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Couple of Quick Updates

So real quick, I updated the toons page with some pictures of a few of my toons. Will get to the rest later, they are all uploaded, just need to be formatted now.

Additionally, I am having the itch to work on an alt for a while. So, I will leave it 100% up to the readers. I will keep this poll in the sidebar, the poll will be open for about one month. Give or take. that will allow me to work on a few things, and more importantly, this blog does not get a lot of traffic yet, so it will allow more time to get some votes.

A couple notes first.

  1. This does not mean I will not play my hunter (I still have a to-do list). I will just spend much more time on the alt.
  2. I will play this alt and none of my other ones until I hit 80, or decide I hate the class so much I delete it.
  3. I will level each toon as quickly as possible which means damage spec for all of the hybrids. Once they hit 80 though: Pally I have no idea, DK will be frost, druid will be heals, priest heals (prob), shammy whichever one is the melee dps, the other non-hybrids, not sure, I will play around with whatever gives the best dps.
  4. All hybrid classes will be dual spec something and something else.

So let me know. I am curious, and a little afraid.

edit: apparently I can’t have the same poll in two spots, sorry. I will keep the poll in the sidebar.


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  1. Most likely Tank for the DK.

    I cannot believe you are leveling holy. My priest is 19, and i leveled him holy because my wife was an arms warrior and we were running together. So I had somebody to kill stuff for me. I think it would be hard to do holy all the way up.

    Comment by smart001 | April 29, 2009

  2. and no you can only vote once…sorry. These are the rules of this stringent game of voting…

    Comment by smart001 | April 29, 2009

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