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The PUG to end all PUGs

Last night I had an experience I would love to replicate, but it is unlikely I ever will.

As I was doing my Walrus people dailies, our resident pally tank, in warlock form send me a tell.

Lock – “Wanna get in on a PUG?”
ME – “What we Puggin’?”
Lock- “10 Naxx, fresh run, they want a full clear.”
Me – “With a PUG? Yeah right. Tell me at least that you are going to be tanking.”
Lock- “nope, bringing the lock.”
Me – “Damn!”
Me-“Ok, I am in the middle of playing matchmaker with these friggin sea lions, I need about 5 minutes to finish this, hearth, repair, and buy bullets.”
Lock-“Ok I will let them know.”

At this point, you could see I was not overly enthusiastic about the PUG. Even in 10 man Naxx, PUGS are dangerous. At least the Raid Leader was checking Armory on everyone.

About 5 minutes later, I was flying to Naxx.

We waited about 3 more minutes for the last DPS then we were ready to rock. Raid Leader started out with telling everyone if they were not in his vent channel he was going to kick them. Also told us all he wanted a full clear so if people were going to be leaving let him know now so he could stay in LFG. Everyone said they would stay. Call me skeptical, I did not think it was going to happen.

We start off in Arachnid. After about 4 minutes and 0 issues we were already beating up on Anub, spanked him just a couple minutes later and did a quick recount check. All the DPS for the fight was over 2.5 k, I was on top with 3.5k. Our tanks were pulling about 2-2.2k. so in about 6-7 minutes, I think we all realized we had something magical going on.

Oh and please do not let me forget about the heals. Shammy, Priest, and Pally. AMAZING. I don’t think I ever saw anyone drop below 90% at any time. They were amazing. We actually realized we had too much heals so Pally healer went ret from The last spider boss to 4 horsemen.

Long story short. Here are the stats for the PUG.


  • Pally MT
  • Pally OT
  • Shammy Heals
  • Priest Heals (with us from begining to end of 4 horsemen then he had to leave. This guy made all of our friends list. Great healer.)
  • Pally Heals-DPS
  • MM Hunter (me)
  • DK – Blood
  • DK – Unholy
  • Lock-can’t remember his spec
  • Mage-can’t remember spec
  • Tree – Came in for sapph and KT

Total deaths:
Maexx – 1 (tank caught a bad enrage)
Dance Dance – 1
Sapph – 1
Gluth – 1 (It was me, I was kiting…ouch)
KT try 1 – Wipe (all our melee dps caught ice blocks at the same time. We all thought they were far enough away, apparently not.)
KT try 2 – 0 (not even one to shadow fissures)
3 deaths to trash throughout – just silly stuff.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, with the exception of one wipe in KT we one shot Naxx WITH A PUG. It was amazing. Total time about 4 hours. Not too shabby at all.

We tried to do Mamma said knock you out, but our OT accidentally killed a minion dude.

Unfortunately our priest healer had to exfil do to RL right as we finished 4 horseys. Picked up a drood that was pretty awesome too.

The best part was, nobody was an ass. Everyone was cool. We all just wanted to do Naxx. I think I saw more shard here than anywhere else. Very little loot got picked up for use. I did get loatheb’s shadow to replace Grim Toll. Need to do a little respeccing and some comparison to see if it was a good roll. I have a feeling it will be.

It is raids like this that really reiterate the reason I love this game. I knew nobody with the exception of the Pally healer/Ret, and the lock (both from my guild) but we all came together, and destroyed the place.

Hopefully next week we can get the same group together and attempt the Undying, Something I NEVER thought could happen in a PUG, but I think with this one it could be.


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  1. ahh, we didn’t think about that. None of us had the achievement, so we didn’t really know what we were doing. We were just like.

    “Hey, DPS is good, heals are great. Wanna try Mamma said knock you out?”


    “ok, don’t kill minions.”

    dps dps heal, dps, dps

    some enrage happens

    “oops, I killed a minion.”

    “oh well, BURN HER BOYS!!!”

    Comment by smart001 | May 1, 2009

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