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Horseys, and Spiders and Upgrades Oh My

First, a quick suggestion for Matt and the rest of the WP crew, I know they read EVERY SINGLE WP BLOG.

I want to be able to link to wowhead from here my dashboard, but I am not allowed to insert the wowhead code into the header. If you could please allow this that would be great. I cannot access wowhead from work, and I have a lot of links in this and previous posts. If you are a WoW blogger and know how to do this without my going to wowhead, let me know. Please.

Ok, on to the business at hand.

First, a few people from the guild wanted to try to Kill Sartherion with 1 Drake Up. So we pugged 22 people. This was my first attempt at Sarth +1 and I will tell you, it is pretty easy when you have massive amounts of DPS. I don’t think anyone (almost to include the healers) was below 2500 DPS on this fight. The whole process took about 25 – 30 minutes, we had no deaths, even to flame walls. So pretty much a flawless run. I did get heroic: Twilight Assist. This week we will be trying for +2.

Then, I had a continuation of a 25 Naxx run I started with another guild. This was interesting for a couple reasons.

1) I have never cleared 25 Naxx.
2) I came in last Friday for a full clear.
3) I did not like the guild I was running with. I did not know that at the time I signed up. About an hour into the run on Friday, I was extremely irritated with them. But they can kill a boss real good, so I stuck it out.

So I was a little apprehensive about doing Arachnid Quarter, 4 Horsemen, and of course Sapph and KT with these guys.

Four horsemen was a joke. We destroyed it. Nothing Significant to report there. They do it a little differently than I am used to, the plan was to stay at the first horseman until he was dead, even if we hit 4 or five stacks of his debuff. Turns out we killed him about 3 seconds after his second stack. Oh yeah, I finally got my T 7.5 Chest token. I still do not have the 4 piece bonus, but all three pieces I have are 7.5.

Next was Arachnid. This is the easiest quarter IMO, not sure why they wanted to save it for last, but meh, not my run. Arachnoid Bracers Dropped as did the Strong Handed Ring. Loot master pops up with Roll on Ring. So I did (BTW, I only have one blue item left, it is a ring, I can NEVER get a ring to drop), he loots me the bracers. Guess what bracers I already own ladies and gentlemen. That’s right, The Arachnoid Gold Friggin Bracers. I was pissed. Then the LM says, we were rolling on the bracers not the ring. So I scroll back up. He had put the ring in raid warning, then not in raid warning changed it to the bracers. I did not see the not raid warning one. I was soo pissed. But, whatever.

Heroic: Mamma said Knock You Out was cake.

Maexxna, another easy fight. Like I said, these guys might be stupid, but they can kill the shit out of a boss. That is the only reason I stuck around with them. Maexx dropped a new belt for me so that is a big upgrade and that is awesome.

If you are counting loot that is:
Chest token
Bracers (bleh)

But wait there is more.

We one shot Sapphiron. Had one death overall, but we kind of expected it, as he was complaining taht his fingers had fallen off. He also claimed to be on drugs. I think he is a victim of misspent youth crying out for help. I don’t know. Made me laugh though. Oh and for not having fingers, he healed his ass off.

Get to KT. This is the only part that I am nervous about. I heard it gets really crowded in there and this is the first time I have seen KT on 25 man. I type /range for DBM to hook me up a bit. Phase 1, easy. It is no different than 10 man. Phase 2. Actually not that bad. I am personally responsible for 1 death. I got MC and started destroying this poor priest. Then the mage sheeped me. Bad Mage! ;). Getting 4 adds instead of two with the OT running around picking them up was a bit nerve wracking as, it was so crowded in there. One Ice Block could have been our undoing. KT is now one shot. What does he drop? Envoy of Mortality. Guess who won that roll with a 100. Yep, it was me.

BTW, I know I won the roll, but if one of the nicest ranged weapons drops and a hunter rolls on it. NO WARRIOR SHOULD ROLL ON THAT FRIGGIN WEAPON. Yeah, a warrior rolled against me. Granted I had already rolled 100 so not a big deal, but seriously folks. Tier 7.5 head token droped as well, but since I had just won the Gun, I was not allowed to roll. But I am not stressing it, I got lots o’ loot last night.

All in all, got quite a few col achievements yesterday, and I am pretty excited to say Fall of Naxxramas was one of them.


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  1. I know CD sometimes saves Arachnid Quarter for last so that we can get the hard quarters out of the way faster – but if we start with, like, 20 people like we did last night, we’ll go to Arachnid first.

    Grats on all the awesome loots! Now you can come run with Amaso’s group – we’re better there =)

    Comment by velinath | May 8, 2009

  2. Here is a little confession. I have not equipped any of the new gear yet, as I have not had the time or funds to get the requisite gems/enchants. Speaking of which aren’t you a gemoligist? 🙂

    Comment by smart001 | May 8, 2009

  3. And is Amaso’s group the one I ran with the other night? I liked those guys, they were pretty cool and I really like the was they were running loot and in constant movement. Nothing pisses me off more than standing around.

    Comment by smart001 | May 8, 2009

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