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Will Break for Drake

Ladies and gentlemen,

Admire my majesty!!


Makeup was:

  1. Pally tank (same as yesterday).
  2. Pally Healz (My new hero, will explain below)
  3. Blood DK (PUG)
  4. MM Hunter (me>
  5. Shadow Priest

We did not go quite as fast as yesterday, but still had plenty of time to kill him. It was an uneventful run, until the timed boss died. I should have taken screenshot of chat to prove this happened. BTW There were 3 of us in there that were going to roll on the drake. The DK was the only PUG.

Me – “I am needing the drake”
Me – “Me Need Rolls 38”
DK – “DK greed rolls ??” (I can’t remember if it was higher, lower, or a bat symbol, I just saw that it was greed).
Pally Heals – “Pass”
Me to Pally – WTF? Why did you pass?
Pally heals – I know you wanted it, you have been in here as many times as I have
Me – Well shit dude, that is awesome, thanks so much. You are my new hero.
Pally – It is you who I aspire to be, you would have done the same thing for me.
Me – No I wouldn’t have or I would have.

That is pretty much how that conversation went (mostly). Then I had a quick convo with the DK.

Me – Dude, why did you greed?
DK – I thought you were joking about Needing.
Me – No man, I told you I was going to need, if you need it, need it.
DK – Well, you have been in here more than me, so you deserve it anyway. (I am not kidding he really said that).
Me – Well thanks man, I tell you what, I will be running this to get everyone the drake. I will have you on friends and will ask when we go through.
DK – I appreciate it. BTW, you are amazing. You remind me of this awesome guy who writes a blog called amazing.
Me – Thanks, I know I am the awesomist.

So I had a very gracious healer, and a not-a-jerk-DK that both wanted the loot, one passed and the other lost.

I also went, for the first time since the patch, to battle Emalon, the storm watcher. Wiped 3 times I think, then smoked him. Nothing good dropped for me. Got some gloves for our Shammy and gloves for the Warlock that was not in the group.

I also realized, my UI is really busy during a boss fight.


Went to battle Archavon, but we were too late, WG was about to start. He does look cool up close though.


Hordies got spanked at WG so we did not get a chance to go back in. Oh well.

I went to Scholozar Basin to do my 3 dailies with the Oracles (still honored, I am REALLY bad about dailies). You know that one where you have to kill 50 of the little dog things? Well, I have done it like 5 times and did not know you could turn into a cat. Well I finally turned myself into a cat by looting the crystal. Bam, Those things go down much much faster. Plus I looked cool.



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  1. That whole link achievement thing is BS. AT one time or another nobody had the achievement.

    Thanks for the Gratz

    Comment by smart001 | April 29, 2009

  2. That is an awesome UI!

    Comment by velinath | May 5, 2009

  3. Why thank you. I have seen pictures of your UI and I know you like them busy. This is a little too much for me. I need to scale it down a bit.

    Comment by smart001 | May 5, 2009

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