8 token for my head. I JUST got the T 7.5 Token of KT a few weeks ago.

I really really hope they invite me back. I tried really hard not to be teh nub, and I think I succeeded, I didn’t get called “that fucking hunter” at all…which is good. I told them to invite me back if they needed a PUG, we will see if they do. Oh, and their raiding times are MUCH more conducive than my current guild’s raiding times. But no, I won’t leave my current guild, they are just too awesome.

My current guild is a little nervous about going into Ulduar as a guild because of the relatively low gear they have as a collective. Almost all of them have 10 Naxx/25 Naxx epics and are fully epiced (prob not a word) out. I am thinking we could do it since nobody was pushing more than about 3500 dps for the two fights we did, and most peeps were at about the 25-2900 range. My guild could pull that off, I will see if I can convince them this weekend.


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