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Request for Information

This is a WoW blog, it is my duty to post a link to the patch notes. I will not post all the patch notes. So, here they are Patch notes. Most of you have read them, but just in case.

Also, I cannot wait for the new druid skins they will probably make me start playing my druid again. Finally get him to 40.

Now the request.

I have never played a MMO or a tabletop RPG. Therefore, the only theorycrafting I know how to do is /search elitist jerks and other sites that I know and love. I also know about rawr and a few other sites that I go to for information, to include spreadsheets and such.

What I want is an easy, how to, calculate this stuff on paper.

I want to be able to have a sheet of paper, and use a pencil, and decide if the +16 agi or the +32 AP gem is better for my current spec and stats for my hunter.

Or if I should get +spirit or +int for my priest.

That has to exist somewhere, but I cannot find it. Even if the worksheet is not already built, if there is a website that tells me how to do that I would love it.

This is probably really easy to answer, but I am new to MMO and don’t know the answer.

That is all.

I am thinking of getting a catchphrase for the end of each post. Like here and here do, so you might as well help me out with that too. 🙂


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  1. I think that you can gather the formula’s from EJ, but they get so convoluted that you most likely need a spreadsheet to understand them.

    Comment by Sorcefire | June 2, 2009

  2. @ Arioch – Yeah it was eaten, I pulled it back. So sounds like I just need to figure out Rawr. ok.

    @ Sorcefire – I completely agree, even the hunter spreadsheet is convoluted as shit, and it is pretty well documented and stuff. I am not very smart though so I think that is the problem. 🙂

    Comment by smart001 | June 3, 2009

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