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The Baron’s Deathcharger

I wish the news I was bringing you today was happier.

I wish I could tell you some good news.


It is not to be.

I am currently halfway through revered with the Argent Dawn.

I have done maybe 10 quests to get rep with them.

All the rest of the rep is grinding the DEAD side. I don’t even have the completion achievement.

This is getting ridiculous.

Please drop for me tonight, please please please.

Also I am at 1912 quests completed. Only 1088 left for “The Seeker”.


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  1. I feel your pain. Juna is … just about at the same spot in rep as you I believe. I don’t think she’s done any quests, other than a couple non-plaguelands ones that she didn’t know were Argent Dawn. She’d been doing the runs since before the patch that let tauren ride any mount, since that is one of the three horses she could have used then. Still don’t have one. 😦

    Comment by repgrind | May 27, 2009

  2. I know, i know. It is so depressing. There will be much rejoicing when I finally get it.

    Good luck to you.

    Comment by smart001 | May 27, 2009

  3. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to grab a buddy and run some Strat for rep.

    It’s probably my favorite instance, and for the life of me I don’t know why.

    Hope you get the charger soon!


    Comment by emptyay | May 27, 2009


    didn’t drop last night for me either. 😦

    Comment by smart001 | May 28, 2009

  5. Usually once a week we head over there. No luck yet either here. I’m pretty convinced I’ll fall out of my chair when if I do see it drop.

    Comment by Troutwort | June 8, 2009

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