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Children’s Week

Children’s Week goes from 1 May through 7 May, and yes you still have time even though only 4 days remain and one of the achievements says you have to do a daily quest for five consecutive days. I did all mine in one day and got it.

I thought this weekend was going to be boring. I thought fulfilling all the Children’s week Quests were going to be a pain in the ass. The truth is…Well, kind of a pain in the ass, but not boring.

I actually spent several hours working on nothing but Children’s week Achievements. I eschewed all guild run requests and spent some very relaxing time doing nothing but PvP and escorting my little orphans all over the place.

My advice is all from the Horde Perspective. I do not have an alliance character so I don’t know where the orphans or the places they want to visit are.

Easy Stuff First

I actually had this portion all written out except for a few grid coords. While researching said coords, I came across wowhead and this page does a much better job explaining it. After the blockquote is all me baby. Quick note: Normally I do not think it is good practice to put other people’s blogs in my blog, however, I am not just providing the link because I know wowhead is NSFW, whereas this blog usually is. 

Remember, even though this quote tells you to turn in your orphan, you have to keep at least one orphan until you complete all the achievements.

Apparently I lied. Read what Arioch wrote in my comments.

Turn in both your orphans and talk to either of the matrons again. She will give you a new whistle for the rest of the week.

Horde Quests

There are two orphans that Horde players can adopt during Children’s Week, each with different quests. You can adopt both orphans (at the same time, even) and complete both quest chains and obtain two cute pets per year!

Orcish Orphan
You can adopt an Orcish orphan in Orgrimmar by speaking with Orphan Matron Battlewail [70,25] and accepting her quest, Children’s Week. Use the Orcish Orphan Whistle to summon your orphan, Grunth, and complete this quest.

Once you have completed this quest, three new quests become available from your orphan:

Upon completion of all three of these quests, two new quests will become available:

Finally, you will be given a quest to return the orphan whistle to the Matron:

  • A Warden of the Horde
    Return the Orcish Orphan the Matron in Orgrimmar and you will be given your choice of one from the following cute pets:  

    Or, if you hate pets, you can opt to select the Curmudgeon’s Payoff, which contains a measly 5G. This quest awards 3G 30S at 80 and 500 Horde Reputation! You will have the option to complete this quest again next year, so you can eventually collect all of the pets!

Blood Elf Orphan
You can adopt an Blood Elf orphan in Shattrath City by speaking with Orphan Matron Mercy [75,48] and accepting her quest, Children’s Week. Use the Blood Elf Orphan Whistle to summon your orphan, Salandria, and complete this quest.

Once you have completed this quest, three new quests become available from your orphan:

Upon completion of all three of these quests, two new quests will become available:

  • Now, When I Grow Up…
    For this quest, take your Orphan to see The Tauren Chieftians, located up on a balcony at the Walk of Elders, in Silvermoon City. This quest awards 13G 23S at 80 and 250 Lower City Reputation.
  • Time to Visit the Caverns
    For this quest, take your Orphan out to the Caverns of Time and bring her up to the platform where Zaladormu lies. On your way out, purchase a Toy Dragon from Alurmi, the Keepers of Time Quartermaster, to complete this quest. This quest awards 13G 23S at 80 and 250 Lower City Reputation.

Finally, you will be given a quest to return the orphan whistle to the Matron:


Once you turn in one of the orphans, pick a pet and get:


And if you are as elite as me you will get:


The other two Achievements:

These two achievements are really easy.
Bad Example consists of eating several types of sweets. The ice-cream is purchased near the Orgrimar Bank from the sweets vendor. The rest (besides tasty cupcake and delicious cake) are bought from the vendor near the Northern Dalaran Bank. The Tasty Cupcake and Delicious cake are sold by entrepreneurs on the AH, or you may get them from friends that can cook.


Contrary to the tooltip, Daily Chores does not require you to do your dailies across consecutive days. I knocked out five dailies in about 30-45 minutes and got the achievement. By the way, take your orphan fishing. It is the right thing to do.


I also got this during the conduct of my daily chores.


Battlegrounds Achievements.

This is the bane of many’s existence during this week. The achievements require you to be fast, and know where you are going, and what you are doing. I am not a big BG guy, but I have done enough to know my way around (great way to build raiding skill is to BG).

By the way, if you don’t have the Dinner Impossible Achievement, might as well get yourself five feasts. It is simple, and we will be hitting four of the five BG on the way. To get this achievement, just put a feast in the starting area of each of the BG.


You have to:
Capture a flag in Eye of the Storm
This one is not overly difficult. You just have to get the flag from the center area to one of the towers your side controls. Be fast. Use all your speed stuff and trinkets you can possibly use to get the flag to where it needs to go. And by all means, when you pick up the flag, KNOW WHAT BASES YOU CONTROL. I may have messed that one up once.


I also was lucky enough to get:


Assault a flag in Arathi Basin
Not a difficult one, just wait for the opposing side to capture an area, then, right click the flag. The down-side is, it takes 10 seconds to capture the flag, hopefully you have good defense or, nobody is around.

Return a Flag in Warsong Gultch
This one takes a little timing. Once a member of the opposing faction has been killed, he will drop the flag (assuming of course he was carrying it). Once it drops, be the first person to right click it. You will be racing all the other members that have their orphans out trying to return it so be quick. I happened to kill mine in the flag room on horde side and I was all by myself. I also got the Not in My house achievement because someone came in two seconds later so I killed them too.


Assault a Tower in Alterac Valley
This one was a royal PITA. It took me about 8 tries. Stand at the front gate. Make sure whatever speed enhancing gear/spells you have are on or ready to be activated. As soon as that door drops, run out just to the end of the ramp, mount up as soon as you are able. Then start the mad dash for one of the towers the opposing faction controls by default. The intent is to beat everyone else there. Everyone from the opposing faction is racing to get to your towers as well, so you will have very little resistance. As soon as you get to a tower ahead of everyone else, dismount and run as fast as you can up the stairs, find the flag and right click on it. You have to channel the assault for ten seconds. Damage interrupts the channel so whatever you do, don’t aggro the guards (easy at level 80). Assuming you beat the odds and the rush of other people trying to get the achievement.


That is it for the BG. This section honestly, took me the longest time of all the achievements for the title. Please, please, please don’t forget to have your orphan out when doing these achievements.

Finally, Utgarde Pinnacle.

This is a standard run-through of UP. I did it on Heroic because I am awesome, but it can be done on regular as well. Just make sure you have your orphan out when you engage the King Y.



Once you get that last Achievement, put on your new title (Patron if you are a dude, Matron if you are a chick).

Now go turn in your little dude and get the pet you desire. I went with Eggbert.



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  1. WOW, that’s an impressive childrens week run through. Too bad this one fell during my BUSIEST WEEK EVER!!! Thanks School/dead week/finals…

    Comment by sylus | May 4, 2009

  2. I have another friend who also was unable to participate due to school and such. He was quite perturbed. Guess you and he will have to get the blue mount of beautifulness (as I like to call it) next year.

    Comment by smart001 | May 4, 2009

  3. WHAT?

    I had no clue.

    I will update the post.

    I wish I had seen that somewhere else.

    To put bold in comments use strong surrounded by the left and right brackets. To close the tags use /strong surrounded by the same brackets.

    What I can’t figure out is how to write code without having the code render in the comments section. I tried the code tags but they didn’t work.

    Comment by smart001 | May 4, 2009

  4. I hadn’t seen your blog before you posted on mine. I like it. I’ll be checking here regularly.

    Onto the subject at hand. I don’t care about achievements. Not even a little bit. It’s neat to have one pop up, but I rarely seek an achievement out.

    My wife, on the other hand, does. I’m sure you can see where this is going. I spent my weekend helping her get the pvp achievements for Children’s Week.

    Things I noticed:

    The WSG one is HARD for a ranged class. Why would a range class be up close to the person that just died to click the flag?

    You are right, AV is a pain. 40 other people trying to do the same thing. We just got lucky and found an empty tower to cap.

    AB was a piece of cake. No one should complain about that one.

    EotS is horrible. It basically boiled down to me getting the flag, taking it to the base and dropping it for her.

    I hated this entire process. I love pvp, but these goals were stupid. However, I LOVE my wife, so I did it.

    Comment by Randul the Dwarf | May 4, 2009

  5. I used to HATE the whole achievement thing. Then like you, my wife got into it. Now, I am all over the achievements. When I am not raiding I go out of my way to find and do the cool things I haven’t done yet. I guess it is an addiction. 🙂

    I hadn’t run across your post either until I hit the Tag surfer feature, I will be adding you to my daily grind.

    Thanks for reading By the way.

    Comment by smart001 | May 4, 2009

  6. This is a brilliant post. Srsly.

    You’re making me want to do this holiday event…. -_-

    Comment by velinath | May 5, 2009


    Comment by smart001 | May 5, 2009

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