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Getting back on track and a Warlock Guide

I am back.

Work had me cavorting up and down the East Coast.

Homework had me spending much of the sketchy internet time I had trying to post VB projects to a blackboard. The system is great, if your internet is great.

Consequently, not much playing got done.

Still have things to say
I cannot ever run out
of real cool tidbits

How about the impromptu haiku … whoa that rhymes too … even more, that makes a slue … wtf this is ridiculous

Apparently my muse has been busy as I took this last week off to study and work.

I am getting into the swing of things, so my posting schedule will be back to its mostly every weekday or so.

Things I did do –
Raids – Was invited into one raid for 10 Naxx with the new guild. Someone less geared needed stuff and I needed nothing, so I dropped. No big deal.

Got to know the new guild even better. It is nice to know that even when I am studying, I find myself wanting to get into vent with these noobs and talk to them because they are cool. My wife is not in the guild (she is in a leveling guild and has free access to everything in the bank and all 3 tabs, so she gets a lot of benefit from being in there), and the guild has accepted her as a member anyway (I secretly think they like her more than me).

I leveled some on my mage got her out of the ghostlands and did some stuff. She is now resting in Tarren Mill with the wife’s rogue. I think we are level 23 ish. Really have not had the opportunity to play her much.

My Warlock on the other hand. Well, I know I said I would not play any other toons until I leveled Medhiva to 80. I apparently lied.

I was bored, had completed my hunter’s dailies, the wife wasn’t on, and I wanted to play. I can’t play the mage if the rogue isn’t with me (part of the deal i guess). I decided to give the ol’ lock another run.

Vanddora, had been leveling demonology. I was having fun. She was 43. She had lots of rested XP.

I had not played her since the last time Blizzard conveniently refunded all talent points. So, talking to a couple buddies who have locks I decided to give affliction a go.

It is incredible. Granted the hunter was my first toon and I really didn’t know what I was doing while leveling (not that I do with the lock either), but I can take 14 Bloodsail pirates at a time. AND I AM WEARING CLOTH!!

Granted I can only do that much because I have the additional CD to blow (Lifeblood FTW).

Intermission: I took a break and rode my motorcycle home for lunch, only to be caught in a torrential downpour. Illinois weather FTW!!

Here is how I, the uber leet leve 49 soon to be 50, do it.

Step 1. Pull out succubus. I have tried all the available demons with different results:
Voidwalker – Great for tanking, but does not do as much dps. IT won’t matter if you have a tank using this grind method. You will get hit regardless, probably by all the mobs you are trying to pull. Trust me, it is OK.
Imp – Fire Shield is nice. Would use him if I don’t have shards to summon succubus.
Felhound – Nice Mana to pull off with Dark Pact, but ultimately, damage done is the second least.
Succubus – most damage, make sure you turn the auto seduce off.

Step 2. Find a group of mobs that are kind of close together or at least close enough that you can run around and DOT ’em all up.

Step 3. Put on Demon Armor.

Step 4. Double Check Demon Armor.

Step 5. Use your cool little spell shard for your weapon.

Step 6. Make sure you have a healthstone, and a health/mana pot.

Step 7. Well fed?

Step 8. Souls hard?

At this point you are ready. Just make sure all your little buffs are up constantly, and you will be able to chain pull until you run out of mana and/or health. Using my system, I run out of mobs long before I run out of mana or health.

Here is the fun part.

9. Yell your battle cry. I prefer For the Ponies – But pick what you like.

10. Run in slapping corruption on EVERYTHING you want targeting you. Your little demon chick will start systematically killing them. Don’t worry, you will hold aggro just fine.

11. Start tabbing through all the mobs around you. Make sure corruption stays up. That is what is keeping you alive (or rather siphon life is, but you know what I mean). Throw a curse out there – I prefer curse of agony, as it kills shit faster.

12. If you are a BE, pop Arcane Torrent early on. A two minute CD makes this very user friendly, 6% is nothing to laugh at either.

13. If mana is not an issue, and NightFall Procs, go ahead and throw a Shadowbolt out there instantly dealing damage to something. Since it is an instant, you can run while firing it. (OT – When are they ever gonna fix Multi-Shot for hunters?)

14. Things should be dying by now. As long as you have corruption on everything targeting you, your health should be fine. Read below for some tips and tricks in case your health/mana is not doing fine.

15. Loot ’em up buttercup. Admire the beauty of a 30 second battle laying waste to EVERYTHING in an area.


1. If your mana starts to run low, pull mana from your succubus/demon. If your health is fine pull mana from yourself. Siphon life will keep a steady stream of health coming to you.

2. Lifeblood is great. Use it if you are an herbalist. Make sure you use it at about 35-40% unless things are dying off. It is a HOT so will take a few seconds to heal you.

3. Death Coil is amazing. Use it a lot. Healing is instantly so it is a great way to get a nice chunk of health back. I think mine is about 900 ish I get back.

4. As long as you have corruption on all the targets, another great method of replenishing health is to Howl of Terror everything. As the mobs run away, you are getting healed from siphon life. Add insult to injury by using drain life as well.

That is pretty much it. I have leveled the last seven levels like this. It is amazingly fast, simple and really really fun. I have killed things higher than I should have been able to and more of them because this method is so great. Make sure you use your Cool downs though. None of them are more than 2 minutes, if that is all you have to wait to do the whole process again, well … so be it.

HAHAA – Lots of text here today. Sorry. That is what you get for me being on business all week.


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  1. Succubus is definitely the way to go if you don’t have the awesome power of the Felguard at your disposal.

    Comment by Pathis | May 26, 2009

  2. @pathis – I will be experimenting with the demo tree later on. I will probably end up dual speccing this toon. Affliction just didn’t seen to be any good for instances. The Dots just weren’t ticking fast enough.

    @arioch – Mage gets a revisit tonight. i neglected her this last week. I am back at Hillsbrad Foothills too, which is a good questing time. Lots of grinding.

    Comment by smart001 | May 27, 2009

  3. @pathis again – I tried submitting a comment a couple times on different posts and was unable to do so. It may be my firewall but I cannot check until tonight. If you get this, you might want to check to make sure your comments are enabled. Just in case. đŸ˜¦ More likely though, it is an issue with the work thing.

    Comment by smart001 | May 27, 2009

  4. […] First This post is an affliction warlock grind guide that I wrote. […]

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