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Medhiva Breaks out Part 2.

Ladies and gentlemen.

The results of the poll are in.

With two thirds of the vote…

Medhiva the Mage Wins.

From hence forward I will be leveling her consistently until I hit 80, at which point I will stop leveling her…obviously.

I will keep playing my hunter, I still have dailies and raids to do.

My goal is to hit level 20 this weekend. No easy feat, as I have a LOT to do this weekend IRL.

I am a little irritated that everyone who voted for one of the two level 1 toons I had listed. Why would you not pick one of my higher level toons? Why?

Oh well, the masses have spoken.

I will comply.

I will not be happy about it.

I’m just teasing. I would never play this game if I thought it was not fun.

Tourguide and WoW-Pro FTW!


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  1. Why? Well, because mages rock, of course. =P
    Fire is fun, Roz burned his way from 1-80 in @ 2 months.*
    I’m sure Velinath would agree. Plus at 20 you get blink, and then once you learn teleport you can set your hearthstone to wherever you are questing and still return to the city whenever you want, instantly!**

    *1-75 at least, then he sidetracked to frostfire bolt for a couple levels before finally going to arcane, which is where he was destined to go from the start
    **or at least as instant as a 10 second cast time 😉

    Comment by repgrind | May 8, 2009

  2. Mmmm….TourGuide…

    Yeah, I did level deep Fire, and it is crazy fun…that said, I actually recommend AoE Frost for leveling (from anecdotal evidence; I’ve never played the spec.)

    Comment by velinath | May 10, 2009

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