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Spankmeplz, I am Noble

Spankmeplz’ eyes adjusted as she ported into Dalaran. She was new here, but she had a mission, and was not easily daunted.

Around, around, around she ran. Searching, searching, searching. Her little undead ass needed a Gnome and a Dwarf. But Spank knew her odds were small. Who wanted to be sprung by an undead female? As it was, she had no desire to spring anything on a dwarf. She was being whored out, and she knew it, but it was a small price to pay for the esteem she would garner from her first title.

Finally, an hour into it, as she parked her flaming horse next to the Horde Bank, she saw it. But was she sure? Quickly she began to scan again. There! Behind the Tauren, a small figure, Spank clicked, the face looked female, the tool tip said gnome. Here was her chance.

She pushed her tired steed to a canter and got within range of her spring flowers. She raised her hands, she knew how foolish she looked. She was a WARRIOR! Warriors don’t carry flowers! The price she paid! With forsaken resolve, she brought the flowers down. The Gnome immediately sprouted ears. Bunny ears. This just got more and more humiliating. But she had her Gnome! Only the elusive dwarf remained.

Hours later, while standing at the fishing fountain, watching SFCNez fish up gold coins, someone yells, “FEMALE DWARF AT THE BANK!” Spankmeplz took off running as fast as she could. Eyes scanning the horizon, looking for anything that resembled a dwarven chick. There, dancing on the bank steps, arms crossed across her chest, kicking first one leg, then the other in the hideous dance called a jig, was a female hunter. Spank targeted her, no sprung. Oh no, someone sprung her! What’s this? This dwarf is clicking off the buff? So other people can buff her? Spank never felt the need to buff a dwarf so strongly. She got her flowers out, waved them above her head, and…

“Honey! Honey!”

“Yes Dear?”

/dance “I just got the Noble title!”

“You did? or Spankmeplz did?”

“Well…Spank..but I helped.”

“Baby, you are a Nerd!”

“I am not the one with a Blog that talks all about WoW.”


For the record, I like explosions and boobs. I am not a nerd! much


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  1. Thank you. I actually sprung a dwarf male by mistake the first time.

    And I’ll take the geek title over nerd any day!


    Comment by Spankmeplz | April 30, 2009

  2. Tomato Tomato (wow that is much more illustrative when spoken. 🙂

    Leave it to the ladies to team up against the might that is male…rawr!

    OK that is enough

    Comment by smart001 | April 30, 2009

  3. […] Breaks Out That is right ladies and gentlemen. While My wife was busy getting her title. My level 1 mage, Medhiva went to Falconwing Square and gathered enough eggs to get several […]

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