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Three Fifths in…

No, I am not a raging alcoholic…I am not writing this post after having drank three 1/5ths of any type of liquid courage.

I don’t need booze to function. Booze is fun though.

I am now Exalted with 3 of the 5 (thus the title) Horde Cities.

Orgrimar – done
Darkspear Trolls – done
Undercity – done

Wow, I am awesome.

I moved my exponentially cool hunter over to Mulgore, way down there in the starting area for Tauren. I was tired and not in the mooooood to do any more quests, but I was at 1997 so I figured I might as well do 3 more for 2K quests. So I did.

That’s right ladies and gents, I got the title “the See”. “ker” comes at 3K.

I look awesome on my new Purple Deathcharger too. Picking up 6 more mounts from Brill got me to 41 mounts. I should hit 47 tonight with addition of the Kodo’s and by Sunday evening I will be “the Ambassador”, and have 50 mounts. Not sure how I am gonna look on the Chocobo though.

Oh, and I have a mid-term this weekend. So we will see.

And I have been neglecting the poor mage. Which I hear about a lot since the wife wants to level her rogue. If I can push her off one more weekend though and get my Albino Drake, I will be happy.


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  1. Congrats on the 3.

    Comment by telanarra | May 29, 2009

  2. Congrats! The only titles I have are two from the Argent Tournament (Stormwind/Exodar). I’m close to having the Explorer title, but just haven’t had the energy to tour the old world for discoveries yet.

    Comment by Sorcefire | May 29, 2009

  3. Congrats on 3!

    I am currently on 3 as well, but like Sorcefire, i am getting my rep at the Tourney.

    I am currently exalted with SW, IF and Gnomer(having hit SW and Gnomer with in 30 min of weach other! :))

    I am also the Explorer, which brings my total to 6 (jenkins, the noble, SW IF and Gnomer) the last one escapes me right now lol

    Comment by bldavis59 | May 31, 2009

  4. edit above post:

    DUH! 6th one is explorer

    Comment by bldavis59 | May 31, 2009

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