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Weekend Events

Unfortunately, this weekend, RL reared its ugly head.

I had to do a mid-term for my class. Scored pretty well, if I say so myself.

Consequently, I was unable to play at all, except for a little grinding for Thunderbluff Reputation. Which I am now exalted with. My bad ass little orc looks pretty cool on all his new mounts, and kodos are so cool.

The only one I have left is about 6 thousand more rep with Silvermoon City. Not really sure where to go to get that rep, but I will figure it out.

I also spent about 45 minutes last night finally becoming an Argent Aspirant. That pretty much means I am able to champion a city now. Of course, I was unable to choose the faction I need rep with, but I guess after 5 or so days, I will be a champion with Orgrimar and will be able to pick Silvermoon to get the last few thousand reputation.

I will save you from the random wall of text today. Hopefully, I will get more to you tomorrow.


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  1. slacker

    Comment by Latrodanes | June 1, 2009

  2. I know, i know. I look forward to totally geeking it out tonight though while watching IT with my wife and her sister. Neither one has seen it.

    Comment by smart001 | June 1, 2009

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