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Shiny Things

You can thank Arioch for this post. She wrote this post here, and it gave me an idea for a post to write.

It has taken me a few days to put this together becuase I was not sure the best way to present it. I could post a bunch of screenshots of cool things I have picked up. Or things that I went out of the way to find for no reason other than to have it, or play a joke on someone.

For example, I went all the way over to Darnassus and tamed a two headed dog just so I could name it nicaced, after two of my favorite in-game healers (as opposed to out of game?:) ). The dog is still level 75, as I have done no leveling with it, at all, but it was good for several laughs.

There are also cool things I have sitting in my bank that serve no other purpose, besides it was cool to have it. Arcanite Ripper for example, was a good axe at the time, but now is pretty much worthless. Oh yeah, except that it turns you into a bad ass rock and roll star. That thing is still great to bust out as we are getting ready to run Ulduar, Naxx, or EoE.

I also have seasoned holly to surprise people with my reindeer as I am flying around. I saved some of the bunny turning branches. I plan on waiting a few weeks to bust that out during a raid. I know it will cause a wipe but I am really tempted to turn the tank into a bunny while he is tanking something. Like Maex or something. I know damage cancels the effect, but that would be hilarious for a few seconds.

I went out of my way to get Don Carlos’ Hat, for no other reason, but to have Xikar and the ghost wolf running around with me.

Once exalted with Timbermaw, I went and did the follow on, exalted only, quest to get the trinket that summons a Timbermaw to heal me for a few seconds. Pointless now, but still something to bust out and walk around town with.

I have had this conversation a couple times with a co-worker of mine (he won’t play wow, but does play conan and Eve). he says that is the thing that is missing from those two games. Shiny stuff. Stuff that really doesn’t serve a purpose (or its purpose has since expired), but makes players want to hold on to it.

Now, I am curious, I am sure there are players out there who get rid of all the stuff that serves no purpose for them any longer, but I am sure there are more players who save things because they think it is cool.

So tell me, what “shiny things” you have discovered, found, kept, or (as in the case of my two headed dog) what mundane thing have you gone out of your way for, for no reason other than the laugh?


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  1. I tend to keep a few things from each expansion. For example I have my whole fire resist tanking gear from vanilla wow. A whooping 390 FR! haha…Dark Iron ftw

    This past expansion I decided to keep the arcanite ripper and some badass shoulders from Kara. Not sure why on the shoulders, but nonetheless =D

    Good read and nice blog =P

    Comment by thedoctor | May 12, 2009

  2. Blackened Urn, from Kara. That thing has more nostalgic value to me than 2 gold for vendoring it could ever say.

    I also kept my final BC raiding set, and intend to do the same with my WOTLK set.

    Comment by velinath | May 12, 2009

  3. @ Arioch – I look forward to reading it.

    @ thedoctor – Love your site. Thanks for leaving a comment, I probably would not have ventured over there if you hadn’t, also, thanks for the compliments.

    @ velinath – As you know my BC raiding set was incomplete when WotLK was released, the only piece I kept was the T-4 Helm (looks sweet) and the afore mentioned Arcanite Ripper. I need to get that urn. Wait…I am exalted and don’t ever have to run kara again…wait I have alts. Damn. But awesome too, kara is a good raid.

    Comment by smart001 | May 12, 2009

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